Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's your Birthday!

So I'm super behind on my blogs. . . but my time is currently being taken up by the most precious girl in the world. She's going to be a week old tomorrow. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! I will say I have never ever felt a love like this before. . . and it most definitely has made me fall more in love with that Honey of mine (which who knew I could love him anymore than I already do?!)

The day Rowyn was born, my husband and family were so amazing. There is NO WAY I would have gotten through it without them or the nurses. Tom & I went in at 7 AM to fill out all the paperwork and get  an IV started. I talked to my nurse about not wanting the epidural and she was sooooo supportive. She asked me my reasoning and understood.  She told me right then and there "During transition which is from 8cm-10cm you are going to beg me for the epidural. You are going to lose it. One, it's too late at that point. Two, I'm not letting you get it any way. You can do this. I am going to help you get what you want out of this labor."

 By 8 AM the Pitocin was started to induce my labor. It didn't take long before the contractions started, but it didn't feel any stronger than what I had been experiencing since week 27. They were just 5 minutes a part, much like the night we went in for pre-term labor that I talked about here.

My doctor came in and broke my water by 10 AM. Let me just say this. If I had been home and my water broke. . . EWW. It's a strange feeling.  Pretty soon after my water broke the contractions got stronger. At this time, Tom was with me and helped me breathe through them. The deep breathing was helpful and my poor mind thought "Well if this is it. . . I can do this! I DON'T NEED NO STINKING EPIDURAL!"


My parents and sister came back from lunch around noon and that's when things started to get FUN! This whole time I was standing and rocking because it seemed to help. I didn't get to really walk around too  much because we wanted to monitor her very closely to make sure she was tolerating the labor ok. She was doing great. So no matter how much the contractions were hurting at this time, I kept reminding myself at this point it was all for her. The faster we got her out, the better.

By noon, however, I JUST WANTED HER OUT! :) Things were pretty intense, but again my family and nurse.  . .  A- MAZ-ING!

They all took turns letting me nearly break their hands. I told my sister at one point her hands were "too weenie. " :) so she resorted to rubbing my feet. I may or may not have grabbed the collar of Tom's shirt and wrung it tightly in my hand like they do in the movies, but I swear I never cussed his name. He was great with the positive words and the "I LOVE YOUs" so of course I couldn't yell out "WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME?!?!"

I did however, like I mentioned before, use some VERY colorful language. It made my Daddy proud. :) The nurse promised me that whatever words I used for the next two hours were totally called for and she wouldn't hold it against me. Thank God (who I kept praying to forgive me and please help me get through this.) I really hated to be that woman that's screaming bloody murder and who scares the rest of the laboring ladies. . . but I was, and I DID NOT CARE. I always joke that my SIL, Amanda was made for birthing babies because she doesn't make a PEEP when she gives birth . . NOT THIS GIRL! I MADE LOTS OF PEEPS! :)

I did get a shot of fentanyl through my IV to help with about 2 contractions. It has a short half life so it's in and out of my system quickly. It was more or less to give me a break. My break was about 10 minutes. I still felt the contractions like before it just let me rest in between, but not for long. 

I remember telling Tom I kept thinking about Jillian Michaels and The Shred. Ok maybe the fentanyl was doing the talking. He laughed and asked why. It was because every time I did the workout I would yell at the TV screen and call her dirty names, but in the end when I was finished. . . It felt SO good. I'll be seeing Jillian again REAL soon. :) 

I started pushing at 2 PM. Thinking back now and hearing everyone telling me to "push push push" and "You can do this!" while I'm screaming I can't. . .  was so awesome. They were the perfect little team working together. I was totally saying at this point, "I can't do this!" to which I was told I could AND I would.

I did. :)

I pushed for an hour and our peanut was born at 2:59 PM. I always say ALL newborns are ugly. It's just this unspoken rule that no one mentions, but maybe it's different when it's your own. SHE WAS SO PERFECT AND BEAUTIFUL. My Honey would beg to differ. :) His exact words, "I'm sorry but she was not cute when she came out. She was covered in all that white stuff. IT WAS GROSS!"
HA! Leave it to him to speak the truth. I expect nothing less.

She was teeny at 5lbs 3 oz, 17.5 inches long. She's got a head full of dirty blonde hair, sweet kissable lips, and legs that go for days. She only got down to 5lbs by discharge, which is AWESOME. We're eating A LOT to try to get her fattened up. Breastfeeding is a HUGE challenge, but we're getting it.

I've never been so happy in all my life, and I may or may not cry occasionally because I am so stinking happy. STUPID HORMONES :)

Thankfully my hubs is used to the crazy prego lady that now has turned into the crazy Mommy. He's so wonderful.

Until next time. . . 
Have a blessed week.

Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. Oh girl I am so so proud of you! If you want any help at all with nursing I am more than happy to come over to help I too went threw alot of trouble nursing at first and got tons of help and tips from any and everyone! Hang in there its sooo worth it!

  2. Ha! Your SIL did it with an epidural, that's why nary a peep was heard :) And you missed it with Matthew when my epidural wore off - I definitely yelled at the end! You're so amazing....from dealing with all of the nausea, successfully going through natural childbirth, and doing such a great job of nursing Rowyn - you are SUCH a SUPER MOMMY!

    Love you!

  3. Love,love, love your birth story. Thanks for sharing.
    You are awesome

  4. o m g... quit!! your making me cry like a little baby over here!! cutest.story.ever. what i would do to have been a fly on the wall during that!! you are not lying about your baby being and my mom were talking this morn about how babies usually come out ugly but how Rowyn did NO such perfect she is! so proud of you mommy!!! and how precious is daddy?!?!?!? can i borrow him for my labor?!?!

  5. wow lady!!! i'm sitting here mesmerized by your story with a huge smile on my face. you are by far a tougher mama than me, i had nurses checking when the CRNA would be by to load me up. ha! in all truth i admire your courage and tenacity. after all these years i still see my friend from across the street in those pictures. you are going to be the greatest mama, you had a great example. so happy for you and the hubs!!


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