Tuesday, November 29, 2011

6 Months

I should have known she wasn't feeling like herself when I was struggling to get her to smile. She did. . .  but it's not her big Rowyn grin I'm used to. :(
Every month that passes, is another month I can't believe has passed. A half a year. . . and we've  managed to keep her alive. No seriously. . . every day that passes I thank God that she's still here. I was so behind on my 5 month post it seems like I just did it, but who cares. :) I think one of my New Year's Resolutions will be to blog x amount of times a week. What do you think is a good number?? I was thinking 3.

Any who. Rowyn Michelle is 6 months old this week. We had our well check-up yesterday and the dreaded shots. AHHHH! She did so good, but today she is pitiful. She obviously doesn't feel good. Last time she puked the next day but by the afternoon she was fine. Today she has been quiet and snuggly. We're on our second nap, to which the first was an hour and half. If you follow my blog, you know that's unheard of in this house. She even fell asleep laying on her tummy on top of me. The last time that happened she was a little bitty thing. I hate seeing my sassy girl feeling like poo, but I'll admit I do love the snuggles. One day she'll be too big and cool to snuggle with Mom.

Again, the check up went fine. I need to stop listening to our pedi's nurse before we see him. She always makes me think something is wrong with Ro's growth, when in reality she's just a petite little babe. Last time she made me feel bad about her only being 11 lbs 9 ozs at 4 months and this time she only "grew" half an inch and she made a comment about it.

Our pedi made me feel much better when he said 1) Height is such a fluctuating measurement. You could bring her back next month  and she could grow an inch and a half. 2) It's the most inaccurate measurement, because seriously how are you going to get a baby to lay still long enough to make sure she' flat and stretched out. . . not gonna happen. 3)As long as we're steadily growing, we're happy. 4) She's a petite girl

So this time she weighed 13 lbs 11 oz. (10% percentile)  She's 23 1/2 inches long (3rd percentile) and her head circumfrence is in the 15th percentile.

He actually measured her sweet knot twice to make sure it was correct. It's so much bigger than the rest of her body, he said it may make it harder for her to sit up. She's seems to be doing better and better with that every day, so I don't see it being a problem. She's got her Daddy's big 'ol head and his big smart brain. :)

She was very active and playful with him. He thought her hand eye coordination was great. All and all he was pleased. So after the sweet nurse with a big mouth  made me a little nervous, he calmed my nerves quickly. I always have to remind myself with all my IG mommies and my Facebook litter of babies that every kid is different. It's hard not to look at one and think "Oh gosh! They're so much bigger than Ro." but as long as she's healthy and happy I don't care.

Last week we started rolling back to front. Before long she'll be scooting and crawling. :) YIKES! We've started the baby proofing around the house, but we have a lot more to do. She has dropped two naps. Remember I had posted about the 90 minute Sleep Solution HERE, well she did exactly like the book said and dropped the naps on her own. We aren't going completely 3 hours between naps, but pretty close. We have now gotten on more of a nap "time"which is nice. She takes a nap between 9 & 10 AM, 12 & 1 PM, and about 4PM is a quick "cat nap" With her dropping the other two naps she does seem to sleep a "little bit" longer, but not much. I can't complain, but again I'm not posting ANYTHING about her sleep schedule at night. Her pedi was really pleased with her night time sleep and doesn't seem concerned at all about her lack of nap time. :)

So here's the products we're loving this month.

We started the rice cereal and "solid" food a few weeks ago. She loves the rice cereal. LOVES. We have also tried avacado and sweet potato. She doesn't like either one of them pureed AT ALL. Instead, she loves this thing by Munckin.  You just put the food in and baby just knaws on the mesh. It's great if you worry about your baby choking. She hasn't quite mastered holding it yet, but I don't mind helping. I think this week we're going to try green beans. I guess I'll puree them and steam them and stuff them in there. The girl likes options! :)
The girl can take down some food when it's in this cool apparatus. 

