Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jillian, I love to hate you.

I barely have time to shower some days. . .


I barely find the energy to shower most days. :)

However, I love to work out. It is a part of me. It makes me feel good. I have more energy, more confidence,  I'm more like "Willis."

I only had Rowyn 12 weeks ago. . .  so I'm not killing myself over here about how my boobs will never be the same my looks. However, I wasn't allowed to barely walk before Ro. It'll be a year in October when I was told by my OB to hold off on the exercising. . .  to which he continued to say until I was put on bed rest. :)

3 days before Ro arrived.

If you know me AT ALL. . . sitting still WAS hard for me. However, with a precious girl who naps like POO! (ANYONE HAVE SUGGESTIONS????) I don't have too much time to myself while Daddy is working. So when I do get to just sit . . . I usually fall asleep.

Today I decided, after looking at myself in the mirror and realizing I may not ever look the same, but good Lord I am feeling BLAH!

So I started Jillian's Shred again. I did it before our wedding, and I was in the best shape I've have probably been in since I was in high school athletics.

Our honey moon post Shred.

I not putting this on here for comments. . . I'm putting this on here to hold my self accountable. So that means every few weeks one of you has to ask me how the working out is going!! :) That way I'll feel guilty if I haven't done it. HA I'm pathetic and have to make you guys play mind games with my poor sleepy brain to get me to work out again! 

Tonight I did work out one of 30. WHOO HOO! 

PS. If you have never done one of Jillian Michael's workouts. . . DO IT! They are awesome. They are hard as hell, but my Daddy always said "It's not working if it doesn't hurt." that and "If your scared, say your scared!"  BAHAHAHA

Hope you're having a blessed week!
Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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  1. love love love jillian! shes the shit. ive actually never completed 30 full days..im off and on! haha but she is my post baby trainer fo sho!


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