Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mama Bear

I know two posts in one day.

WHAT?!?!?! I told you  I would be back.

My funk was lifted yesterday. It's so funny when I'm begging for God to show me the way one day, then the next I'm thanking him for making me be patient. He knows what I need, and yesterday was perfect. We ate, played, and smiled A LOT! 

Note the different onesie??? In the pink one, she may be smiling because she's in the middle of pooping ALL over me! :)

I had her in bed at 8, but she kept doing the crying business. However,  it was nothing like it has been the last few nights. I only had to bring out the hairdryer once for about 2 minutes and she was down for the count.  I had a happy baby who slept from 9:45 to 2 AM. Then 2:30 -6 AM. Then 6 -9. I woke up this morning feeling so refreshed and better than I have in 8 weeks.

The Baby Whisperer. 

Warning: I'm going to talk about breast feeding again and all of it's boobie juice-ness (As my Honey likes to call it. )  If you don't want to know about my Baby/Mama Drama. . . . wait until another life changing post. :) Until then, click on the "Follow" button on the right so you can get updates on when we post!

 Ps. If you missed The Honey's most recent post, click HERE. It's pretty silly.   Another Warning: It mentions poop (not the baby's) and boobie juice more than once. If that's not your cup of tea, then you must not know Tom, because he's pretty frank about both of these things. :)

Note: I don't care if you breast feed or formula feed. I don't judge. Everything works different for each individual Hence this post. :) Breast feeding is something I knew I wanted to do, but I didn't know much about it. I know very few people that I'm close to that have been successful at it. If there is one thing about me, I'm stubborn. . . and I was determined to be successful. It's a bond I truly enjoy sharing with my daughter. Being able to see those chunky thighs kick around every day makes me pretty proud that I put those rolls there. After I read an article this morning, this is something I knew I felt really strongly about. It made me start thinking about all this "boobie juice" business (Three times is enough to mention those two words in one post. I'll stop now.) and I had to put it into words. 

I knew that breast feeding was gonna be tough. All the people I know who did it (not that many) told me so and all the books I read said so too. I was really surprised on the focus all the books made about "other people" being a big reason you may not be successful at breast feeding. I kept thinking. . .  surely  not.

I received  THIS article in the my email today.  I LOVE FIT PREGNANCY MAGAZINE. It makes me so happy. :) It again reinstated everything I've run into and made me once again realize "You are doing just fine, Whit, just fine."

I have to say I have run into a lot of those obstacles. A LOT, and it can be super frustrating. At first I tried to remain open minded, knowing that its a foreign concept to many people. After a while though its hard when people continue to question every parenting strategy you know when your still learning all the tricks yourself. It's a different time, and things have changed. Change is a concept that is very hard for people to grasp sometimes. Medicine has made GREAT leaps and strides in the last decade. Me being a nurse I closely follow medicine and support a lot (not all) of it's findings. I know that still some people need more proof or just don't "get it."  However, nothing will make me go "Mama Bear" on your ass quicker than someone telling me I'm not feeding my kid enough. And if I hear "Are you feeding/eating again?!!" one more time, I may turn into the wicked witch of the East!

Yes. . . she's hungry, she eats. The more she eats, the more I make. It's a beautiful natural cycle that, guess what,. . . ITS FREE! :)


Breast Milk is digested a lot quicker than formula. Breastfed babies eat every 1-3 hours when she's awake. Sometimes, it feels like all I do has have my girls whipped out to stuff her face (paints a lovely picture, huh?) but in the end it makes her look like this.

That is one happy double chin! :)

When you birth a 5lb 3 oz baby, your mission is to put some L - Bs on that scrawny but excruciatingly cute tushy. So if she's hungry, I'm not going to "hold her off" from eating. Ps. Don't say "Think you can hold off a little while longer?" in front of me or the kid either. You'll get this face from the both of us.

That is one mad hungry baby.

Crying is a LATE sign of hunger. If your bambino is anything like mine, she goes from 0-100 in about 2 seconds flat. So I know all her little "signs" on when she's hungry. If she makes it to the crying stage it means a)I have to calm her down A LOT before I can get her to concentrate on eating which takes time. and  b) IT makes her trust me a little less. I want her to trust me with her whole teeny heart and know that Mom knows when I'm hungry and I don't need to get really pissed.

This is a website I go to A LOT when I have questions or insecurities about anything.  These are a couple of articles I've visited in the last week.

Fussy in the Evening

Low Supply?

Because of course since she's started the crying thing, my panic is brought on by "Your not making enough." When your baby's hair is stiff from a "little" milk. . . I think you're making plenty. True but sticky story. HA

One of my very favorite blogs to read is Glamerous Newlywed because that girl has got STYLE and knows how to find a bargain. She has a separate blog about her Glambina that I enjoy reading also. It's so nice to read and learn from someone else who is having the same exact obstacles you are having. She posted THIS last week. I had to comment on how much I needed to read that at that very moment. That God guy, he works in some interesting ways. :)

I wish I had prepared myself , my close friends, and family a little more before she came into this world. I know I may get defensive, but again when it comes to your own child. . . you want nothing but to protect her and there is only so much of someone questioning your parenting you can take. I  hope any of you that are about to have a baby or have now just remember whether its breastfeeding or changing a diaper. . . You are doing a great job! It doesn't mean you don't need help, we always do and it's ALWAYS appreciated. However, you are Mommy and only you know what's best for your little one.

HAHAHA . . . I kid, I kid. Advice is always welcome!!! I am no expert!

Disclaimer: I am not an expert. I have only been doing this "Parent" thing for two months. I am learning something new every day and will continue to for the next 50 years. :) This is just something I felt really passionate about this morning.

Have a blessed week.

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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  1. Whit, I am so glad to hear that you are doing great with the BF'ing. I was also successful with both of my kiddos and did it until they were about 14 months old. They were happy, healthy, chunky, mustard poopy babies, and I was so proud of it!! Breastfeeding to me is a bond that you just don't understand until you do it, I miss those "feeling full" pauses, and then the smiles when they are done eating and just starting nursing for fun. :) Another cute thing both of mine did was, I wore a necklace with a heart pendant on it all the time when they were feeding, and as they got a little older they realized it was there. While they would eat, they would grab onto it and play with it! Noah finally was the mighty one who one time pulled too hard and broke the chain, which I have just recently gotten fixed. Everytime I wear it though or look at it, I am reminded of my time with breastfeeding, and how I am so grateful that I did it with both of my precious babies. You are such a great mom, and I just know that Rowyn is a healthy, happy, loved, child! Take care and keep the blog posts coming, I love to read them! <3 Melissa


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