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Bumbo, Boby, BuzziBunz something or another...Hell, I don't know...They all start with B's

This is a conversation I had with my Mom a few weeks ago. We were talking about our Baby Bjorn and she kept calling it a Boby. (I'm guessing it was stemmed from hearing Moby.) I kept getting tickled because she kept calling it every other B word she knew, but she was right. A lot of baby products start with B.



Boobie Juice  No The Honey isn't making a guest post.

Bum Genius


The last two are cloth diaper brands that we use daily in my house, however I can see how all the baby jargon can get to be a bit confusing, but that Mom of  mine. . . she always catches on. . . eventually.

Warning: This Post is solely about hiney accesories. If you aren't at all interested, skip this post and come back another time.  In hopes that I don't lose any of you as followers, I don't want to bore you to death with my current obsession. I don't want to put you to sleep like that scrumptious thing in the picture below. However, if you are even just the TEENY TINIEST bit interested read on. I'll do more posts fo sho, as well.

In my previous post  HERE I wrote about our day to day CD routine, and in this post HERE I tell you a little about how we started on this crazy, fun road. This blog post will be about a couple of diaper brands we use and how we like them.

So when we dove in head first into the cloth diaper world, I asked several mommie's on their CD preference. There are tons of name brands and WAHM brands, but Bum Genius and Fuzzibunz were two I kept hearing over and over.

BG was having their "Buy 5 get 1 Free" promotional so of course I was down. I bought the 4.0 one size with snaps. I did get one hook & loop (velcro) on accident, but I'm kind of glad I did just so I could see the difference. I knew I wanted mostly snaps because velcro can tend to wear out, however the hook & loop would be super easy for newbies. It's basically like a disposable. Since I don't dry mine, the velcro on my ONE  hook & loop is good, but even if I attach the ends to the laundry tabs it sometimes snags on other diapers. :( However, I can totally see why people love it. Piece of cake.

The snaps are super easy. All you have to do initially, is adjust the rise (how far up the diaper comes up on babe) and then leave it there until babe grows out of that size.

I definitely think I love these the most out of all my fluff. BG's are the majority of my stash. They seem to fit Sassy Pants great and they are the easiest to put on. With the BGs  I can tell anyone changing the diaper "Snap it on the 4th snap in," and that's it. They understand what I'm saying. It's a snap. :) Ok. . . I'll be honest. The only person that has changed Ro's diaper in the cloth aside from hubs and me, is my sister. However, she was a bit nervous but she even said it was easy.   Plus I pre-stuff all my fluff as soon as they're dry. That way no one was to bother stuffing while running against the:  "Oh that cold air feels good on my hiney, let me just PEE all over it to show my appreciation! Um...Why is that psycho throwing anything she can think of over my hoo ha?" clock.


I do think the BGs are the easiest to stuff as well. You adjust the insert according to the size of the rise you snapped before, and


Stuff it like a Thanksgiving Turkey.

If I had to pick a few things about BGs that I don't like is that the inserts do take the longest to dry. Since I line dry everything, I'm always waiting on these inserts. I do have a few doublers and extra inserts I can use, but still. 

When I was making my Pro/Cons list I HAD listed that the BG colors weren't as fun & bright. . . but that has since changed. They just came out with five new colors/prints that I want one of each. There's even one called Sassy. 



My last Con is they are a bit bulky on the smaller settings, but as she grows this will change a little. However, the upside to this is when she starts cruising and walking she'll have A LOT of cushion to fall down on. :)

The second largest member to our stash are the Fuzzibunz One Size. At the time of my purchase, they were  giving away two free diapers if you mailed them the UPC codes of 6 purchased diapers and a copy of your receipt.

 So all you math majors out there. . .I purchased 16 diapers, and received FOUR free. WINNING!

Any who at the time of purchase, since I wanted only one size diapers in order for her to be in them until she was potty trained, these were my only choice. I heard great things about them, so YAY. 

