Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I know a munchkin....

She is FOUR months old!!!

I know! Right?!?! 
How could it be?!?! 
Not 4 months. . .  I seriously seems like it was just April and I was blogging for prayers. :) Well you guys pulled through, because she is here and is such a HUGE blessing.

Every day is better than the last and she's getting to be so much fun.

Not that she wasn't fun before :) but lets face it, months 0-3 consist of eating, pooping, 
and  A LOT of crying.

 The crying thing has decreased considerably. It's been so great. Everyone said it would get better and it was like one day we just went. . . Wow. She was great today!

 It's also  to feel like I'm not going to "break" her and get to "rough house" a little. No I'm not wrestling with my baby, I can just bounce her on my leg  now and her head doesn't look like its going to roll off. :) I think she's gonna be a rough and tumbly little girl. I was a bit of a tom boy so we'll see if that carries through.

At her 4 month check up yesterday she weighed 11 lbs 9 oz. She is supposed to have doubled her weight by 4 months. Double would have been 10 lbs 6 oz. She's over a pound over! GO RO! Yes, 11 lbs is still small, but she's in the 10th percentile and we're hoping she'll maybe be a late bloomer. If not, she just may be petite. Weighing 5 lbs 3 oz at birth will do that to ya.

She's 23" long. Also in the 10th percentile. Her head circumference is 39 3/4 in. She's in the 25th percentile. I think she's got her Daddy's  big 'ol noggin. :)

Since it had been 2 months since we had seen him last, we had lots of questions for her doctor.  :) He answered all of them patiently. HA. With all her stats, he was super pleased with her and everything that she is doing. That made us feel good.
She does have a tear duct that seems be too small and gets "backed" up if she doesn't cry as much. So we'll have to watch that, but she should grow out of it by her first birthday. If not, we'll have to go see an eye doctor. :(

Here's a little bit about Rowyn Michelle these days:

The girl loves to talk. She wakes up "talking" and goes to sleep "talking". I've joked that she has gotten tired of me talking for the last few months that she now enjoys hearing herself more. She has got the most absolute  sweetest voice ever.

We FINALLY got a few chuckles out of her, but every time she gets worked up for a good hearty giggle she gets the hiccups!!! EVERY TIME! I will say my flopping pony tail is still pretty hilarious.

We're still not the BIGGEST fan of tummy time ALL the time, but Ro has figured out how to roll over :) So she never stays there long.  She seems pretty proud of herself though. It's pretty cute.

Her favorite days of the week are Saturday & Sunday. 
How do I know you ask??? 
Well . . .
because those are football days!!!!! DUH! Seriously, the girl could care less about TV (which is a good thing!) but those men in pads and helmets running around make her sooo happy. Maybe those Baby Einstein DVD's will come in handy in a few months!

She generally sleeps from 8:30 to 2 or 3 every night. I can usually rock her back down for about another hour or so. Then she eats one more time at 7 or 8 and she's up for the day. It makes me happy. Occasionally she'll sleep until 9:30 or 10. ?????  It sometimes throws us off a bit, but WOW those late mornings feel niiiice. I wonder if she does it on days she doesn't nap as well.

She finally weaned from her swaddle.
I still wrap up her legs (which doesn't do much since she kicks like a banchi.) so she still feels cozy.
 It took us 3 weeks just doing it during the day. It probably could have been cut down to 2, but I was too big of a weenie to try it at night. However, I kept finding her turned on her side, or her limbs stuck through the neck of her pjs. She was obviously ready and I got nervous every time as to what I was going to find. So one night last week I just wrapped her up at the bottom and out like a light she went. I got in bed at 8:45 that night thinking she would be up all night. Nope. She did great, and I got a great nights sleep! :)

Her pants were completely off when I unwrapped her.

Left arm out of her sleeve and through the neck of her PJs

I wrapped her tight enough that her PJs didnt move, but she did. . . .

We're not a fan of our car seat. I wore the Moby wrap at the grocery one day and she loved that. I also walk her in the neighborhood in her stoller without the carrier. The straps are still too big, but we don't do any crazy off road strolling :) though Miller does give us a little jerk here and there. Needless to say, our next trip to TXK is probably not going to be much fun. :(

Ok. Now for our favs and not so fav products.

Our Favorite Goodies:
MAMS Glow in the dark pacis. Seriously. Trying to find a paci in the dark and then trying to stick it in one of the 5 orifices Ro has on her head can be tricky. :) We received several different kinds of pacis as gifts for Ro when she was born. We didn't start using them until she was a month old. We just went from one to the other to find which one we liked. These have stuck around the longest.

Sophie the Giraffe. I will be the first to say I could NOT understand spending the $$$ on a "chew toy", but we took a leap of faith and I'm glad we did. She's now puts everything in her mouth and is starting to gnaw. Sophie's legs are, apparently, DELICIOUS!

