Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tasty Tuesday!

One of my favorite blogs with some yummy recipes is Our Best Bites. Tom & I have tried a few recipes and this one is delicious!

Have I mentioned I LOVE PASTA???



My bum, however, does not. :)

This Baked Chicken Penne is especially awesome because you can make two dishes and put one in the freezer.  When you have a baby that needs lots and lots of love, its hard to remember to eat let alone cook dinner. :)

Thankfully Tom can cook. :)


My one suggestion for this recipe (as my honey learned) is to read the recipe beforehand and have all your ingredients ready especially when it comes to the roux. (Don't let that word scare you. . .  Honey did it, you can do it)

I'm off to attempt to keep a certain little girl awake occasionally through out the day. She was fussy &  slept alllll day yesterday so that meant she didn't want to go to bed last night. So after she kept waking up every 2-3 hours the night before, I was sooooooooo le tired. :) Apparently so was she, hence  sleeping all day. Thank the good Lord baby Jesus she slept good when she finally went to sleep. :)

oh she's got jokes!!!! This girl brings the funny. :)

Lots of love,
The Boffs

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