Saturday, August 27, 2011


We're still struggling, but one day I'm sure we'll look back and laugh.

Laugh really hard at how crazy our life has become spending most of the morning trying to get someone to sleep longer than 30 minutes and the afternoons going to Sephora & HEB. All three of us.

I think hubs is worried about us getting out of the house enough. So today he went to go buy make up with me! HA

Rowyn turned 3 months old on Friday (yesterday.) I posted on instagram that it has been the most AMAZING but HARDEST experience of my life. I love how everyone tells you that the first few weeks are the worst. . .  then you tell them you have a 6-12 week old and then the truth comes out. Apparently this is the hardest part. Don't get me wrong. . . she is obviously a happy baby but the end of the day isn't fun. It breaks my heart on the days she cries a lot. It's not every day. . . just most! :)

At one point tonight, I told hubs I thought my ears were bleeding from all the crying. hahaha She just gets so overtired by the end of the day she has to blow off all that steam somehow. So she cries. Then we eat and play with lots of smiles. Then we cry some more. 5 PM to 8 PM are a big mixing bowl of emotions, but its so worth it.

Ro is the sassiest baby girl and we wouldn't trade her for the world. By the end of this thing I'm going to be an expert in baby sleep patterns because I have read every stupid book.


Ro wakes up most mornings at 8 talking and smiling. She feels soooooo good after getting a good night sleep.

She HATES tummy time, but we do it any ways for a few short minutes a few times a day.

She is holding her head up for longer period of times. We just bought the bumbo for her 3 month birthday. :) She likes it alright for a few minutes.

She loves to sit and stand up on her doots. She reminds me off that dancing Ally McBeal baby though, its hilarious.

The ceiling fan is still the coolest toy in town.

Our favorite part of the day . . . BATH time. She is HILARIOUS! Tom & I laugh that maybe from 5 PM to 8PM we just throw her in the tub for three hours. She splashes and kicks water EVERY WHERE! When Daddy is home that's his job because he loves it so much. This video is one of our favorites. This was just when she was figuring out how to splash. These days the water is flying all over the bathroom.


She is eating every 2.5 to 3 hours which has been so nice. She has also been sleeping "through the night" for about 2 weeks now. It has been GLORIOUS! The best she has done is go from 8:30 to 5. Some nights we wake up around 2 or 3 and 6. Still so much better than 11, 1, 3, 6, & 8. :)

Bed time isn't has much of a nightmare as it used to be. Most nights we can put her down and maybe have to go in there one more time, but I promise there are some nights I feel like we're in there 20 times before she'll finally go down good. The other night I made the mistake of trying to put her down 30 minutes earlier. . . 2.5 hours later . . . she was finally asleep. :)

The hair dryer has been retired. WHOO HOO! We have an app on our iphone that we use that has been AWESOME. She was actually using my phone for a while. Which when she napped of course I wanted to call all the people that had been calling me and I couldn't answer because I have a fussy baby in hand. . . however she was using the sleep app. So Tom had a iTouch that he had never used that we broke out. Yes. My 3 month old has an iPod Touch.

Hey. You do what you have to do.

Products we love:
Carters Creeper outfits. Onesies can be frustrating when there's poop up the back of it and you have to slip it over her head. The creepers button all the way down so there's no poo all over her hair. :)

Zip up jammies. I have a hard time finding them, but when she's screaming by the end of the night while you're trying to put PJs on. . . sweet Lord I wish I had a zipper instead of all those blooming snaps!! BOO SNAPS!

Fisher Price kick & play piano. This is our favorite toy right now, because Ro loves to kick. It's super fun.

The glow worm. Holy moly it's like angels start singing when we bring it out. AHHHHHHHHH. Thank you Cara and the 80s for keeping around our childhood favorite toys.

Products that are on the fence:

Angel care monitor. Don't get me wrong, it's a great product. . .but we recently realized how sensitive it truly is. We had taken Ro out of the crib and had forgotten to turn off the receiver. We didn't actually realize that until 20 minutes later when I turned off her fan. Normally, if we had picked her up and forgotten to turn it off the alarm would have gone of after a few minutes. The ceiling fan was creating so much movement that the sensor was picking it up as if she was still on the mattress. . . breathing.So what if she wasn't breathing?? I sort of panicked I wrote Angelcare an email to see if the had any suggestions it being 106 degrees outside in Texas and she needs to have a fan. . .  they did not. We did find there was a note of this possibly being a problem in the owners manual. Boo.

The swaddle in general. I'm trying to wean Ro for one nap out of the day by going without the swaddle. Right now we're just doing one arm out and the last two mornings I had to hold her hand to get her to calm down enough to sleep. I wish I hadn't swaddled her so long. . .  this is going to take some time & MORE patience. :)  But she sleeps so good AT NIGHT in it. :) Suggestions???  I know a few people that just went cold turkey. . . maybe I'll try that tomorrow.

Here's to the next few weeks getting easier. Hopefully she's growing out of this fussy stage (everyone says it will happen! Dear Lord please?) I don't want her to grow any  more though. :) Think she can just stay this cute and teeny forever?!?!?!

Hope you are all having a blessed weekend. 

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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  1. rats, I posted a long comment and my computer reset :(

    I like this post! I think it could help me!

    Knox & Sloane aren't doing well with swaddling. Not sure we will stick with it or not. I'm going to attempt the zip up sacks.

    There is something that clips on the diaper that can act similar to an angel care monitor ( I think)? Soemone left a comment yesterday on my blog about them. Snoza or something like that.

    Super Wal-Mart has good zip up jammies. They are Brent's fav as he has been changing most diapers right now.

    There was something else, but now I can't remember.


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