Monday, October 10, 2011

I do like my share of granola. .

I've always been known as a bit of a flower child.

Tom joked before Ro arrived that she was probably "going to be a hippie, like her Mom." It's why we're so perfect for each other. Tom & I are exact opposites. :)

I've just always been a "Go with the flow" kind of girl, but not necessarily the kind that would say
 "Hi my name is Rain. I have my own kiln, and my dress is made out of wheat." 


That's right.
 If you guessed Ross from Friends in 
"The One Where Chandler Takes a Bath" then you win! 


I promise you won't  find me at Hippie Hollow or anything. I PROMISE! That would be a scary sight.

When I was pregnant I read all the books, I read all the blogs, watched all the shows. . .I had no clue what I was doing!  I was confident I could take care of myself, but a baby!!? After having to spend 6 weeks on the couch and in bed I realized there were some things I was truly interested in and trying it out with Ro.

I wanted to breastfeed. I know 'breast is best" and whatever other crap people want to say to guilt you into thinking one is better than the other in terms of feeding your kid. I was formula fed and I turned out "okay." :)  However, to me breastfeeding just felt natural. Don't get me wrong, it was hard as hell at first and I knew TWO people that successfully had done it before (two people I felt comfortable enough to say boob about 20 times in a conversation and feel OK about it). I had plenty of people telling me how hard it was, how awful it turned out, or miserable they were. Still. . . I wanted to try it and I wasn't going to quit, no matter what. 

(If you don't know me, I'm also hard headed as hell. My Dad likes to tell me that often, but what he doesn't admit is that I got it from him. :)  HA)

While I was soaking up every bit of info about breastfeeding, I kept running across cloth diapering. At first I'll admit I felt that that it was a bit much. I had in my head safety pins. . . and white. . . and "ICK". So what if it saved us money??? I didn't want to deal with all of THAT.

However, I kept seeing these precious little fluffy butts on blogs and on IG (Instagram= current obsession). They were nothing like I imagined. These Moms were truly happy with it. . .
let me rephrase. . . they are OBSESSED with cloth diapering. 
The more I read,the more I was intrigued. I started asking my IG mommy friends and my facebook friends about the current day CD world.  They were ALL so helpful and took the time to truly explain the process to me. They were the ones that really got me excited. 

I ran the idea by The Honey. What if we used cloth? He gave me his "ick" look, the same one I initially had. It just seemed gross to him. He didn't want to deal with the poo anymore than he already did. . . this coming from a nurse. Should I remind him that on countless occasions did we walk away from an exploded diaper with poo all over us. 

I showed him a few fun things that these CD Momma's said saved them from the "ick" factor, like this fabulous guy:
and this sassy thing:


Ok. So it's not like yester year. . . they've done some upgrading. What about the diaper themselves??? 

I couldn't get the safety pins out of my head.

Then I kept seeing these cute tushies:

So I approached The Honey again. Seriously, what do you think about doing it? He first brought up the ick factor. So I told him about the accessories. He asked about a diaper service. Hm. . .  what better than to have someone else deal with the ick.

I started looking around online and getting quotes. It didn't seem like that bad of a deal. Then I got to thinking. . . everyone keeps saying how much cheaper cloth diapering is. I need to put pen to paper. 

I have to admit that I can call myself a nerd because I come from a nerdy family. My Dad. . .  (second time he has been mentioned in here. . .  Pops you should feel special), any who. . . My Dad likes Math. Seriously. He likes to do it for fun. Growing up, I would wake up in the morning before school and there he would be at the kitchen table with a pad and pencil. . .  just doing some math. . . for fun.


So as much I hate math, I like to save money. :) So I took after that great Daddy of mine and got out a calculator, pen, and paper.

I compared how much much we WOULD have spent on Ro had we not gotten so many diapers as gifts (SO BLESSED!) these first four months , a diaper service, and a set of cloth diapers. I got on several different websites to compare prices of disposable diapers, diaper services, and cloth diapers. I added, subtracted, divided, muliplied. . .  I was doing research.
For fun. 

I wrote, and calculated and re-wrote it all out. . . 

