Monday, November 14, 2011

You are going to put WHAT on your kids butt?!?!

So we've stepped into the world of cloth a month ago and we truly love it. We're still learning, but it really hasn't been that big of a lifestyle change. It's nice not having to buy diapers every time we go to the grocery. Now if I could resist buying every CUTE diaper I find.

I'm truly trying to stick the gender neutral (aside from a few pinks) as much as possible. If we want to continue saving money then I really want to be able to use these on the next kiddo, God willing. Not happening ANY TIME SOON!  I do have a few blues, but I feel like its so much easier for a little girl to wear blue, than a boy to wear pink. :) IF we do EVENTUALLY have another one, I definitely want to have Ro out of diapers before so.

These days, trying to change her diaper is like  trying to wrestle a leprachaun. . . impossible.  Her feet are too cool to be busy with diaper changes. 

So we started with about 15 dipes, and I've purchased a few here and there. .  so we're closer to 20+ now.  I've gotten 6 free ones thanks to Kelly's Closet's fun deals and several brands having "buy X amount and get 1 free." I wouldn't mind a few more just because I do launder every other to two days, but sometimes I'm up to my VERY last ones before the clean ones are ready and dry. Ro's grandparents are offering to buy a few for Christmas, so that'll be perfect this year. She's probably not going to remember it anyway. :)

We're using mostly One Size Pocket diapers like Bum Genius, Fuzzibunz, Sunbaby, and Kawaii. I just got a couple of Econobum because I've heard several great things about them, and we do have one Flip. Each one I like or dislike for different reasons, but I'll do a post about that another time. I feel like the pockets are an easy start for first time CD parents. It's been a nice transition for us.

Miller is making sure they smell fresh and clean. 

My wash routine, like I mentioned before, is an every other day sort of deal. You aren't supposed to go longer than three or you'll start running into ammonia build up. If I'm paranoid about one thing it's stinky diapers. I do a cold short wash without detergent at first, a long hot wash with detergent. Then an extra rinse and air dry. I am currently using Rockin' Green detergent in the Motley Clean. At first I was paranoid about adding too much detergent and getting a build up issue. However, the diapers weren't coming out smelling fresh and clean. They didn't really have a smell (which was ok!) but I like when things smell GOOD! So I finally started using the recommended amount. :) They smell clean now!


The big concern from inquiring minds has been the stains. "How do you deal with all the poop and the  stains?!" Well, I LOVE my diaper sprayer.  Love it. You technically don't really need one while they EBF.  Breast fed poop is water soluble. All you really have to do is throw them in the wash and when they're done, put them in the sun and WA LA! Bleached white inserts and dipes. When I was in TTown for so long I showed my parents my "magic." :) They would look at the yellow stains and question my sunshine magic. The next day I would show them that after just a few hours in the sun, my inserts were pretty and white again. It's pretty amazing.



Like I said, you don't technically need a sprayer until they're eating solid food. However, I like getting the extra junk off. The wet bag doesn't smell as "strong" when you spray them off and it just makes me fell better. :) Plus it's pretty fun. . .  I just had a thought. I bet a cute little sassy pants is going to think its fun too. HA Guess I'll have to keep an eye out for that, or just wear my swimsuit around the house.

The other concern is the smell. As I mentioned before I try to be very diligent with my washing routine.  I don't go more than two days, I don't add too much detergent and worry about dealing with a build up of residue, AND I have a sassy wet bag. 

Planet Wise Wet Dry Bag: Meadow Tweets.

This bad boy holds about 18 diapers, it zips up nice and tight so it's not smelly  , and it has a handle so I can hang it on the back of the nursery door. I also have two small wet bags for my diaper bags. I really want to get one more big wet bag so we can use them in a rotation. I've heard amazing things about Planet Wise's products, but just to lengthen the life of this cute thing, I would like to have another. Plus when I'm washing this one with the diapers, I have to put the dirty diapers "off to the side." It would just be nice to have an extra. 

We still haven't "braved" the over night cloth diapers yet. Partly because I don't have enough over night supplies and partly because I'm a big weenie. :) I have been loving our sleep length the last few months, that I don't want to resort to having to change bedding, PJs, and getting a bambino back to sleep because she's a pretty heavy wetter. However, the 12 hours in a sposie, usually ends up with a diaper rash that I battle the next day.

The diaper rash does amazingly clear up, though. :) Within a day of us doing cloth, the horrible rash had cleared up considerably. So if a dry cloth dipe doesn't clear it up, I do have some coconut oil on hand just in case. With cloth you can't use any zinc based diaper rash cream/most creams on shelves. I have found a few new brands of cloth friendly creams, but I've heard amazing things about coconut oil and they sell it at my HEB.  It's not the cheapest there, but it'll last for a while. Plus it smells YUMMY!


