Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Running on fumes.

I'm sooooooooooo exhausted. I know it's part of the third trimester plus we worked really hard (We = I didn't get to do much, but my partners in crime did an amazing job!) on the nursery.

It's not quite finished, but it is so close. Here's a few sneak peek pics:

The crib I searched HIGH & LOW for . . . and I absolutely love it. I'll love it more when the bedding gets here.

I ordered the bedding from a precious shop on ETSY that I talked about here.  It takes 8-10 weeks to  ship. This is is the 10th week. For a pregnant woman on couch potato rest, this is torture.


Thank God sweet Andrea understood when I contacted her a couple of weeks ago because I have nothing else better to do! :) So any who. . . I hope it is here SOON!

A Hobby Lobby bargain I found several months ago, and precious  birds that a lady  made for me out of the fabric we're using. 
These bird houses are one of my favs & the nest came from a precious shop in TTown, H&N.

Have I mentioned that my Mom kicks ass. . . AND is pretty crafty?!?! :) She should start blogging!!!!!

Hear that Mom????

No seriously. She made the bird houses above and the mobile below. The mobile idea came from something I had found a while back. The pattern for these birds I talked about here as well. .  I knew they both were a must. :) I attempted to sew the birds myself on a brand new sewing machine and with hands that have never touched a sewing machine in my life.

HA. The practice "bird" came out looking like baby doll leggings. :) IT WAS BAD!  I should probably start out trying to sew a straight line. Needless to say I handed the project off to someone else.

 So with a vision and my Mom's patience while I laid on the couch counting minutes between contractions. . . .the next picture is the result. (I did help boss her around and wrap one of the sticks with yarn! So I didn't just lay there the WHOLE time! HA)

Isn't this amazing?!?! :) It's the same birds in the bird cages above and I love the feathers! It makes the whole thing SO SASSY!

So the above night stand was a bargain at TJ Maxx. 

Oh how the the last three weeks I've longed to just walk around that store in search for some unknown bargain. The Honey is not a fan when I come back from there because it usually means "great bargains"/another charge on the credit card. :) 

Any who. . . as I mentioned before, my Mom is crafty. I've been wanting a teal table  to go next to the glider. We've searched all over. We had found several on ETSY (love that site!) but the cost of shipping usually out weighed the "bargain" of the piece. There's no fun in that.

 Have I mentioned I'm a sucker for a great bargain?!?!

So we decided lets find a side table or night stand we like. . . and WE will paint it! :) 

So Mom found this THE day before she was coming to Austin for a great price. 


The following pic is what SHE (again BAD MAMMA JAMMA!) did to the precious table. 

The table next to my Serena & Lily glider and the lamp SHE made. 
I need to take a close up picture with the nice camera, but this was just a quick iPhone snap shot. Sorry!
The glider I love. The colors aren't exactly what I envisioned (not near as bright as they seem on the website) but it is perfect and so comfy! I can't wait to get my sweet peanut rocking in that chair. 

Aww. . . look at me getting all sentimental! :) I have been a little more tearful this week as well, but I'll save my funny "cry baby" stories for another post! 

Once it ALL comes together, I'll do another post. However it'll probably be after she makes her arrival since part of it MAY or MAY NOT involve her name displayed in some SUPER precious way. 
PS. I got a little crafty myself this weekend. 

My parents left today. I get super sad every time I have to say bye to them, but I know they'll be right back in a few weeks. However today I did do A LOT of resting up since they were gone and the husband was sleeping to prepare for work tonight. With the "ok" to piddle around the house I have gotten a few important things done in between resting my tush. 

Do you think she has enough socks?!?! :)

I have all her laundry done and I have boiled all the bottle and pacis! A little nesting never hurt anybody! :) It feels so good to have it done.

So we had a doctors appointment Monday, and we'll have two more Thursday and Friday. I'll summarize a  post on Friday. (Sweet Lord I've never been to the doctor so much in my life!)

 I know you are all just on pins & needles. HA.

Hope you are having a blessed week!

Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. Stephanie JudiceMay 4, 2011 at 7:58 AM

    Everything is adorable!!! you and your mom have wonderful creativity! wow! :) Love reading your preggo updates....helps me to know what to expect one day! ha. keep resting and relaxing becuase there will be none of that after that little peanut arrives! :)

  2. ahhhh man! i love it so much! the sassy birds are FAB!


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