Thursday, November 10, 2011

Random Thoughts by Willis

I occasionally  like to do this post. It's fun to put my silly/random thoughts out there. When you talk to a 5 month old all day, sometimes I come up really random thoughts. 

I told you guys in my last post that if I seem to blog anything about Ro's sleep habits she'll stop. . . Yesterday and last night were ROUGH. We generally have one or two bad nights a week so that's ok.  Here's hoping yesterday and last night was just one of those and not the curse of the blog. 

Hubs brought me a Pumpkin Spice Latte and Starbucks pastries this morning to get me through the day. It's truly amazing to me how a PSL can literally make  me feel like a different person! 

Apparently he thinks I need to weigh 200lbs to be functional all day. :) They were all delicious!

When we got home the other night from TTown, I heard The Honey rumaging in the attic. Next thing I know, he has gotten all of our Christmas decorations down. He said it's because he was in the mood to get it down (it's his favorite time of year) and instead of waiting for me to ask him when he didn't really want to, he went for it. It's currenlty sitting in our entry way and I'm finding it really hard not to get it all out. . .  

So of course I pulled out the tree after that latte. HA

I've also listened to Pandora's Christmas Station all morning.
The Honey got me this and Michale Buble's new Chrismtas CD. LOOOVE

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and have the urge to just go look at Rowyn. Partly because I want to make sure she's breathing (even with the Angel Care Monitor!) and mostly because I miss her when we're sleeping! HAHAHA

Every year we make Amazon Christmas Lists for Tom's side of the family. It makes shopping so easy, but this year I'm struggling with "fun" stuff I wouldn't normally get myself. Suggestions for a Mommy's Christmas "must haves"?

Most of my list consists of books I want on my Kindle. Any good reads you suggest???

Rowyn's list, however, has been super fun. I do have to remember she has a Birthday in May so I need to cool it on the "big kid" toys.

I just panicked a little about planning a first Birthday party. 
 Now I'm trying to think of a theme. 

I'm currently loving children's books. I am in love with finding cute ones with fun pictures. My favorites right now are Thank You Bear by Greg Foley and anything by Sandra Boynton. SO FUN!

We're currently struggling with bedtime. I don't know how single parents do it!! Three nights a week is hell!  I just have to remember it's Tom's last night at work and she's really cute. 



See. :)

Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. SO CUTE! I think she was saying, "I love you." Keep the videos coming!

  2. I love that little tongue! She's super precious! Can't see how she could get any cuter but I know she will!

    Love, Whit

  3. she is really cute!!!

    we had two crying babies at bedtime feeding tonight. ROUGH. then they zonked out.

    I miss them so much when they sleep. I thought I was crazy.

    We just did a book exchange! I should have sent you the letter, darn it!

  4. Love the video!!! Great Auntie Anne sends a hug! (I can't figure out the 'profile',,,so, I guess I am anonymous - but really am not!)


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