Sunday, August 7, 2011

Zombie Zombie Zombie - e - e -e

I sing the Cranberries in my head a lot these days, because I feel like one. 

A zombie. 

See this little stinker?

This is the day she didn't sleep from 8:15 AM until 8:30 that night. She cat napped all day for about an hour total. TOTAL! 

I've got jokes, Mom.

I read the Baby Whisperer this week, so I'm trying to implement some of her helpful hints. Some of which are awesome! The nap-time/sleeping all night chapter I've read over & over and it still hasn't come together. We're going on day four. 

Showing Daddy who is boss around these parts. 

Yesterday she napped twice. Both of which were 45 minutes. 

Today she napped once for 35 minutes, the second a total of an hour after I spent 30 minutes putting her down again. 

Sleeping with one eye open, just in case she misses something. 

Poor thing is so so tired. I feel so bad for her. Several people have suggested the "Cry it Out" method, and it's just not for me. I knew it wouldn't be before she arrived in this world, but I tried it the other day. I lasted 4 minutes. FOUR.

Then I was in tears because I felt so bad. :( 

Send us sleepy thoughts and prayers that sweet baby Jesus will let little Rowyn get back to her old self.

On the up side. . . she's going 2.5 -3 hours without eating! YAY!! Now that extra hour and a half is going to trying to get this poor thing to sleep. BOO. :)

And last night she slept from 9 - 2:15! YAY!  

Hope you have a blessed week.

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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  1. dont u just looove when she is awake though?!?! i mean i could eat her up!! ;);)


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