Monday, May 9, 2011

Fat Baby...Fat Baby...Fat Baby

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mommies out there!

 My first was so sweet. Tom got me a bead for my Pandora bracelet.

A baby carriage for Baby Boff. :)

It was so sweet that he did anything. It made me go pitter patter. . .  Like ALWAYS!.

Last night we got another project knocked off our "nursery" list. My MIL made some precious curtains that we hung.

We're STILL waiting on the bedding. . .  but I guess she won't be in her crib for a bit anyway, right? 

GRRR. . . 

So begins another week of doctors appointments. I get super anxious before every one, which usually in turn means I don't sleep very well.

Well I'm not sleeping very well these days thanks to a growing belly, the need to pee every two hours, and my hubs being at work. . .

but I especially have a hard time the night before ultrasounds only because at any given day the doctor could say, "The environment is no good. We need to get her out."  Again, if we can make it to Friday, then we're GOLDEN!

So tonight I took a bath to relax and finished reading this:

This book really irritated me. Anything having to do with cheating, lying, hiding etc. irritates me. :) I enjoyed it, but I kept huffing and puffing thinking I was going to hit someone. HA However, it was totally a good read. 

Then in order to calm my nerves from thinking that maybe Baby Boff hasn't gained enough weight, I decided to fill my belly with this and maybe it would make me sleepy too. . . 

I'm lactose intolerant and drinking whole milk doesn't make my belly fill too good, plus its GROSS! However, it's doctors orders!!!  So in order to make it tolerable I make it a chocolate and a cake cookie makes EVERYTHING better. :) We'll see how the scale looks in the morning. 

I got a sweet package in the mail this week from The Bahe fam! I blogged about them here and here. Well I must say who knew I would get so lucky to marry into wonderful friends as well. The package included everything that any prego bed rest woman could need:


The movies I'll watch this week while Tom is at work. My favorite movies are RoComs, but him not so much. :) The cookies have been busted open OBVIOUSLY! The iTunes card I'm using to add to my "You're in labor and it sucks, but here's some good music to help it not hurt SO BAD" playlist. Suggestions?? :)

Keep those "Fat Baby" thoughts and prayers going. We'll weigh in on Thursday! WHOO HOO!
Now I'm off to attempt to sleep for a few hours before I have to pee again.  TMI? Sorry. . .welcome to the  chunky girl's life. :)

Have a blessed week.

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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