These are a bit different than the Bum Genius. They don't have a row of snaps to adjust the rise. They, instead, have adjustable elastic that can go 8+ settings to adjust the length/rise/the precious chunky thigh area and 4+ settings for the waist. This was a little tedious and my fingers were sore after, but I thought it was a cool concept. They give you a guide to help with this process.


My favorite things about these fluffy things are the amazing colors. They are so fun and BRIGHT. LOVE THEM. The fleece that touches Sassy's hiney is super soft and they are a lot more trim than the BGs.

The only downside was, I was struggling with gaps and I had my first leak with these. It wasn't until a month later that I realized I didn't have them sized correctly according to the chart. Now they fit JUST right. I've learned it's best to do the hip snaps first and then the waist.

 These aren't as Daddy friendly as the BGs. You have to make sure that you tuck the fleece behind the insert and in front of the PUL otherwise when the insert gets soaked, so is babe's back. I found this out after an uber time efficient Dad put it on without tucking seeing how fast he could rope a calf. :)


 I can't complain though. There aren't many men that are willing to dive in to cloth diapering with your crazy wife, changing the babe, spraying the poo off, AND doing the dirty diaper laundry. :) I know, I'm so lucky!

These also aren't as easy to "stuff" with the inserts as other pockets we own. The inside of the PUL (Polyurethane Laminate/most outter layer of the diaper) is sort of sticky like. This is a good thing, but it just makes stuffing a little more difficult. Still. . . I love them.

I mentioned before that Fuzzibunz was giving away TWO free diapers with the purchase of 6. Well they ran out of the one size they had orginally planned to give away. Instead they gave me TWO BRAND NEW FB ELITE.


I love these.
The difference between the Elite and the one size is subtle but awesome. The snaps are a lot easier to deal with. As I mentioned before the one size I struggle with from time to time, these are easier with the hips snaps being in a row and are definitely a better fit. They also seem a little bit more trim. I had mentioned that I like FB because they were trim, but these seem even more so.

My absolute most favorite thing about the new Elites are minky insert. These are amazingly soft. So soft I want to wipe my own bum with them. Most pocket inserts are an absorbant micro fiber. They work fine, but I have this problem with textures and my teeth.

Seriously. . . it makes my teeth hurt touching them.

 I know I'm weird. It says so in our blog logo. Any who. these minky inserts are amazing. I want to roll around in them. Every time I pull them out of the pocket to put in the wet bag, they seem soaking wet. . . but yet. .  no leaks.

I love them. I wish I had more.

The other diapers we have are a Flip, Sunbaby, Baby Kawaii, and a couple of Econobums. I will give you a review of these in another post. If I'm going to convert any of you, I don't want to bombard you with any more CD lingo. :) I was super overwhelmed at first, and still am sometimes, but I embrace it. Embrace you're inner hippie granola mom vibes. It's so much fun. I can't wait for Black Friday, because a lot of my favorite stores are going to have AMAZING deals. YAY! 

Santa is bringing us some fluff. 
Note how I say US. :) It's her hiney, but I have to look at it. . . it might as well be cute.

I'm headed to bed, because someone has been sleeping like a big pile of stinky poo. She rolled over to her tummy for the first time today so I'm wondering if that's why. They last time she did this, she rolled over tummy to back and held her head up more than 45 degrees for longer than a millisecond. Our pediatric book says that they can go into sleep regressions when they are about to hit major milestones. BOO. That or it's "The Curse of the Blog" I mentioned before. I will never ever blog about her sleep habits again. . . unless they're crap like they are now. :) Thank you Lord for Starbucks. 

Rowyn helping with the Christmas decorations. I know I know...RESPECT THE TURKEY. I can't help it, The Honey MADE me do it. :)

Hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving. We're headed back to my parents for the weekend. I can't wait. I miss them so much. It was nice having adult interaction and extra hands while The Honey was working. Until next time. .
Have a blessed week.

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

Note: No one  paid me big $$$ for this post (I wouldn't mind it with Christmas coming and all. HA). These are my opinions that I made all on my big girl self. This is just a first time momma who has been doing the cloth diaper thing for about 6 weeks, giving you an idea of what we are dealing with.

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