Friday, December 23, 2011

Review: Baby Kawaii One Size Cross Over

So I'm back in my hometown for the holidays. I got to celebrate my nephew's 8th Birthday with him and watch my Mom walk across the stage and get her college diploma in her hands. What an amazing week I've had. 

The Honey finally got here a couple of days ago. He had a little rough start getting on the road initially, but he got here SAFE & sound. . . Thank God. Rowyn & I missed him so much. It was cute to watch her  roll over in bed and realize he was there. She was super happy to see her Daddy.

I wanted to add onto my review list.  In the last few weeks I won a couple of new diapers, so I'll be able to review those soon as well. 

Note: No one is paying me or offering any sort of goodies for this review. This is just me, a new CD Mom, giving my opinion of this new addicting cloth diaper world. 

They always have great stock, they ship super fast, and they ALWAYS have some sort of AWESOME coupon. My favorite ones are the "Spend x amount, and get a  free diaper valuing at X amount." It gives me an opportunity to spread my CD wings and try something new. When I first started out, I took advantage of this deal and ended up getting a free Baby Kawaii One Size Cross Over. I've heard amazing things about the over night heavy wetter, but nothing about this one.

 Hey. . . FREE diaper, who cares!


First let me say, this thing is HUGE. It sizes down pretty small, but set at the largest snap I'm almost certain it could fit on my butt. HUGE. I've never had a leak with this diaper, but I was worried with as bunched up as I had it at first to fit her. .  surely it would. Nope. Saying that, there are SO MANY snaps and sizing options, it can be a bit much. For a first time CD Mom, I  found the snaps a bit confusing and overwhelming. It has this cross over option to give you the ability for a smaller tighter fit, but at first I was LOST.

The fleece lining is soft of course. The outer waterproof fabric seems nice enough. Again I've never had a leak. The microfiber inserts are HUGE! Since it comes with two, I love using them with other diapers as well or as a doubler for added protection. 


So all in all. . . I don't really go for this diaper first. I use it around the house, but I've never been brave enough to try it on errands. I've truly enjoyed sticking to my Flips when I travel or run errands for a long period of time. I talked about those HERE. I also can bet that hubs does NOT grab this one when he goes to change a cute tush. He's mentioned before that "there are too many snaps." I've never had a problem with it otherwise. So I can't say I would recommend it, but I wouldn't knock it for sure. 

I have heard a few of these same complaints with other CD Moms. On the other hand, again, I've heard AMAZING things about their Goodnight Heavy Wetter. I couldn't tell you the difference on the two. Anyone tried either one of these Kawaii diapers?? What did you think?

So we finally grew out of our sposie over night size 2 diapers. :) So I jumped into night time cloth head first. The first night I was stoked to try out my Wool and  SBISH fitted diaper. 


These two are supposed to be LEAK PROOF. 
 We had a super soaking wet bed the next morning. She didn't seem to care, but I was annoyed. I obviously didn't lanolize the wool right. I later read I should have done it TWICE for first time use. BOO. So we'll try that again another night. After that I've just been stuffing a BG 4.0 pocket with a prefold and a hemp insert. MUCHO BETTER. I'll blog about that whole experience another day. 

Are you guys all ready for Christmas?!?! I did the last of my shopping today. IT WAS A MAD HOUSE OUT THERE! :) Stay safe and SANE. 


Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. Hey, I'm new to cloth diapering. I've only done it for about 6 weeks. I'm looking for a night time solution. Just wondering why you use a prefold instead of the bg insert does the prefold absorb more? Also, I have several of the Sunbabys and I love them for daytime use. I don't think they will last as long but they are so cheap and Cute! I love hearing your advise. Keep it coming!

  2. I'm also curious as to why you don't use the insert that comes with the BG diapers. Does the prefold with the hemp work way better? I've always used the inserts they come with plus a doubler and rarely have a problem, but occasionally she does soak through.


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