Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Being a Big Fat Brat

The Honey brought me breakfast in bed this morning from Kerbey Lane. Kerbey is very well known in Austin and they are open 24 hours a day. Great late night drunk food. . . and great for the hormonal house arrested prego.

I had a bad day yesterday. The doctors appointment was great, but I AM SO TIRED OF BEING STUCK IN THIS HOUSE!


Today it has been one whole month. I know it's for a very good reason, and I would do anything for this little girl. . . but I'm GOING NUTTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to go somewhere else besides a doctors offices three times a week. Its nice to get dressed, fix my hair, and do my make-up these three times, but I don't think they appreciate as much as I think they should! :)

Things I would love to do right now:

  • Go to the grocery store. . .even Wal-Mart. Yes. Wal-Mart. (That's desperation right there.)
  • Walk my dog to the mailbox and back.
  • Walk around a store and not buy a thing. . .just walk around and browse.
  • Walk from the very back of a parking lot to the very front and not be dropped off at the front doors of whatever random building.
  • Run even just half a mile, because lets face it. . . That's probably all I'll be able to manage after not being allowed to exercise for 9 months. 
  • Go to a farmers market. . .oooh that sounds fun. This is random, but what do expect from a girl with cabin fever?!?!

I did get to go to Target two weeks ago if I promised to ride the scooter. SURE!  Nothing can keep a girl from Target, not even a scooter that makes the "BEEP BEEP BEEP" noise when you back up. It was glorious!

Do we notice a trend here??? I'm so tired of sitting on my ass. I WANT TO FEEL THE WIND IN MY HAIR! I WANT TO WALK...I WANT TO RUN...I WANT TO SKIP AND BE FREEEEEEEEEEE!

See. I've lost my mind.

Ok. I'm done complaining now. I feel a little better. Not much, but a little. :)

Ps. I did cook dinner the other night. It was this recipe.
Chicken Noodle Soup Casserole. 

Do yourself a favor.

 Make it. 


Do it.

Do it.

No seriously, its so good and incredibly easy! I'm not one for leftovers but I've it eaten for dinner every night this week. One because its pointless to make dinner for one, two I don't feel like cooking by myself (its not as fun), and most importanly. . . IT IS DELICIOUS!

Have a great week. Walk an extra 20 feet just for me!

Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. hahaha ur pics are amazing. too funny. and ill be making that THIS WEEK fo sho!! yummy

  2. haha you poor thing!!! :( It is so worth it! I definitely sported the scooter :) I don't have long before I'm there again, lol.

  3. Hi, I am a new follower! I just started reading your blog and I love it. Congrats on your little girl on the way. I hope your remaining time on bed rest goes fast!

  4. Awww I love this blog! Hang in there girl soon, so soon you will be free!


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