Thursday, October 6, 2011

This could get a bit've been warned.

I don't think its a secret to ANYONE about how I feel about The Honey.

We get ragged on by our closest friends how disgustingly in love we can be.

I've NEVER been the mushy type.
 I've always had "dude" like tendencies when it came to relationships. . . I tried to start our relationship that way. :) 
The Honey wasn't having it. No running from this guy.

It's safe to say he saved me from my self destructing relationship ways. As much as I tried to fight it, I'm soooooo glad he did.

I can safely say I thank The good Lord 100 times a day for the amazing man he blessed me with when I wasn't even looking. . . ok I'll be honest, even when he kept throwing this man in my face, I kept trying to throw him back. :) 

He isn't going anywhere.

He're are just a few random reasons why I love that honey of mine:

It's like somehow he always knows what I'm thinking. . . 
He's ALWAYS one step ahead of me.
 I rarely have to ask. . . he just knows.
 It's pretty amazing.
He's like a crazy mind reader or something. HA

If  we are  having a tough day with napping/I want to run through the front door and return the next day. . . he & Miller come in the nursery with me and sit/prance/rock (whatever works that day.) with us. He suffers right along with us for an hour or two, when most men would still be sitting in front of the TV.

When it's one of your best friend's weddings and you don't have a babysitter because you know no one that can. . . 
so your bring your 4 month old to it. . .
 to which she proceeds to have a meltdown just as the ceremony is starting. 
He sits in the hotel lobby, and tells you to go back in because "She is one of your best friends. You can't miss this. We'll be fine. Go." 

After you've had a very surreal day and have put down your precious little girl for the evening he greets you with this, just because. :)

He puts your beverages in the freezer when you:
 1.) Didn't even ask him to. 
2.) Didn't know you wanted a beverage 
3.) See that he has one, and for some dumb reason think "He didn't even ask if I wanted one. . ." and say as much to him. He smirks at you and doesn't say a word. You go to put your beverage  in the freezer (because it truly does make it better!) . . .
and there it is. . . 
. . .the beverage you didn't know you wanted, waiting just for you.

You tend to have lots of little lizards around your house that  sneak in when you let your puppy dog out a 100 times a day. You think they're cute, but act like a girl when it comes to trying to catch them. The Honey carefully scoops them in a cup and sets them free outside to be with their friends.
 He's so good to God's creatures. :)

You have had a rough few nights alone while he's working. When he gets home from three 12 hour shifts in a row, he wakes you  by giving you a kiss on the head and says, " I brought you breakfast in bed."
My first pumpkin spice latte of the season. . .  he knows it's my fav.

He has the best way to eat ice cream. I can't explain it. . .  it just  makes it better. .  AND. . . matter what, he'll grab the whole carton and always bring two spoons. 
I never ask. . .he is just that thoughtful and  he is equally terrible for my ass. :)

He truly LOVES lucky charms. Even more than my sister & I did growing up. He gets the biggest box he can find at the grocery and it barely lasts two weeks. He eats it the same way we did too. . . leaving the marshmallows for last. 
It IS THE only way to eat it! 

He just knew that we were having a boy. Just knew it. When we found out it was a girl we were both soooo excited, but I was afraid he was going to be disappointed. . . 

I was wrong.

I hope you feel as blessed as I do EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE.

Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. Sweet husbands are the best :) Thank the Good Lord for guys like ours!

  2. So sweet! I think my favorite thing about Jonathan working night shift is getting breakfast in bed! Life is just better when you wake up to an everything bagel and a pumpkin spice latte. ;)


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