Saturday, May 7, 2011

One more week & we are GOLDEN!

How far along: 35 weeks and one day. . . we're almost there!!!

Baby size: We'll find out this Thursday. A week and half ago she was only 3lbs 9 oz.....we're hoping this "Ben & Jerry's diet" has helped a bit.

Total Weight gained: Depending on the scale at which doctors office I don't know.....but I did gain AT LEAST 2.5 lbs in a week!  Possibly 4! :) WHOO HOO!!

Sleep: I've been super tired lately so I nap a lot and go to bed early. At night I'll sleep for 2 or 3 hours to only have to wake up and PEE! It's getting old.

Best Moment of the week:  Having my Mom & Dad be at the Ultrasound on Monday and the perinatologist saying "I have nothing bad to say. She looks great!"

Food Cravings: Crawfish, chocolate chip cookies, and OMG I've been wanting a DOS XX or Corona with lime SO BAD! ha

If you have never tried Blue Bell's Butter Crunch ice cream....go out to the grocery RIGHT NOW and get some. SERIOUSLY! So yummy. SO SO YUMMY!

Food Aversions: Mayo

Stretch Marks/Belly Button: No stretch marks that I can see....but I can't see my feet so we'll see! My belly buttion is barely hanging in there. It's pretty funny. My nephew thought it was the baby's nose! :)

Maternity Clothes: I bought 2 pairs of jeans, 4 shirts and a dress......everything else is still my clothes. Dresses & Target have been a huge life saver.

Symptoms:  Contractions as always, but they seem to be getting a little stronger. My OB is pretty happy about this. We're hoping they'll continue and maybe I won't have to be induced or if I do, there won't be too much to be done.  Extreme exhaustion is also on my list of symptoms (I just woke up from a nap!) I can not seem to get enough sleep or energy to do much of anything.

Movement: She's our little circus peanut. :) She seems to be a little cramped when we look at the ultrasounds, but she's not acting like it.

Gender: Little girl!!

What I miss: Seeing & reaching my toes, sleeping on my stomach, and like a mentioned before - beer! :)

Emotions: A little nervous knowing that she could be here any day, but strangely calm at the same time. I've been very tearful the last week or so. . . but I have been the whole time. :)

Milestones: We've reached 35 weeks. We're almost home free. I've been  on "couch potato" rest for  4 weeks on Tuesday. . .good grief.

What I'm looking forward to: Being able to breathe, getting to hold a little bambino and starting our new life as a little family!

Random Photos of the week:

I layed outside for a bed Wednesday and read my book. It was soooo nice. This little girl was in the chair with me. . . she obviously needs a tan. 

My friend Dan keeping me entertained. :)

I got to see this little fella and his sissy Wednesday night. It was so much fun. 

So this week's appointments went SO GREAT!! Monday my parents got to go and see her. She was an uncooperative little toot, but it was fun. Thursday she was still practice breathing like a little pro, the placenta, and two vessel cord also looked great! She was way more cooperative so it was short and sweet. It's always a good day when the doctor comes in and says "I have nothing bad to say. She looks GREAT! See you Monday." Their scale said I had gained 2.5 lbs. THAT'S RIGHT :) I was stoked.

Friday we saw my OB. Their scale said I gained 4lbs!

Um. . .WOW!

Again, it's always a good day with my OB walks in and says "Look at your belly! You've grown!!!!!!"  He was so proud of my 2.5 - 4lbs (I had just eaten so it may be a bit off.) and told me to thank my parents for coming in and feeding me so well. :)

We had talked to my perinatologist about the "37 week induction" and whether that was set in stone. He apologized for not letting us know (HA) and said that  it wasn't set in stone. It would depend on her growth. He said he was ok with me going up to 39 weeks if I really wanted to go into labor on my own, but he would want to check me 3 to 4 times a week instead of just two. In other words. . . I would see a doctor


When we told my OB this he laughed. He thought that seemed a little excessive and he really wanted to get her out of there around the 37-38 week mark and let me feed her and fatten her up in the outside world. So if I don't go into labor from here until then, then we will induce me on Thursday, May 26.

So she has a tentative birthday! YAY!

No, it's not really what I had imagined/planned, but nothing about this WHOLE pregnancy has been. I also have no doubt that she will still have a plan of her own. So we'll just stay prepared for that. We have been thrown curve ball, after curve ball, after curve ball. . .and we have made it through this far without striking out.

We're going to keep on praying, smiling, and loving this baby girl no matter what.

So now onto another week of appointments. :) I just hope were 3 for 3 again.

I hope you all have a blessed week.

Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. OOoohhh So exciting! Let's shoot for May 15th, next Sunday because that's my birthday! :)

  2. I read "I did gain AT LEAST 2.5 lbs in a week! Possibly 4! :)" as "I did gain AT LEAST 25 lbs in a week! Possibly 41 :)" I read that allowed, shocked, to Mom and Dad... and they quickly said "Are you sure that isn't 2 POINT 5?"

  3. great post!!!! baby house warming party ASAP when she comes out!!!!!

  4. I love all the updates I try to corner Tom at work to get updates and hes one tough nut to crack! I miss you tons around work. I have all my fingers and toes crossed for you!


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