Friday, July 29, 2011

My Gal Friday.

I'm still not back to my old blogging self. I've been busy entertaining a precious baby girl. Plus The Honey finished work this week, so when he's around we soak up every minute we can. I'll try to be better. I need to start remembering to schedule my posts ahead of time, so all I have to do is POST.

How do you make time for your blog???

Sassy Pants is 2 months old as of Wednesday. She had her two month well check up on Thursday. It went great. . . aside from those darn shots. I swear, when those "REAL" tears start coming, it makes my tummy hurt. I'm a nurse and watch people in pain daily, but when it comes to your own baby girl. . . NO THANK YOU!

So she weighed in at 9lb 2 oz. I think it's hilarious that people are giving birth to 8 & 9 pound babies, and here we are 9 weeks in and she's just getting there. :) She's up 4lbs from birth weight, and average at this time is 3lbs. GO RO!  She is now in the 10th percentile. At birth she was in the 1% at 5lbs 3oz.

We've come a long way.

   Rowyn is sassy as ever. :)  She is so smiley and happy, especially during the morning. She wants to giggle so bad but its still just coming out in grunts. Her favorite thing to do is lay under her Sassy Rock & Roll Gym from her Ditty and look up at all her toys. She's flailing her arms around like crazy, but we haven't figured out how to swat just yet. She absoulutely loves a good ceiling fan. :) Forget all the fancy toys. Any time Miller gets in her view she smiles so big, it's hilarious!

 I mentioned before that we have had to use the hairdryer in the evenings at bedtime for the last two weeks. We just get a "little" pissed fussy, and that calms us down. I haven't had to use it but maybe once for about 2 minutes this week. YAY! She doesn't seem in pain and it's not continuous crying, just on and off MAD crying, so I'm not thinking colic. From other Mommies I've talked to this is pretty normal.  It helps me to get a lot of reading in while I'm holding a baby. Finished the Hunger Games trilogy in a week. . . AWESOME!

The other night I had her in the moby walking around doing lunges & squats. All the while I'm singing, Facebooking, and playing the sound machine on my iPhone to keep her happy!  There is no such thing as spoiling your baby. :) It's actually a scientific finding. . . so don't judge me! HAHAHA

She has three big naps a day, to which I've tried putting her in her crib this week. . .  she sleeps maybe 30 minutes and wakes up. After an hour or so of this I finally just pick her up and hold her for an hour so she sleeps good. This has only been going on a couple of weeks (maybe coinciding with her fussiness) Suggestions????

So like last month, I'll tell you a few of my favorite products, and a few I could do without.

So I mentioned the Moby wrap above. *Que golden lights and angels singing* This thing is a God send. I absolutely would NEVER get anything done if it wasn't for the wrap. I swear, you put her in it. . .  in about 3 minutes she is OUT. The only complaint is she gets hot with it being a 150 outside.  I usually have a tank top on and strip her naked to keep her cooled off.

The Happiest Baby on the Block. If you haven't read this book . . .  do it! When she started this "fussy" business I used the 5 S's and . . . BAM! Silent baby. You have to put them ALL together to get the full "Happy Baby" effect.  Thank The good Lord for this pediatrician. My pediatrician and his partners actually recommend this book to their patients parents.

The Sassy Rock & Roll Gym. Any gym for that matter. . .  she is always happy on the floor with some fun toys in view/ceiling fan.


Baby Einstein Take Along Tune. The lights and the music always catch her attention. Plus, like it says, you can take it along wherever you go. It's just a fun simple toy to keep her entertained.

Angelcare monitor. We've only really just started to use it since she has just started napping in her crib. However, it the short time we've gotten to use it, I'm very pleased. I wish we had known the video one was coming out so soon, but we didn't until after we received this one. Still, we love it. We got the two pad sensor so its less likely to give you false alarms, and the two handheld devices to  put around the house. A lot of people complained about the "beeping/ticking" it makes. . .  but it doesn't bother us. It's actually reassuring. I love that it has the temperature of her room is visible too.

Now for the "I'm not sure" products:

What is it with the hats?!?!?1 I want one that will stay on her stinking cute knot! The best ones we have found are the gerber ones, but they still tend to slide off. Do you guys have any suggestions?? My sis in law thinks the best ones are the ones from the hospital. :) I need to pull those out and try them again.

We're still on the fence on the boppy. Some days we're ok with it and some days we struggle. I think I just really need to break it in and it'll be so much better and more comfortable, she just doesn't weigh enough yet.I might have the ONLY child that isn't a fan of the boppy. Leave it to me.  However, her new thing when she's fussing in the evenings is to not let me sit down and nurse. :) That's right, I'm pacing the house while feeding her. I promise the blinds are closed. HA

Thanks to her Aunt Amanda, we figured out we like the swing. . . only if we are ALREADY asleep. :) Then she'll stay in it for about 30-45 minutes without a PEEP.

I can't for the life of me think of anything else we don't like right now. YAY!

Now for a Ro Montage:


Sorry. . . they make me giggle. She's a ham. 
I have no clue where she gets it from. :)

Have a blessed weekend.
Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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