Thursday, September 29, 2011


We threw a baby shower for our best friend, Tony a few weeks ago before he moved to NOLA. Desiree' had already moved to NOLA by this point and she doesn't need to be traveling in her state.:)

Baby Luca is going to be here in 5 weeks, and I am heartbroken I won't get to be there to meet him.

Doo was there the day Ro was born,  and came to help me stay sain on many occasions. :)

Ugh. Miss them so much.

Any who (Drying my tears now.). . .  Tom & I love to have friends over since we don't get to go too far these days. :) So we threw him a shin dig.

At one point I might have thought to myself "Woman, you  are in WAY over you head here." I wasn't able to get much done during the day for obvious reasons, so I had to spend a few nights up way past my bed time. In the end, it all turned out great! If I didn't have such a wonderful husband, there would have been no way!

Here's a few pics.

My hubs and Tony decided to participate in theme and  shave  their faces....leaving some  gnarly mustaches. :)

Yumminess and super cute. The Muschache was rice krispies! :)

I made all the food! (WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!) None of which I had tried before....again WTH!?! It all turned out awesome, and was ALL gone by the end of the night. :) I'll post the recipes soon. 

My paparazzi only got a pic of one of my silly sayings. I had several. 

Ro wasn't a fan of the "Baby Whisperer." :) hahahhaha WE LOVE YOU!
Mustaches on a stick! :)

Free Pony rides for the kids. :) 
This melts my heart. Abby loves Rowyn so much. Rowyn is so lucky to have such a helpful big cousin. 

Mustaches for Abby! 

This bib is hilarious. "This is not a bib. The B@#$% put my cape on backwards." HAHA

We made Tony a diaper cake. I found the sticky mustaches at Hobby Lobby. SO FUN! 

So now this post made me miss them even more. :(
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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