Monday, August 22, 2011

We've got a big girl on our hands!

Rowyn didn't do it last night of course, but THREE nights in a row before she only woke up ONCE ALL NIGHT LONG!!!


I keep telling her what a big girl she is (I'm sure she totally undertsands! She's sleeping "through the night" she's a genius!) but we're still napping like poo.  I really hope she grows out of it soon. Yesterday she randomly napped for almost 2 hours. It was insane. She was SO happy when she woke up. . . I'm hoping she'll catch on eventually that "naps are good!"

This weekend we had a visitor. My best friend from nursing school, Jordana, came to visit/to help out since we've been having a rough time lately.

Dan & Willis - good times!

Obviously we went through a lot of pictures, costumes, hats, lbs, hair styles, and DRINKS together.
Let me just say we were two peas in a pod and had WAY too much fun. We haven't seen each other in almost 4 years! We can't trying to plan stuff but both our schedules kept getting in the way. Now a days with me not getting out of the house much, she decided to come play while she had a few days off and her only being in Houston. We had a blast. It was so much fun catching up.

Plus she got to meet Sassy Pants. Of course the camera came out ( because what what a Dan & Willis reunion be without one?!?!) She captured some pretty sweet photos of our mini rolly polly.

"Tell that girl to lay off the Miller light!"- My Dad/Pops :)

Sassy will be three months on Friday! OMG! 

I'll do my monthly post then of course (if I find the time! - I've been getting in trouble by a few of you who said I'm not blogging enough anymore. . .  get my child to nap and I'll find the time.!)

Hope you're having a blessed week,

Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. I just stumbled across your blog and have a sleep suggestion. My sister and I read a book *SUPER QUICK READ I PROMISE* that was written by a neuroscientist who studies sleep patterns (and is a mom). It says babies need to sleep every 90 minutes when they are newborns until at least 6 months (my guy did that until 7 or 8 months). This book was a lifesaver for me, and anyone that has read it has said the same thing. The book is called 'The 90 Minute Baby Sleep Program' by Polly Moore. It is a SUPER simple plan based on N.A.P.S. N-Note what time baby wakes up. A-Add 90 minutes. P-Play/Eat,etc. S-Sleep (put back down after 90 minutes). I swear this really works!!

    -Allena (


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