Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Random Thoughts by Willis

Thanks for all the encouragement on the last post. We've been doing CD for  a week now, and so far so good. A lot of Mom's said to give it a month before you decide to run. :) I'm keeping up with my pros and cons for the "SUCCESS" post. . . at least, I'm hoping for success. That way if I convert any of my readers maybe it'll help you guys out when you start it up. :)

Ugh... I use an embarrassing amount of smiley faces. . .

Is that not THE cutest hiney in the world?!?!

I joined Twitter a few weeks ago. I know. . . it took me long enough. HA. I actually did it for the cloth diapers. I've been to several "parties" where I've gotten a TON of advice. 
So if you follow me, I'm apologizing for the diaper tweets. :) 
I've entered every contest I can find in hopes of winning something some day to add to our stash. I'm not the luckiest person in the world,so either I'll eventually give up or I'll make a conscious effort to tweet other fun stuff. . . like pictures of this sassy thing. 
Follow me if you wanna. @WhitBoff

I've been meaning to share with ya'll how awesome Sassy has been doing in her own bed. She still wakes up a few times  a night, but when hubs is here she goes back down pretty easily. When it's just me, I think she smells me and is thinking 
"Wait. What? This isn't an all night buffet?!?" 
So needless to say we still have a few rough nights a week, but the other morning she went from 8PM to 7AM without eating, and THEN went back down and slept until 9!


Poor Ro's sweet tear duct has been acting up all week. She hasn't cried much this week so I'm sure that's why. It just  looks so so icky and she has this one single solitary tear that rolls down her sweet face occasionally.  It's so pitiful.

Speaking of not crying, the one time of the day you can count on her crying is bedtime. We get out of the bath and go to our room to get ready for bed. She's fine until we start putting on PJs.
 Then it's an all out MELTDOWN. 
Thank you Lord for zippers.
 The last three nights she was sooooo upset she would barely eat. She just ended up passing out. At first I thought it was because she was cold, but some nights we don't do baths and she still screams. I think she just gets over tired by the end of the day. Napping in 30 minute increments will do that to you, I'm sure. 
Tonight we tried going to bed 10 minutes earlier. She seemed much happier and ate like a big girl. Anyone else have suggestions on an easier transition to bed????

This is blurry, but she's HAPPY! Then we start putting on PJs and she's not so happy anymore. :(

Ugh. I hate cutting her nails. 
 I try to do it when she's sleeping but a lot of the times I forget the clippers when we're rocking. So usually I do it when she's playing and preoccupied. Well, I finally did it. . .I cut part of her skin. :( She SCREAMED for about 2 seconds, to which I cradled her and though I was going to start crying. . .  
then she starts laughing 
 It was so funny. She likes when I nuzzle my face in her neck. :) I guess when we start walking and getting bumps and bruises, then I'll have a trick! :) That or she's gonna be super tough which could be trouble.

Doo.. . It doesn't look like this anymore. HA! Sorry.

I'm working on a wreath for my fella's door when he arrives into this fabulous world. I've restarted it twice because I wasn't happy. I need to get it done so it'll get to NOLA before he arrives! STAY IN THERE LUCA! Willis is always fashionably late.  

I've been playing volleyball in our Sports & Social League here in the ATX. One night a week for an hour I get to go get some exercise and be around grown ups. :) Honey stays with Ro and even puts her to bed depending on the game time. It feels sooooo good to have adult interaction, but I miss her terribly while I'm gone. :( I also think I'm too old to be diving on the floor like an 16 year old.. . .
but. . .
 DAMN it's STILL so fun.

Circa 2001-ish?? The shoes were Bree's who is 5' 11???? I think.
 Yeah I'm 5' 2" (on a good day)

So Tom likes to do laundry on Sunday nights. Sunday is when he transitions back to the "night shift" and stays up all night in order to sleep the next day to prepare for his work week. So the laundry is to keep him busy and awake.
  However, he doesn't like to fold.
This is what I woke up to on Monday morning.

That's a queen size bed COVERED in Mommy & Daddy clothes, Ro clothes, towels, and sheets.

Needless to say it took me ALL day to fold. I did have a little entertainment though. . . 

I had to fold some to clear enough space for her. HA

We have visitors coming this weekend!! Both of our families are coming for Ro's Baptism on Saturday! I AM SOOOOOOOO EXCITED TO SEE EVERYONE! I miss my nephew, sister,BIL, and parents SO SO MUCH. :(

Hope you guys have a fabulous rest of the week. Tom is off the rest of it! YAY! I have my partner in crime back.

Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. My only advice on bedtime is to have a consistent routine. That's what I found has helped with Carter, even when he was itty bitty. We start with bath around the same time every night (within a 30 min window), get pjs on/lotion, books, prayers then bed. Eli screams his head off when I'm trying to put on his jammies too! I'm guessing he's just cold though?

  2. I have some advice on Rowyn's eye. Noah had a "goopy" eye from about 1 month old, and it took about until he was 6 months old or so for it to completely clear up. We made a trip to the eye doc and they showed us a massage technique with a warm washcloth to help open the duct. If we had not went and done the massaging, we would have had to have surgery to open it. So best advice is....if you notice the tears not coming out of that eye, and there is "goopy" stuff, learn the massage technique! :) She is absolutely adorable, and you guys are so blessed to have such a fantastic baby girl!

  3. I love cloth diapering! I had to laugh b/c my husband calls me his hippie. I am getting more and more into holistic and homeopathic remedies and natural eating, and he continues to buy fast food, frozen pizzas, etc. by the truck load - ha! But the cloth diapering is awesome!!
    -Allena (


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