Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. Ours has been busy and fun filled with lots of family. I'm typing this fast because I currently have a baby that is going through a growth spurt (apparently this is typical at 3 weeks! Who knew!) and likes to eat frequently! :) I'm blaming this on our pediatrician.

At her two week visit he asked us how the cluster feeding was going. I smiled and said, "Not bad! She'll eat 2-3 times between 9 & midnight, but that's it! It's been great!"

Famous last words. :)

We are currently eating every 1 to 2 (If I'm lucky) hours from about 5 PM to midnight. Needless to say I'm feeling a little secluded from all the visitors, but it's so worth it! By Friday Rowyn gained 11 oz in one week. Average is 1 oz a day. I think she's tired of everyone telling her how tiny she is. HA

This is her "Who you callin' tiny??" face :)

Any who, my sister and her fam were here all last week. IT WAS BLISS! I miss my Sissy! Kason got to meet Rowyn for the first time, and let me just say he was not too sure about "that baby." He kept walking around with his fingers in his ears waiting on her to cry. . .  which he only got to hear her do once. :) After a while he warmed up to her and said, "I'm ready for her to be able to walk. I'm going to teach her to walk."

I thought that was so thoughtful of him. :) He also said, " Whenever she starts school, like kindergarten I'm going to help her with her homework." AWWWW! MELT MY HEART!

My texting entertainment while I nurse :)

They left on Friday and then Tom's parents came in on Saturday. They're staying in town for the week. It's been nice having family around to meet our sweet girl. I plan to spend a lot of time reminding Rowyn how lucky she is to have so many people that love her so much.

Yesterday day we went to church and  grilled burgers at our house to celebrate Father's Day. It was so glorious to get dressed and put on make up for church. Ro did such a great job too. Attempting to get a 3 week old ready IN TIME proved to be interesting. :)

After church I was so sleepy I fell asleep nursing Ro. I decided I would take the opportunity with Grandma  & Grandpa around itching to hold a baby girl to take a nap. It was glorious!!  When I woke up I realized I did things a little backwards . . .  It was FATHERS DAY!!! Tom should have been the one napping. :)

Good thing I have such an amazing man in my life that didn't seem to mind spending a little extra time with his baby girl. He seemed pretty happy on his very first Father's Day. . . yeah it made me go pitter patter.

I hope you all had a great Father's Day as well. Have a blessed week.

PS: Someone woke up mid post to . . . you guessed it. . .  to EAT! She's been a bit fussier today so I'm pulling out some NiNi tricks (My Mom). . . .  they work. :)

Lots of Love,
The Boffs.

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