Thursday, December 1, 2011

Face Time vs Face to Face Time

So a few weeks ago I stayed with my parents for two and half weeks. Good thing I love them so much! With The Honey working 12 hour night shifts, we don't really see him for 4 days at a time. So for 3 nights and 4 days, I'm a single parent. Both of our families live hundreds of miles away.  It can be a little overwhelming sometimes. I do A LOT of praying and singing. The Ants go Marching is our current favorite these days. 

The Honey helps out as much as he can. After he came home this morning (and surprised me with Starbucks!!) he helped me get Ro dressed for the day after another SPOSIE explosion. This is his contribution. Leggings stuck in socks that are newborn socks at that. :) I ended up leaving them that way because they did help keep those DAMN socks on.  

Tom's oldest brother lives here and thank God we get to see them and the kiddos about once a week. Our nephew has a rare allergy that has my INCREDIBLE SIL super busy these days. Read more about FPIES here. Poor fella is almost a year old and is having a really hard time finding foods that he isn't allergic to. Needless to say my SIL is going to get the BF MOM of the next five year award. :)

One of  my favorite pictures of Matthew. 

 Any who, with three kids under 3, a lot of doctor's appointments, and a Sassy Pants that has a crazy nap schedule it's impossible to have impromptu meetings. My SIL does a blog like post on my sweet nephew but I don't want to put it on here unless I get her permission. :) Definitely check out the FPIES link above though. It's pretty amazing what all these kids go through. 

Any way, back to my parents. So I went to get some adult interaction and an extra hand free meals. It was so nice. One night we decided to Face Time my grandparents who live in Alabama.

My Neena & Pa.

 I had Sassy in the Bjorn, Dad was holding the phone, and both my grandparents were on the other end. I've said it before, but Ro LOVES her Bjorn. She looks like a little puppet kicking her legs and arms around like a maniac. So of course she was showing out for my grandparents. Them being in Alabama and us in Texas,  we don't to see them often.  This was the first time they had gotten to see her aside from Facebook pictures (Yeah my Neena is hip and has Facebook) and text messages (Yep, she's super hip and has an iPhone.) It was so much fun watching her show out and getting to see their faces. It made me miss them so much. 

Well. They missed us too. So much so they hopped in the car the very next day and drove 10+ hours to get to us.  My Pa is on dialysis so of course it made me a nervous wreck for him to miss one day, but he did great and made this nurse proud! :)  They said, "We just couldn't stand it. We had to see her in person." Um. . . if that's not love, then I don't know what is. 

I know. So blessed. 

Here's some highlights from the weekend. 
Probably my all time favorite picture ever. 

Did I mention it was also my BIRTHDAY?!?! Probably one of THE best I have ever had. 

Any who. Hope you all have survived the week. TOMORROW IS FRIDAY! Which means I get my Honey to myself for a few days! I'm thinking he'll have to take his girls on a sushi date. MMMM.

Do you hear that, LOVE? SUSHI! :)

Doesn't this butter ball look like she would enjoy some sushi!?! 

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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  1. Wow, that is definitely true love! You are so blessed to have such a loving, close knit family. And your baby is gorgeous!


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