We are also still using disposable wipes. I don't know why it's so hard for CD parents to make that switch, but it seems to be a general ordeal with everyone. The disposables you have to separate from the wet bag and throw in the trash. It would be so much easier to have a reusable wipe and wipe solution and just throw it in the wet bag with the diaper. I've heard several Mom's have used old receiving blankets, cut them into squares, and hemmed the edges. I'm thinking I'll bust out the  sewing machine and practice sewing straight lines. HAHAHA No seriously. Anywho, it just makes sense to do the cloth wipes as well. That will be our next goal.

I keep drilling Tom about how he likes the CD. He seems really pleased. I don't know, he may not tell me otherwise. I'm so happy obsessed with them, I might be sad if we didn't have them.  He's such a good supportive hubs. He changes her, sprays them off, and has even helped me with the wash! Actually last night, he did a whole load ALL by himself!  I'm pretty lucky. 

Look at that cute fluffy butt!!!

My family was a little shocked when I told them we were making the switch. Lots of ladies I've talked to said this was a "BIG PROBLEM" when they switched as well. I think most people just think of the old white diapers and safety pins and wonder why you wouldn't make your life easier with sposies.  Don't get me wrong, some people still use those and are very happy with them. But when they have so many modern cloth diapers that are SO much easier, I wanted those. I have come across A LOT of people who deal with judgement from others just because it's not in the "norm" and it's different than what a lot of people are used to seeing.  Our family gave me that "ick" look I talked about before, but they're being very supportive. :)I feel pretty lucky to not be judged by the ones I love.  My sister is probably the one that gives me the hardest time about them, but she is the only one, so far, that has actually changed her with the new cloth. That's what sisters are for. . . giving you a hard time but doing what you tell them to do anyways.  :)

So all in all, it has been a success. I'm learning new things daily, and I have a few things I wish I had known before I started. That's why I'm doing these posts. So IF when I convert one of you, you'll have it a little easier. If you are thinking abut cloth diapering and have any questions let me know! That would be a fun Q&A post. I'm no expert, but I can direct you to a lot of my favorite CD blogs that I follow. There are so many awesome ones. Plus almost every Monday and Tuesday there are usually cloth diaper  Twitter parties at 8 PM. Just search #clothdiapers, and if you can keep up,SOAK IT ALL IN.

Rowyn helping me with the fluff laundry. :)
Never mind my mismatched child. I sometimes channel my childhood obsession with Punky Brewster through my daughter and her clothes. 

Hope you are all having a fabulous week. 

Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. Ok. You are so cute! This post is crackin' me up!

  2. I don't have kids, but I'm already planning on cloth diapering. In 2007 I switched to cloth pads myself (gross, yeah, yeah, I know, I've heard it!) and I feel absolutely disgusting when I wear a disposable pad now. I'm definitely not putting my kids through that!

    1. I <3 cloth pads!!! :)

  3. This was a great post. I am planning on cloth diapering and one question I have is how do you suppose you "bleach" the diapers if we don't have a lot of sun?

    Also, I love your daughter's name! :)

  4. I love your post! Just wanted to add something about wipes. I tried several kinds of cloth wipes but never really liked them. What we have always done is toss the disposable wipes right in the pail with the diapers. Then I pull them out to throw away after washing. It is much easier to seperate when they are clean. :-) We have three children so far and cloth diapering has saved us (and the landfills) so much!

  5. We have been CDing for 8.5 months and have pretty much the same stash. For overnight, I double-stuff a bG 4.0 or a Rumparooz. It holds Atticus' pee all night long with no leaks, and he sleeps 12-13 hours each night. You don't HAVE to have extra to CD at night.

    I do the same with disposable wipes as Sara. ^

  6. Hi! I was wondering what brand and kind of sprayer you use? I've been reading reviews and I'm worried about leaking! Thanks!

  7. I've been CDing for over 3 years now. I was also one who used sposie wipes for a while because I thought I had to use wipe solution and it was just a pain to prepare. Now we just use flannel wipes that I sewed up and wet one under the facet at every diaper change. Keeps baby from getting rashy too. If you can't sew/don't want to you can use cheap baby wash cloths or buy some non pill fleece at the fabric store and cut into squares. It doesn't unravel so there is no need to sew the edges :-) Make the switch, you'll be glad you did!

  8. I love using cloth! Our little guy is 6 weeks old now and we started using them at 3 weeks once his cord fell finally fell off. He wasn't big enough for our OS diapers, so we did a prefold with a snappi and a cover. We've been doing sposies at night too. I hate how red his butt gets, so I always put zinc on him. Most of it's gone in the AM and it's easy to get the rest washed off before putting cloth back on. What I love most, though, is that we've had 1 leak with cloth. We've had lots of leaks and blowouts with sposies.

