Tuesday, May 24, 2011

We have a "Plan"

. . .   now who knows how it will ACTUALLY all happen. :)

So straight from my doc's mouth this morning, "Great job, Momma!!"
Not that I know what exactly I did, but I WAS SO EXCITED! The magic number was achieved!

Other lovely comments from that precious man of a doc of mine today:
"Wow! That is one wonky belly." (I was having a contraction at the time.)

"Um....yeah....awesome, but wow her head is really really really really low." UM HELLO I KNOW. . . hence the peeing every 30 minutes and my hips HURT!!!!!!!! Seriously the ultrasound tech was rolling around my hip bone the other day just to try to get a good pic of her sweet face. . .  she did not cooperate too well. :)

"So where is your sister driving from?"
"HA. Wow! That's another town that closes down at 9 PM."

Have I mentioned how much I love him?!?! L-O-V-E. It's probably his beard. :)

37 weeks 3 days

We have made lots of progress in two weeks and we are right where we need to be to go in on Thursday morning and see about having a baby. :)  We had said that if I didn't make enough progress I would have to go in Wednesday night to start the induction, but apparently Baby Girl wants Mom to sleep in her own bed one extra night.


I get to have breakfast that morning, which I'm super happy about since I won't get to eat until after she arrives. The Honey &  I already decided on Chic-fil-A. :) I'll arrive at the hospital at 7 AM (EARLY!!!!!!!!) We'll get checked in, hooked up to the monitor, and get a lovely IV. Hopefully we'll get the Pitocin started around 8. My doc will already be there so it will be so nice to see a familiar face.

The nice thing is that we have already had a "dry run" that I posted about here so we know what to expect in that aspect. Now actual labor is a different story. :)

 I've mentioned before that I really don't want an epidural.  I talked about that here.  I told my doc that this morning and he made me fell really good about the situation. I think the best advice he could have given me was "Just go into this with an open mind because there are no guarantees in labor." He totally supports my decision and told me that if I'm able to go through with it and baby girl seems to tolerate everything ok that he would make sure I was comfortable. It was  a good little "fatherly" pep talk. I totally appreciated it. More so that he didn't try to sway my decision one way or the other.

Hopefully by mid afternoon we'll have a precious girl in our arms. YAY!

My parents and Sissy are coming tomorrow afternoon. I am so excited.
Christmas '07

It'll be hard without Tom's parents here, but I PROMISE they'll be in the know. :)
December when our nephew Matthew Edward was born. 

I went to play with my precious niece & nephew tonight . . .
Um...Amanda, I had to steal this precious pic! 

. . . . and of course see my fabulous BIL & SIL.  Amanda is like a second sister to me so of course I knew she would help relieve some anxiety about labor. She came through with flying colors and made me feel A LOT better about the whole process. . . only because I feel a little more prepared. :)

Days before Matthew was born. I was drinking my ginger ale and feeling nauseous as always while super  woman over there looked fabulous! 

So you may not hear from me for a few days. . . I dunno  maybe I'll do another random post tomorrow  to relieve more anxiety. :) Thank you all for following my prego drama for so long and not letting me HEAR that your are so bored with me. HA Also I'll have you know that I did another dance today and bragged to my husband that I went from 20 to 26 followers over night. WHOA! Maybe you guys ARE the reason I got to 2 CM! (Sorry Emily. . .  I know you don't want to hear the words dilation, cervix, or effacemnt. ) Thank you thank you thank you!

Keep our little family & Baby Boff in your thoughts & prayers the next few days. Have such a blessed week.

Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. Stephanie (Hasting) JudiceMay 25, 2011 at 7:21 AM

    Good luck with everything! You look beautiful! Cant wait to meet Baby Boff finally. Even thought I dont have any kids, I still love reading about everyones pregnancys! Yall are definitely giving me baby fever! Congrats Mama and Daddy! :

  2. so exciting! I'm so glad that everything is going great! Can't wait to hear how it all goes and meet little miss!

    Oh and thanks for happiest baby on block tip. I do actually own the book but i've never read it. ha! BUT we do practice the basic jist... swaddle, swing, shhs, whit noise, etc. I can get chloe to stop crying it's the keeping her happy for extended periods of time AND/OR putting her down that is the biggest problem. I'm going to check the chapter out on colic though to see if there are any additional tips!

    GOOD LUCK with everything! I'll be thinking about you guys!


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