Friday, September 16, 2011

You know there's a baby in the house when. . .

You know there is a baby in The Boff house hold when:

Most of your day is spent in your daughter's nursery attempting to get her to sleep. Even if that means the only way you'll catch up with your hubs before he leaves for work is to text him him while he's in there. :(

Bath time is everyone's favorite time.

You call your spouse Mommy & Daddy. :)

When you think your ear drum may be damaged because she's screaming SO loud in protest of sleep. The girl has some lungs. (It woke Tom up the other day. :( Whoops.)

You know you're a parent when:
You hold your breath at the first noise that comes out of your daughter's mouth, because that first noise determines how good or bad the rest of your day will go.

Tummy Time gets so exciting you find yourself getting a little too loud with your "YAY!!!"s while your husband is sleeping. :)

You know you're a parent when:
You actually start contemplating how "funny" you are because your daughter STILL won't laugh at either one of you. She's on board with all of her milestones. . .  EXCEPT LAUGHING! She sort of chuckles, but not a single solitary hearty laugh.

You find yourself doing ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING in order to get her to laugh including making fart noises, pig noises, putting your pony tail on top of your head and swinging all over the place (this is where we've come the closest to a laugh. My nappy hair is pretty hilarious.), and singing Baby Got Back and doing a dance because it worked for Rachel on Friends

True Story.

You know you're a parent when:
You sing made up songs even when you don't even realize it. My family has a knack for making up silly songs to the tunes of others. . . so I pride myself in knowing I sing some pretty awesome SOME WHAT baby friendly tunes (Note: I can't recommend Baby Got Back for all your babies in fear that CPS may come knock on my door, but maybe it will make your kid laugh at you. Not my kid. No. I'm not funny at all.)

You have a poo poo song.
In my defense, Tom made it up. It's to the tune of one of her toys. "What are the words" you ask???


Poo Poo Poo Poo-pa roo.
Poo Poo Poo Poo- pa-roo.
Poo Poo Poo Poo
Poo Poo Poo Poo.
Poo Poo Poo Poo. Pa. Roo.

We (The Boffs) own all the rights to the lyrics. Fisher Price to the tune itself.
 Don't be yanking our poo poo song.
Go make up your own damn song. :)

You know you're a parent when:
You find yourself trying to reason with a 3 month old at 3 A.M. I may or may not have promised a new car,  ear piercing whenever she wanted, and/or a pony if she would just go back to sleep. For whatever reason she could care less. I'll remind of her that in several years when she then requests all of these things.

"Nope, sorry Love. You wouldn't sleep when you were an infant. Poop out of luck." :)

It's supposed to be pitch black. It was in our room at 3 AM. She's in the pack 'n play. . . wanting to have a conversation. :)

You know you're a parent when:

You are pretty sure you have the absolutely most beautiful baby in all of the world.

You look at your husband almost daily and say "We made that and she's perfect (sleep or no sleep)

Get all pitter patter when you realize how amazing your life truly is because she and your husband are  in it.

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