After a couple of weeks of serious research, I was ready for my presentation.

Ro's butt seems to have a continues bout of diaper rash. It seems to get a tad better some days, but it is never completely gone. Some days it's flat out "angry" so we spend a lot of time airing out naked.  The only time she seems to truly clear up is with Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers. Let me tell you though, those babies aren't the cheapest of dipes.  Cloth diapering has been rumored to really keep diaper rash at bay ( if you launder correctly and change them like you are supposed to.)

By the time Ro turns 3 (Lord help us she is potty trained by then) we will be buying lots of diapers. Close to $2500 if we get the type of diapers that seems to keep the rash less angry. That's a whole lot of doll-hairs.

A diapering service for 3 years. . . almost the SAME EXACT amount. Seriously within a couple of hundred bucks. Still a whole lot of doll-hairs.

In order to start our diaper stash, sprayer, wet beg, detergent. . . it was going to be a chunk of change, but a one time chunk of change. Most diapers, if cared for appropriately will last 3+ years. That means, when/if the next kiddo comes around. . .  there will already be diapers for them. We'll already be saving for the next one.

Again. I had this all written out. 
I set it on the coffee table for The Honey to see.
 Where he couldn't miss it. 
Right in front of his face.

"I did my research. I wrote it all out. If you are truly interested, I think this could be a really good idea. We will be saving a lot of money. Money we need on one income."

He didn't even look at the paper. He said "Ok. You've done your research. You seem to think it's a good idea. Lets do it."

That's it?
I don't get to get out my laser pointer? I don't get to raise my voice? I don't get to make you feel guilty about our daughters future college fund?? You aren't even going to look at all my geeky math problems I made up for fun?!?!?!

Darn. :)

So here I am. A natural birth, breast feeding, cloth diapering, and yep. . . even a bit of baby wearing. . . MOM. That's the kind of Mom I've become (this time around! HA) If I could convince The Honey to let me do a home water birth next time. . . I would. I don't see the Nurse in him letting that happen though. HA 

Does that make me  a hippie granola Mom? Maybe.
 Does it feel good to me and my family. Yes. 
Will it work for us? I hope so. 

She's pretty sassy in her "fluff".

So when you give me a "ick" look when I tell you we're using cloth. . . I'll totally understand. I was there too. However, times are a changin. If being eco-friendlier, "greener", healthier, and more financially stable makes for a better easier life for us Boffs. . .  why not? 

When I start wearing those silly "feet" running shoes. . . then I'll let you judge me. :)

I'll do a post soon on how it's working out for us. I will say, I can totally see what all these cloth diapering moms get so obsessed about it. SERIOUSLY OBSESSED. It is pretty fun. I'm trying to SAVE money and not get caught up in all the precious prints, but. . . 


Seriously. . . is that not the cutest thing?!?!? 

I'll try to contain myself. :)

Have a blessed week!

Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. I love this post because it pretty much sums up all the steps I went through trying to convince Jonathan that trying cloth diapering wasn't going to be absolutely horrible, (of course we'll revisit this in a few months!). I've got him on board now and we've already started collecting our stash. Definitely keep us posted on how everything goes for y'all!

    P.S. The top picture is ADORABLE!

  2. Great post, hippie granola mom ;) My journey into motherhood went the other way around. I thought I'd be all natural (breastfeeding til he's 5, babywearing, organic, etc). But then he was born and convenience/life took over. Now, 8 months later, there are a lot of things I wish I had done differently. I applaud you for your decisions and hope to follow the natural path next time around. I am becoming convinced that cloth diapering is the way to go- next time! Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. I love it! You remind me so much of myself 7 years ago. Its so fun to see you go threw so many things as I did as a new mom. Enjoy your fluff! Shes adorable!

    Amanda Shifman

  4. pretty sure your hippie and my hippie are two different hippies. ha

  5. Okay so I LOVEEEE Rowyn's outfit in the first couple pictures! Like, I want to steal it - or just buy one. Haha.

    Thanks for the compliments about Ellie :) Hope the paper towel trick works for your SIL!!! :)


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