Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lack of sleep makes me a little CRAZIER than normal.

Rowyn had her 2 week follow up yesterday and she did awesome. . .  considering the super sweet lab lady had to stick her heel and squeeze the ever loving poop out of it!  I mean seriously enough blood to feed a vampire child! GOOD LORD! She wasn't too happy, but at least it was Daddy holding her and not Momma! :)

Any who, she is 5 lbs 14oz. WE ALMOST MADE IT TO 6 LBS! Maybe by tomorrow. :) She didn't grow any, but her head circumference did and  she gained 7 oz in 7 days which is PERFECT! I was a bit anxious about the weight gain, because we have been trying REALLY hard to put some rolls on this girl.

Loving our "elephant ears" that my sweet friend Jenni over at  How Sweet it is. gave us. Otherwise this bouncy chair would eat Ro up. 

Note: The following talks about my trials with breastfeeding. So those of you that don't care to hear about it or want to continue to think I'm a normal person. . . please skip this post. I don't think breastfeeding is better or worse than formula fed babies. I just chose to breastfeed because it felt right to me. 

So, Rowyn was born at 37 weeks 6 days. If I had known that this ONE day shy of being 38 weeks would have put her at in the "Late Pre-Term Baby" category I would have made her stay in one more day. I was under the understanding that 37 weeks was full term. . .  but apparently very recently that has changed to 38 weeks. Someone should probably have told my OB and Perinatologist this. Any who, so she had this label and it has stuck with us through out her two week old life. GRRR.

Everyone in the hospital kept asking why I had her induced "so soon" and if I knew she was going to be "so small." Well NO S*** Sherlocks. . . yes we knew she was that small, hence having me be induced and get her out of there.

I felt like all the postpartum staff was judging me for being one of those Moms that induces the birth when it's convenient for her and doesn't think about the consequences for the baby. Ok, so maybe my hormones were making me a little paranoid.  

As soon as we got a room in postpartum,  I went to the bathroom (because I didn't want a boggy uterus! - The one mother/baby medical term I remember from nursing school!) and Tom knocks on the door saying "They want to take her to the nursery."

 "What?? We just got here! Why???"

"Her blood sugar was low."

 I'm yelling through the hospital door trying to make myself pee as fast as a woman can who just gave birth without an epidural can. . . I didn't want them to take her without one of us going.

I walk out and she's gone. They just whisked my brand new, only hours ol, baby AWAY! If I wasn't moving so slow I would have run down to get her, but that wasn't happening. :)

After worrying for the longest 5 minutes of my life, they bring back  peanut. The nurse tells me that since she's a "Late Pre-term" and her blood sugar was a little low (I later find out that a blood sugar of 43 isn't THAT bad)  we would then have to supplement her with formula as well as colostrum until my milk came in.

So I wasn't the best prego but I did my research. I didn't go to a breastfeeding class, but I read my books and I knew that I did not want to feed my baby formula if I was breastfeeding! However, since she was "Pre-term", "so small", and I generally didn't know what else to do until my milk came in.  I was also told, due to the above, I would need to breastfeed her every 2 hours, supplement with 30 mL of formula, then pump to help bring my milk in quicker (so I could eventually supplement with my own milk instead of formula.)  I will say my milk came in the night we got home from the hospital Sweet Lord did it come in! I had enough to feed the neighborhood.

So breastfeeding alone takes about 30 minutes (or longer with a newborn & a new mommy), supplementing takes about 15-20 minutes (again depending on the baby and the new bad ass Daddy that is helping), then pumping takes another 15 minutes. This is all when things go according to plan. Throw in a poopy diaper or two, a baby that sometimes feels like burping is so rude she refuses to do so to only later spit up all over the place, a bad case of  hiccups, and a new family of three who had a big day what with giving birth and all and kept falling asleep mid feed. So by the time it was all said & done. . .it was time to start over.


