Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A weekend of Santa, Gingies, and Silly Hats.

The weekend went by WAY too fast. I try to spend Tom's days off soaking up the family time since we don't see him much while he's working. I constantly have to remind myself to get off the phone, get off blogger, get off Twitter, ect. I think my New Years resolution will include get back into exercising on a regular basis (Baby willing HA!) and keeping the Social Networking to a certain amount of time a day/a specific time every day. What do you think???

So spending time with my fam meant no time for blogging, but we did have time for these.

NINE DOZEN "gingies" :) Um...yum.

It was cold and yuck a lot over the weekend, so we stuck around the house mostly. We did get out one day and go see Santa. I was totally prepared for a scared crying baby. . .  HA.

Several people have made comments about Santa and his lack of smiles. :) In his defense, they took a TON of pictures and Sass is pretty wiggly. I think he was focused on holding her still and keeping her entertained and VERY happy. I honestly didn't pay attention to his face when we picked out the pictures, I was too busy being so excited that our FIRST Santa experience went so well. :)

PS. Go to the mall at noon on a Friday. . . PERFECT TIME! We walked right on up. 

Speaking of Santa, his little elves have been working OVER TIME around here lately. Every day last week we received a package. I've mentioned before how much I LOVE receiving mail. The only down side is that I have an over protective  "guard" dog that barks at the slightest noise by the front door.

 I've posted a sign asking them not to ring or knock, but when they put the packages by the door it makes a "knocking" noise &  Miller goes nuts.  So a sleeping baby who barely naps in the first place. . . wakes.  I really want to get or make a sassy sign like one of these.

I want to say something funny though. :) Hmm. . .

Today we've been crying every time I'm not in sight. So we pulled out the big guns.

The Moby Wrap.

 *que golden lights and angels singing*
This was when I put her in. "YAY!"

Twenty minutes later....
I think the makers of the Moby Wrap MUST put Ether in them, because it NEVER fails. She's in. . . and then out. She had just woken up from a nap barely an hour before. It cracks me up.

Speaking of funny. We played a little dress up over the weekend. 
The Rastafarian Lunch Lady. I took this for her Aunt Emmy who needed a good laugh.

Santa Baby!

So I LOVE the $1 section in Target. Sometimes I don't find a thing, sometimes I find too much, but for one dollar WHO CARES! I saw this fun hat and immediately thought, "Oh Ro would be SASSY in this," but the tag read "Fits most adults."

 I guess we know why it was a dollar. HA!

We got our Christmas cards in the mail today. SOOO CUTE! I'm hoping to get them in the mail this week. Here's a litle peek at our photo shoot.

I'm pretty proud of The Honey's photography skills and super proud of Sassy Pants too. It was a pretty quick photo shoot, but it was fun! I had a hard time picking one for the card
. . . so I chose three. :)
 There were about 20 GOOD ones I had to choose from. 

Yes. . I wrapped all the packages in order to have them for the shoot! AND PUT BOWS ON THEM! The Honey's family gives me a hard time for my bows. . . I think they're sassy. :)

Do you all have big plans for the holidays? We're headed to see my family for TWO whole weeks. I get to celebrate my nephew's 8th Birthday. This is the first time in 3 years! 
He's like...a little MAN. UGH.

Pretty soon he's not going to think his Willis is so cool anymore. :( I'll just try to always remember him like this. 

I also get to see my Mom receive her college diploma!! WHOO HOO! WE ARE SO SO PROUD OF HER!!

I hope you all have a great week.

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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  1. I think my new years resolution will be to out down my phone a lot more. I need to. I think it will be better for us.

    I'm loving the rainy weather though. It feels so good!


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