Friday, May 20, 2011

6 days and counting...

So today I am 37 weeks. I can't believe it. It literally seems like yesterday that it was October and I walked over to Tom's side of the bed. He was barely awake &  I showed him the positive test. I remember him squinting and using his iPhone as a light to see it more clearly.  His response. . .

"We need one of those that says PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT! I can't see those lines  clearly."

I remember giggling and thinking, "Well you do see lineS, so I'm not crazy am I?!!"

Those "lines" have now changed our lives forever. This pregnancy has been an adventure for sure.

A few things I'm going to miss about being pregnant:

  • Rubbing my round belly. :) 
  • Feeling her dance parties at 2 AM.
  • My husband calling me preggers. haha I love it.
  • Baby hiccups. They can get annoying when they last a while, but OMG LuLu,  they're precious.
  • Walking into her nursery and just sitting in the glider wondering what she's going to look and act like.

A few things I WON'T miss AT ALL when I'm not pregnant:

  • Not being able to bend over and touch my toes.
  • Not being able to exercise, especially running. 
  • Eating RAW sushi or a COLD deli sandwich.
  • Drinking a beer with lime. . . no not alcohol in general, I just want a beer with lime! ONE!
  • Not feeling helpless and excluded. Not excluded in a way that people are nasty about it, but in a way that people are thoughtful and don't want to bother me. I WANT TO BE BOTHERED AND I WANT TO HELP!
This weeks doctors appointments went great again. Thursday we got a weight on Baby Boff. Before we went in Tom & I guessed what we thought her weight would be. He guessed 5lbs EVEN and I guessed 5lbs 1oz. Last time I over estimated and was very disappointed. So this time I was trying to be realistic based on our last weight which was 3lbs 9oz 3 weeks ago. 

Drum Roll Please.

Baby Girl's estimated weight is. . . . . . . 

5 lbs 2 oz. 

yeah heh!!!! We were both so excited. The best part was getting to talk to our perinatologist afterwards. He was happy and he said some wonderful things that definitely took a lot of weight off our shoulders. Basically it was a long the lines that we just have a petite baby. . . he honestly doesn't think there are other anomalies because she wouldn't be rockin' and a rollin' like the rock star that she is, like she is. She's a fighter. . .and we are so blessed and grateful for that.

 Our baby is bad ass. :)

Today I saw one of my doctors partners because my doc was out watching his son play in the NCAA playoffs. (I think I love him even more since he's a good Dad too!)

 I felt a little funny this morning after breakfast. Just a little jittery. My urine came back with A LOT of sugar in it. The nurse was super concerned, but after talking to the doc she wasn't too concerned. It's kind of back to where we weigh the pros & cons. Obviously my pancreas is a tad "sluggish" during pregnancy but not consistently. We ruled out that I'm diabetic and I definitely don't fit the typical description of someone that would be. I've been eating a ton of sugar and carbs to gain weight the last 3 weeks (which has worked!) so maybe after a while, my body is just struggling to get rid of it. So do we run the risk of not gaining weight and having an even tinier baby, or make do another week. So I'll try to pack in some extra protein and maybe not eat cookies EVERY night this week, but I'm still going to try to pack on a few extra ounces on this bambino. 

We have one more appointment with each doctor before we go in next Thursday (as long as everything is progressing) to have a precious baby girl. Pretty soon this boring blog won't be filled with prego drama it will be filled with a little girl that you are probably going to be SO tired of hearing about. :) 

Tom & I are going to go to a movie tonight and hang out with friends tomorrow night to have a "last" hoorah before she gets here. I type "last" because it's not really, it just may be awhile before I find a sitter that I trust/know to allow us to go out together ALONE again. :) If we go see Bridesmaids tonight (fingers crossed) I'll fill ya'll in. I've heard its HILARIOUS and I really want to see it. 

I hope you have a blessed weekend.

Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. Sooo glad you have made it to week 36!!!
    Cannot wait to see baby boff pictures
    Hope you had a great time "out" tonight


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