  9. I would love to know more information about cloth diapering. My husband and I are expecting our first child in March and I am very interested in cloth diapering. Would you mind emailing me some of the blogs you follow so I can read up on it? Also, what websites did you order all your diapers and extra essentials from? Thanks for the info!

  10. Thanks for this post. Our preemie is finally getting big enough to use all of the cloth diapers I purchased for her. I'm SO tired of buying those tiny newborn diapers!

    Regarding the coconut oil, do you use it like you would a diaper cream? DOes it help is they get the yeast as well? I have some of the stay dry liners that bumgenius suggested but I like the idea of less chemicals.

  11. Homemade wipes w/ Coconut Oil:

    While our baby was in the NICU, I liked that all they used was disposable wipes they wet with water at every changing. That’s really all you need. When she came home, I did the same for a while and twice a day would rub coconut oil on her bottom. It doesn’t take much, as it melts on warm skin!

    [side note: coconut oil is naturally antibacterial and antifungal, light enough to absorb into skin quickly, and REALLY good for you! I eat a TBS, with my vitamins, to keep my healthy fat levels up since I’m breast feeding. Google this topic, it will BLOW your mind]

    Then I found this homemade wipes recipe online that could double as make-up removal wipes. It included paper towels, water, coconut oil and optional baby wash/shampoo. Very simple! It conditions as it cleans. And baby grins & giggles every time I wipe her bottom with them. I no longer apply coconut oil twice daily. And she’s never had a diaper rash. I realize the real test might be once she starts eating solid foods, but I bought coconut oil in bulk from Amazon (it lasts 2-3 years!) so I’m prepared.

    I also might make the switch to reusable wipes and use this same solution at some point. But, for now, I throw the wipes in a bag and every evening I pitch them in the compost pile.

    1. SHOOT All that yacking and I forgot to offer the recipe!

      1 roll pick-a-size paper towels (we use Bounty in our kitchen. So I buy in bulk)
      Large bowl/canister with lid
      2 cups water
      1 tablespoon coconut oil
      1 small squirt baby wash/shampoo *optional

      -Using a NON-serrated knife, cut the paper towel roll in half. This can be a little tricky if you don’t sharpen your knife every now & then. I do this on a cutting board. If you have problems getting through the cardboard, peel the tube out in layers first. I just saw through it. And I have tried a serrated edge knife. It cuts quicker, but you’re left with a LOT of pulp! Don’t do it!
      -microwave water for approximately 2 minutes
      -add coconut oil. If it’s cool it’ll be soft solid white. The warm water will melt it quickly off your measuring spoon. Add baby wash if you wish.
      -Stir well until oil is all melted and everything’s well mixed. I like to use my whisk, because you can’t use a whisk often enough.
      -Place ½ roll of paper towels into the mixture and place lid on the container for 5 minutes to allow it to soak in. My bowl is kind of short, but the paper towels mash easily.
      -After 5 or so minutes, you can just pull the tube out of the center no problem, if you didn’t already do this in step 1.

      Once I tried it once, it takes me about 5 minutes to cut & prepare all this now. I store these at room temp in the baby’s room. Each roll half lasts me about 5-7 days. I’ve never had any grow mold. The site I got it from commenter’s stated they used distilled water instead of tap to prevent mold. I could see doing that if these were for makeup removal and only being used 1-2 times a day. However, coconut oil is naturally antibacterial/fungal/viral and won’t mold quickly, even with the moisture.

  12. We’re SLOWLY making the switch!

    While pregnant, my husband was absolutely appalled by the thought of cloth diapers. He just couldn’t imagine THAT in our washing machine. However, since having a baby and realizing she poops and pukes on her clothes quite regularly, which then goes in the wash, he’s warmed up to the idea. For me, the hippie, crunchy side said “DO IT! Cloth diaper that bebe!” But I listened to hubby’s wishes and have been shopping deals for months, and nothing’s beat Amazon so far. (yes even using coupons & codes elsewhere)

    I also stalled on trying them out, because of the price. What I didn’t realize is JUST HOW MANY brands of CD there are! So, the friends of mine referring me to their brand, which was $25-29 per diaper was quite a detraction. I can do math, and realize they’d pay for themselves over time (no so much the premie sizes, but the next size up), but that’s a lot to spend on a “what if” kind of item the hubby didn’t want.

    Flash forward to us having an almost 4 month old, that’s still in NB clothes & premie sized diapers, we’ve spent over $200.00 on NB/Premie disposables because those don’t go on great sales like the other sizes! And now some new CD friends, who CD with 4 kids, have shown me all the brands out there! –I guess I didn’t do enough research on my own!

    There are a lot of less expensive brands out there, and even some on etsy. We’re going to try The friends with 4 kids in them have used this brand since it first got started a couple of years ago. They rave about them and their absorbency.


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