I see pictures of myself the first morning after Ro was born and cringe. I was exhausted & terrified that this was a glimpse into our future. Thank God the lactation consultant said that two hours was pretty intense and three hours would be sufficient enough, "otherwise you'll never get any sleep!" YOU THINK!?!

 Who knew that extra hour would help make a big difference, but not for long.  :) After two weeks of waking up a sleeping baby (Isn't there a law against that somewhere?!?!?) every 3 hours. . .  I had a mild break down.


Mild sobbing at 12:30 at night, snot hitting my baby's innocent face, and a husband who wakes up so bewildered by what is going on in the bed next to him that he probably considered packing our bags and sending this woman and baby back to the hospital. There was no way these two were his!

It all started when we fed at 10. It takes about 45 minutes to an hour to get our little "hoop la" all done. I put her down . She was up again at midnight.Thank God (again) for the hubs that gives her the bottle while I pump. I usually wake him up half way through and he gets the bottle ready.

Instead of my normal nudge on the arm and "We're ready for the bottle," he got a lot of "sob sob sob. . I'm just so sleepy. . . sob sob sob. . .  you and Miller look so peaceful sleeping and I'm so jealous. . . .blubber blubber blubber. . . I don't want her to think I'm upset with her. . ." cue a lot of snot and more blubbering. I was so worried Rowyn was going to take my mental breakdown personally at the ripe age of 10 days old. :) Do these hormones ever go away?!?!

Again, Mr. Wonderful gives me a hug and says "Just let her sleep. Don't wake her up. She'll wake you up when she's hungry. She's gaining weight. She's eating fine. . . sleep. Just sleep."

And I did. I slept for 4 hours straight and you would have thought I was in HEAVEN! HEEEEEEEEAVEN!

My baby didn't starve to death in the wee 4 hours and she ate like a PRO when she did finally wake up. For some strange reason she's like a zombie every time I wake her up EVERY 3 FREAKING HOURS! :) Probably because SHE WANTS TO SLEEP LIKE HER MOMMA!

Daddy made her a flower child! 

So today at the pediatrician's office I asked him, instead of confessing I hadn't been waking her the last two nights  when it would be ok to stop waking her every 3 hours.

"Oh once she's at her birth weight, you don't have to anymore!"

GASP! She has been passed her birth weight for over a week! YOU MEAN I COULD HAVE BEEN SLEEPING MORE THAN IN 1.5 to 2 HOUR INCREMENTS FOR A WHOLE WEEK!?!?! Talk about annoyed, but so relieved that I'm not the world's worst mother. :)

We also went to see the lactation consultant today just for a follow up. She was pretty pleased with Rowyn's progress and said we could stop giving the supplement of my milk. YAY!!!!! That's half of an hour of sleep we'll get!

*Que Hallelujah's*

I'm not complaining about being a Mommy. It's heaven.

I'm not complaining about breastfeeding. It's such a special feeling being able to feed my little girl.

 I'm just allowing you guys to see what a crazy person I am. . . Just in case you didn't know!  SSSHH. Don't tell Ro. She'll find out soon enough. :)

Me trying to keep Rowyn awake (During the day!) during a feeding. I get so tickled when she smiles. I LOVE IT! 

I hope you all have a great weekend.  We'll be enjoying our last few days until Tom has to go back to work. BOO!

Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. Ahh... look how cute the ears look on her! She is soo cute... i love her!

  2. She's so cute! Gotta love the smiles!

    I had such a tough time breastfeeding Molly! I think the stress of it all and trying to keep them awake to get a full feeding is just so much (those boobs are just so comforting! Even now with Chloe, it just seems like when I give her a bottle of breast milk she stays so much more alert!). And there's also just so much responsibility that comes along with it!

    Sorry that you guys where having to do all the pumping and supplementing stuff but glad that little Ro gained her weight good and y'all are able to take a break and get some more rest!

  3. i wanna breastfeed too so i am definilty taking notes!! i am so nervous girl!!

    oh and because i am a big pile of hormones right now i CRIED.. i mean BALLED throughout that whole video. i am getting so anxious!


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