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes still is in our top favs. I think I posted about it last month, but it is the best toy to use when she needs some distracting.
Thank you, Uncle Nick & Aunt Mandy! :)

The Sleep Machine App for her iPod that I also mentioned last time. Still a life saver. We are often asked in public what is "that noise"??? When we show up what we're using to keep our kid asleep and get some shopping done, we get a lot of "HOW COOL!" Of course I'm thinking to myself they probably think we're crazy, but oh well! It works for us!

Boogin Heads Paci holder. It's the only one that fits the MAMs. I need to get a few more. We just have one.

ESPN. No seriously. Sometimes when we need to burn a few more minutes before bedtime. . . you can always count on ESPN to have a few football highlights to keep her happy. 

Not so fav products:
I'm kind of struggling with this one.

Boudreauxs Butt Paste - All Natural . It just doesn't get rid of the rash like the original.  We have both. IT's thin and doesn't seem to absorb like the other. The diaper rash thing is another reason I'm looking forward to going to cloth diapers. I hear this is very rare with them. I can't use butt paste with cloth diapers either. A lot of night for half an hour before bed I let her lay on a blanket naked. She truly loves it (flower child like her Mommy. ha) and it helps give that cute hiney some air.

That's it. That's all I can think of. Sorry. I'll try to keep a better list for next month.

So all in all. . . Life is Good. :)

We can't wait to see what the next month has in store for us.

In the next few weeks we're going to work on:

1.)Sleeping in our own room. I know. . . I'm just dragging my feet since she still has the occasional night that she wakes up 4 times. It's rare. Tom & I will wait until he's got a long stretch off and we can tag team. It's like the swaddle thing. . .  I'm a weenie! :) I am ready to have my room back. We used to love watching TV in bed. Plus I find myself waking up in the middle of the night thinking "Oh. I heard a noise. Is she going to wake up???" Then my brain comes around and says "GO BACK TO SLEEP DUMB ASS BEFORE SHE DOES!" :)

She sleeps in her crib during the day so when  do transition her it won't be so new.

2.) Transitioning to cloth diapers.
I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS. I've done A LOT of research  and talked to A LOT of Mommies. . .and I think it's going to be a good decision. Tom isn't soooo sure, but I think he'll come around from what I hear. Besides being eco-friendly (YAY GREEN!) it will save us a lot of $$$ in the long run. It's not cheap to start up, but it's generally a one time purchase unless you want to go all crazy and get all the fun prints. :) It's tempting, but I'll try to be really good! HA With me staying home until at least her first birthday (I haven't told ya'll that yet. HA) and living off one income, we're trying to save anywhere we can in order to continue to live comfortably. I think this will be a big savings.  I've yet to hear a negative thing from anyone that does it. The only negative feedback I've gotten is from women who did it many years ago. :) Cloth diapers have changed BIG TIME since then, and lets face it  they're uber cute too. :)  I'll do a post soon about how it goes. Anyone have any pointers??? Or your favorite brand???

via sweetpeascloth.com

3.)Doing better about getting dressed and getting out of the house. HA! Yesterday was the FIRST day in 4 months that I didn't need Tom to be awake in order for me to shower and get dressed.

4 months.

Most days I stay in my pjs, I hop in the bath in the guest bathroom when she goes to bed, and I go days without washing my hair! BAHAHAHA Yes I just admitted I have less than par hygiene. Gross, I know. I should be more embarrassed, but I'm not. HA When you have a nugget that barely naps, you pick your battles. However, I do feel better when I am clean! :) So yesterday I plopped her in the bouncy in the hallway and did the occasional "PEEK A BOO" behind the shower curtain. . .  she did great. 

First time parenting is so silly. :) 

When you have a hubs that sleeps during the day (which means your bedroom and bathroom,with all your toiletries and clean underwear, are off limits unless its an emergency! HA) and family 350+ miles away, you have to learn things the hard way! I'm sure my hubs would love to see me with brushed hair and make up occasionally. He swears he loves me in sweats and messy hair. :) SUCH A GOOD HONEY!

4.)We'll also be working on putting our self to sleep. She did it last night like a BIG girl. I'm hoping it wasn't just because she was exhausted form the doctor's visit and getting her vaccines. :) I  took a few suggestions from a friend of mine, Katie. She also did the Moms on Call seminars that I mentioned in my previous post HERE. We've been doing it for weeks and weeks now, but somehow last night it "clicked!" YAY! She probably won't do it again for another few weeks :) but that's ok, at least I know she can do it. HA

Any who . . I'm off to cuddle with a baby that doesn't seem to feel so hot today. I'm thinking it was the shots yesterday. Earlier she puked EVERY WHERE! :( Lets hope that it was just a one time thing.
I hope you all have a good week.

Her "I don't wanna nap so I'm  not gonna " face. :)

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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  1. i just wrote this huge comment and it got deleted ;( -- anyways i said.... i love all her pics! she is sooo adorable. and i love the product reviews, i tell ryan all the time "we HAVE to get this, whit says it is great!" he must think your the smartest chick in the world. haha ;)


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