Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Its that time of year.

The holiday season is upon us and the Boff household is already busy busy.
Last weekend, Tom's youngest brother, Jacob, came to visit.

We didn't do much, but that's how we roll. :) It was fun hanging out with the fam, eating yummy food, and watching foozball all weekend. Uncle Jake has gotten all skinny and healthy on us, so we tried to not completely sabatoge his healthy lifestyle. 

This past weekend, Rowyn was baptized. 

 It was so perfect. I didn't realize I was going to get as emotional as I did. Tom's parents DROVE all the way from Minnesota and are staying the week. My parents came in for the weekend before they took off on a week long trip to see my grandparents in Gulf Shores. Plus, my sis, BIL, and little man came just for Saturday night and left Sunday. 

It was pretty amazing having our sweet family all there to celebrate this amazing occasion in Rowyn's life. 

Afterwards we took some fun pictures in the pumpkin patch at our church.

We had so much fun with everyone in town, but of course it always goes by too quickly. I usually pout for a few days after I leave them. Yes I'm 26 and I pout like a baby when I miss my family.

 Don't judge me.

In order to keep me happy, Tom took us to the Pumpkin patch again. This time we had Ro in a precious Pumpkin outfit that her NiNi gave her. SO CUTE.

We even brought a few punkins :) home. 
Next weekend we're headed to Dallas for an airshow that Tom's cousin is in. In two weekends we're headed back to my hometown for my BIRFDAY!! Last year on my birthday is when we told everyone we were expecting. . . this year. . .

Momma is having a big girl drank. :)

Hope you all have a fabulous week.
Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. LOVE the sweet pics! What a great weekend and pumpkin time :)

  2. ps - brent had frequented the patch, too ;)

  3. I love the Halloween outfit! So cute.


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