Friday, September 16, 2011

Busy Busy Bees.


absence makes the heart grow fonder?!??!

I'm a bad blogger. We've been pretty busy around here lately.

Our city has been turned upside down over The Central Texas Fires the last two weeks. The Bastrop one is still going, but it's 75% contained!  It's wrath is absolutely devastating.

I had blogged that there was a small brush fire by our house and we had packed Ro a suitcase just in case. . .

Well the next day there became a BIG fire. It was 2.5 miles from our house and they were evacuating surrounding neighborhoods. I had the car loaded up with a suitcase for Tom & I, Ro, and Miller. We were going to be prepared!! It took a few days, but they got it under control and we were safe & sound in our cute little home. It was pretty scary though. For two weeks, it's all anyone can talk about. I will say I am super proud to be an Austinite, a Texan, and an American after all of it is said & done. It was so amazing how QUICKLY everyone came together to help each other. It was heart warming. We made a monetary donation since it is so hard to get what people actually NEED when so many people are helping/giving a TON of the clothes off their backs.

We've also been busy throwing a baby shower for our best friend, Tony. He & his honey (my other bestie) have been mentioned in the Willis & TBoff blog before HEREHERE, and HERE.

Wow. They're pretty popular around these parts. 
Which goes to show you how important they both are to us. :( 

Desiree' left me a couple of months ago. I still cry about once a week about it. She went home to be  close to her family in NOLA AND to have  a precious baby boy, Luca.

He is  Rowyn's boyfriend. :) 

Tony has stayed here since their lease wasn't up yet, he continued to work, and well. . . now. . . the time has come. 
I don't even want to type about it. 
I've tried to avoid thinking about it for weeks, but it's hard to avoid now. . .  he's moving on Saturday. So to celebrate his last few days and baby Luca we threw him a man shower. 

Mustaches were the theme as you can see. :) I'll do a post on it soon. It was way fun!!! Even Ro joined in on the fun.  

We've also been busy recognizing The Honey for getting a scholarship from our hospital . I am so so proud of him. Tom juggles being the working hubs, the best Daddy, AND is currently getting his Masters. 

Back in the day he would have called him self a SUPER STAR

Yeah...that's pretty bad porn stache. He shaved his beard to be in theme with the party. Considering how much Tom cares about his looks, I was pretty happy he did it. It's always fun to partake in party themes. :) (Since we were the hosts!!) Now. . .  I can't explain the hair. It's a loss cause with me. I keep trying to convince him to let me fix it just ONE day. . .  He's a weenie. HA

. . . and I would have called him a D-Bag. :)
 None the less, he IS pretty bad ass. Rowyn & I are so proud of him. We got all dressed up for his ceremony and got to go support him. 

It's the first time we've attempted to get her out of the house that late in the evening for such a long period of time. She's finally stopped the 5-8 crying thing, so we thought what better opportunity then now?!?!


She decided not to nap very well that day (she's still an awful napper, but some days are better than others,) so she was a little cranky. I got to visit for about 30 minutes before the ceremony and spent the next hour+ pacing the building and entertaining a 3.5 month old. 

You want a great work out???? Try walking around in 3 inch heels, while prancing with a baby for a couple of hours. My thighs and tush were sore for two days!! :) 

Any who. . . I'll try to be better about blogging. I go through slumps where I don't feel like I have anything interesting to write about/it's mostly about Sassy Pants. :) 

Oh well. 
She's fun to write about!
 She's pretty cute and silly.
 I can't wait until her 4 month post to update you all on what a big girl she is these days!!! 

Have a blessed weekend!
Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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