Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We're strangley "ok"

I'm having a bit of a hard time being away from my family right now. Being my first born an all, you want to be able to call your Momma and Sister and say "COME OVER! HELP ME!!" Right now we can't do that. :( We knew that was a possibility when we bought our house a year and half ago. We got the first time home owners tax credit, which was fabulous. However, you have to stay in your home for 3 years, otherwise you have to pay back that $8000. BOO! So again, we knew that if we started a family that we would be stuck here until that 3 years was up. It still doesn't make it any easier.

Thank God we do have Tom's brother and his family just down the road. They have been so wonderful to come play and check on us every few days. The other night Amanda kept saying "Please let me know what you guys need! What can I do right now??"

Tom & I giggled. Strangley. . . We're doing ok! I think we might have actually been made to BE parents! :) Aside from my little break down this morning from lack of sleep. . . it wasn't anything a nap didn't help later on. Our house doesn't look like a tornado of newborn barf or poo ran through it, our baby is happy and content, and we still tell each other about 100 times a day we love each other.

I totally can not take all the credit for this. God blessed me with an amazing husband that I thank Him for EVERY SINGLE DAY. I have said multiple times that there is no way that I would be able to do this without him. My day is pretty consumed being a human cow and feeding this bambino every 1-3 hours. Hubs doesn't really have the equipment for that since I'm breastfeeding. :) In the meantime he cooks, cleans, does laundry, and even TRIES REALLY HARD to stay up with me when I'm feeding in the middle of the night. He's not so good at that yet. :)

Still, if Tom wasn't the man that he is. . .  I might be curled in the fetal position in a corner crying with Rowyn. :)

Yeah. . .  This guy. Don't let the creepiness fool you! 

So I'm trying to enjoy my last week with The Honey being off from work. Tomorrow we have a newborn photo shoot. I AM SO EXCITED! I was really disappointed when I missed out on maternity pics because I was on bed rest, but this will totally make up for it.

 Friday we have our 2 week pediatrician visit and lactation consultant follow up. I'm hoping all this feeding will prove to be working for our dainty little girl. Last we checked she gained 4 oz in 3 days, which is AWESOME. The average is 1 oz a day, so the pediatrician was more than pleased. The lactation consultant has me on a pretty strict regimen to keep this up. I hope Friday she'll tell me it has worked and we can back off waking her every 3 hours. This breastfeeding business is tough, but it's for a good cause. I'll make a post about that in itself soon.

Until then, I'm going to get back to my sweet little girl. She's proven to be such a sweet baby. She cries when she's hungry, pissed about a diaper change, or cold. Otherwise she's content just checking out her surroundings or sleeping. She seems to really have a great temperament. . . ask me in a few weeks if she is still this way! :)

Have a blessed week!

Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. She is absolutely adorable, Whitney! LOVE the pictures! I'm glad everyone is doing well. It's hard work being a new Mom and you seem to have things down with no problem. :)

  2. She sure is sweet!! Glad things are going well! It is tough being away from family! I was just thinking today how I needed my mom!

  3. i dont know how i missed this post! if i dont write a comment then you know i didnt see it! haha -- the last pictures are FABULOUS!!! i cannot wait to see the newborn pics!!


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