Friday, July 8, 2011

My Gal Friday

Sassy is 6 weeks old. YAY! We are currently going through THE 6 week growth spurt, but it's not near as hellatious as the 3 week one. Partly because we have RE-introduced the bottle (Rowyn was on supplemental formula for the first 2 weeks since she was so tee-niney) and I get to join society at times.

Yesterday was her first road trip to East Texas to see my fam. My parents haven't seen us since she was born,so they have been ready. Tom drove us down after working the night before because he rocks! We just knew the trip was going to be horrific since its 5.5 hours from the ATX and a cluster feeding newborn won't make it any better.  We prepared ourselves for the worst in hopes we would be pleasantly surprised.

We were.


She did AWESOME! We had one traumatic stop (More so for Mom than Ro) but other than that she did great. I had attemtpted to give her the bottle earlier last week to prepare for this trip. She didn't want to have anything to do with it. She looked at me like "Um. . .Hooker. Give me your boob."  Ro is a tad ghetto. She gets its from her Momma. (Those of you who know my VERY white husband, know this must be true.) Any who so we didn't think she would take the bottle from me in the car and we would just have to stop to breast feed for half an hour every 1-3 hours. . . depending on when the cluster feeding boobie monster would rear its ugly head.

Well I out smarted that little turkey. I hid behind the carseat and didn't even let her open her eyes before the bottle was in her mouth and she was in milk drunk heaven. Deceiving? Yes. Happy baby and parents. Hell yes.

So Ro & I are here for the week since Tom is working a lot next week. The awesome thing about being a nurse is that  you work 3 days a week if you do the 12 hour shifts. The 12 hour shifts just suck and don't allow much time for anything else. This includes your wife and new baby. This makes a very tired and worn out wifey. . . That's me. So since Tom is going to be working nearly 5 days in a row (when 3 is bad enough) I'm going to get some extra help from my fam/Ro is getting lots and lots of extra lovin.

I had my 6 week follow up appointment yesterday. I got a clean bill of health, so it's back to the pavement for this girl! I wasn't allowed to exercise through out the whole pregnancy. First because I was so sick and already losing too much weight. Then because I was put on bed rest. I've exercised and played sports all my life. Sitting on my butt on the couch is not my idea of a "nice vacation." It was torture. So Jillian Michael's & I are about to start our love hate relationship again. I'm 3lbs away from my pre-prego weight, and 8 lbs away from my wedding weight. I'm not so worried about the EL- Bees, so much as the TONING! This tush of mine needs to get firmed right on up. So here we go. "Operation Hot Mama" is underway. :)

Have a blessed weekend.
Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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