Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Random Thoughts by Willis

After the day I had yesterday. . . I totally needed today. It was an AWESOME day. Sass woke up her usual feisty self and didn't puke all over the both of us. That alone calls for a happy dance. :)

My Facebook Status yesterday. HA

I haven't washed my hair in like 4 days. It's not a record, but I don't really have a good excuse other than I didn't want to go to sleep with a wet head last night. HA. Tonight. . . after this. . . I'll wash it.

 Scouts honor.

Ro & I went to HEB today. We've only ventured the BIG grocery shopping without Dad a few times. With the Bjorn it makes it easier to do so. She was getting a little fussy towards the end. The sweet lady that directs you to the checkout line entertained her while we  waited to check out.  I thought it was so nice. She also helped me get the case of beer (Gotta keep the hubs happy after long nights at work! HA) off the bottom of the car too. Just made me want to give her a big hug. I didn't look at her name tag but I'm thinking of calling up there to  let them know how sweet she was. 

I sometimes dread taking Ro to big places because she's cute. HA. No seriously all babies are cute, but she flirts with EVERYONE, so EVERYONE wants to stop and chat/play/touch before I swat their hand away  so therefore it takes longer for us to get stuff done. I guess there are worse things to be annoyed at than your really cute kid.

 Yes. I'm that Mom. :)

Please excuse my obnoxious Mama talk. :) 

I love getting stuff in the mail/at my front door. It's just exciting. You see it when you order it, but to hold it in your hand. . . it's like Christmas/Birthday at any given time of the year. 
Yet ANOTHER reason I love this time of year. . .  the rumbling of the UPS truck. 
Even better than random boxes. . . FLUFFY boxes.

 I have a problem. 


My Black Friday loot from Kelly's Closet & Mom's Milk Boutique . I GOT LOTS OF FREE STUFF!  WHOO HOO!

I've decided I have a new favorite color. Leopard. Seriously. . . if it's leopard print, I WANT IT! Since I was a little girl my favorite colors have always been orange and green. I think the other two colors are going to get a run for their money. 

VIA - Ahem. . . SANTA. 

Since someone has been having a serious case of separation anxiety, my workouts have been cut down considerably. I really need to get a jogging stroller. Today I took Rowyn out for a walk because it was GORGEOUS out here in Central Texas. I walked as fast as I could. My buns, thighs, and calves were BURNING.

 It felt A-MAZING.

 I also did 30+ squats with her in the Bjorn the other day. 

Don't judge me. You gotta do, what ya gotta do.

Being extra Sassy.

Do you guys ever watch the show The Doctors?? It kind of pisses me off sometimes even as a nurse, but of course I still watch it. Any who, they had the girls from the The Pink Method  on today. They look amazing!!! I think I need to try it out. Have any of you tried it??

I'm doing a little happy dance because I got a little "shout out" on my friend Megan's Blog - In This Wonderful Life HERE and I got SEVERAL new followers. YAY! WELCOME!! I remember when I had about four followers and that made me feel special. I'm rounding up to 60 and I can't believe it! I know I know. . . you over achievers with the thousands, say "That's nothin!" :) One day. . . 

A girl can dream. :)

Any who. . .  Thank you all for your amazing comments on the last few posts. You have given me a ton of helpful hints. My favorite being to wash the wipes with the diapers. A friend of mine does the same and then uses them as liners. WHO KNEW! Such a great idea. I will definitely be trying it. 

Last one: So Sass was being extra cray cray tonight. She was wired. I'm pretty sure there was more bath  water on me than her. So needless to say when it came to bedtime she was wide awake. WIDE. She kept giggling at me when I was pretending to be asleep (What makes us think if we pretend to sleep they'll sleep! The joke was on me OBVIOUSLY!) So after 20 minutes of nursing, book reading, and pretend sleeping. . . I just put her down in her crib. 
 The drowsy method works with her usually, but I've never tried with her so awake. I put her down. Gave her the usual smooch, pat, and "I love you" and walked away. I fully expected to return in 2 minutes. 
She was asleep in 5. 


It won't happen again until she's 18, but tonight I felt like Super Mom. ( I didn't do a  thing, but I still feel the need for an occasional self pat on the back!) 

I hope you all have a fabulous blessed week. I need to finish up on my Christmas shopping. That's right. You read it correctly. FINISH. :) Oh , it feels so good. 

Ok, as promised, I'm going to wash my nappy head. 

Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. Sounds like you already had a bath w/all the water Ro splashed at you - so you totally count as clean ;) You should seriously let me know if you ever need a shower, we can come your way, or you can come ours...we have a two fully stocked guest baths! Miss you, love you, and you must not smell too bad b/c I can't smell you from here ;)


  2. Please tell me that you got "Boom goes the Dynamite" from the YouTube basketball commentator video. I am dying laughing after reading that!!

    - Lindsey

  3. I was looking at The Pink Method yesterday! I've got to get this fat unmotivated butt in gear.

  4. I watched the doctors yesterday too, and totally want to try the pink method. right now im doing zumba and love it.

  5. Love the fluffy mail you got! I bought a ton of fuzzibunz on black Friday and the same swirl print in a blueberry basix.



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