Monday, September 5, 2011

Prayers please.

I "borrowed" these from a few of my friends off Facebook and KXAN news. Since it's for thoughts & prayers I hope they won't mind. 

25,000 Acres have burned. Almost 500 homes have been lost.

Our gorgeous city is literally going up in flames.   Several of our friends have been affected.

Please keep them in your thoughts & prayers that the wind will die down. We haven't had wind like this in months. . .  though it feels amazing outside, it's making it hell to stop the wild fires.

Pray that all the residents and their pets get to safety.

Pray that the firefighters stay safe and the state will send them more help.

Pray that those who have lost EVERYTHING will find some relief.

Yesterday there were some brush fires near our house. We went ahead a packed Ro a bag of diapers and clothes (since she poops on about 3 a day. HA). They contained them by yesterday evening, but as fast as these things grow. . .  you never know when a deputy will be knocking on your front door to evacuate.

A lot of the families were told to evacuate within minutes of their homes going up in flames. They were only able to take the clothes on their back. 

The big fires are south of us and that's the way the wind is blowing. However, one cigarette butt or a Labor Day BBQ could start a fire in seconds with this drought we're having. Apparently its the worst one since 1853! Our yard is literally a hay field. 

Rain would be an absolute miracle. 

Count all of your blessings today.
I hope you're having a blessed day.
Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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