We are still LOVING the Baby Bjorn. A lot of Mom's I know hated theirs, but AGAIN, every baby is different. .  and this thing is a life saver in our house. I tried putting her in the side sling on the Moby the other day for something different. She liked it "ok" but can't kick her legs and arms like she can in the Bjorn. I REALLY REALLY want to try a Boba 3G. They had them on sale on Amazon and Mom's Milk Boutique over the weekend, but I still didn't spend the money. Maybe after the first of the year.

Sassy was either having a big growth spurt a few weeks ago or my supply was going wonky. Either way I wasn't making enough on one side. I nurse only on one side so I make sure she gets all the GOOD STUFF. :) I was having to switch over to the other to top her off. Any who, I've mentioned the Mother's Milk Tea before, but once again it did its job. My hubs thinks it stinks (like licorice) but I'm so used to it now, I actually enjoy it. I just drink 3-5 cups a day and eat some oatmeal and the girls are back in business. :) Plus chunky monkey is happy! ha.

By Traditional Medicinals - I've been wanting to try their other teas too. Anyone ever tried  any that you enjoy??

We of course still love our Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes. Whenever this one "dies" we WILL have another. Seriously. . .  if you have a baby or are going to have one. Get it. I mentioned it in this post HERE.

I also have been reading a few books lately. These two are my current reads. 

ChangingDiapersBook.com by Kelly wells

This is one is awesome for those interested in cloth or new to it. It's short and sweet. 

Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron

If you are interested in making your own baby food, this is the way to go. It's a big book, but you only read it as you go (ie: 6 months, 9 months etc.)

I'm a no go on products we don't like this month. Maybe next I'll have a few.

Last months goal was to start some solids. That's going good so far.  I'm kind of having a hard time not being her sole source of food anymore :(but she's happy so I'll deal. I had no idea it would affect me this way! I'm sure I'll get over it and I'll be glad to have my body back to myself one day. It's just a "special bond" that everyone talks about but you just don't get it, until you have your own. I feed her right before the solids so she's not starving and will be willing to patiently try new things, but eventually I'll stop. I'm going to be sad one day when she doesn't want me anymore. . . unless she's two and then I'll be singing another song! HA I will not be that lady prancing around with a kid on my boob at the grocery! :) What is your feeding routine with your bambino??

This next months goals:
1) Start over night cloth diapering. I ordered several things on Black Friday so that's exciting. I even splurged on my first wool cover! SUPER STOKED! ha I know. . .  I'm a nerd. 

2) Start making baby food and getting a freezer stash going. I'm thinking I'll just get some ice cube trays at the grocery to start and then we'll go from there. It should be interesting.

 I really needed to go to the grocery today, and that doesn't look like that is going to happen with a puny babe who just puked EVERY WHERE!!! She did this last time. So from the time I started this post and trying to finish it. . . lots and lots of puke. Poor thing. Thank the Lord for Thanksgiving leftovers that my Mom sent home with us so we won't starve for dinner. :)

By the time I finished this post, she was feeling much better by bedtime. Yes, it takes me 12 hours to do a post sometimes. HA. After the day I've had, I'm impressed it only took that. 

I hope you all have a blessed week. Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day!
Lots of Love
The Boffs


  1. Hey Whitney,

    Just wanted to drop by and let you know not to worry about Rowyn's weight as long as she is gaining. Blake has always been small too, at his four yr check up he was in the 10% for weight and 25% for height (just had a growth spurt) and he has been this way since he was born. She is just going to be a precious tiny little lady.

  2. Hi I just found your blog through Megan.

    I just wanted to say that I know exactly how you feel. My little guy is 6 months old and he weighs almost 14 1/2 lbs. We hanging along the bottom on the growth chart as well. I hear comments all the time about how small he is and it makes me worry. But, every time we go to the doc, our pedi tells me he's doing great. It's hard not to look at other babies and compare their sizes. I keep telling myself...a healthy baby is a healthy baby!

    I also cloth diaper and just started making my own baby food too. Our night time diaper is a Perfect Size FuzziBunz diaper (size small) with an added bamboo insert as a doubler.


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