Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Visitors make me oh so happy!

Just in case you live in Austin, and maybe you think "I wonder if Whit would mind a visitor today...."

The answer is....


 It is so unbelievably wonderful to hear someone else's voice other than my own in my head, or Patty from Millionaire matchmaker (she has a really annoying voice, but I can't help but watch the show ALL the time). I have had several this week and let me just say It has been so awesome.

 I kind of feel like when I used to surprise my grandmother and stop in to visit her. She would beam from ear to ear. I remember thinking how cute is it that just seeing my face makes her that happy. Well my 4 and a 1/2  visitors have made me this happy. I hope I didn't talk your ears off girls! :)

Monday my friend Sara and her daughter/our god daughter Makayla came to see us

 Sara came bearing gifts that  were sooo much fun!!This of course is my favorite!! I can't wait to get baby girl in this!

It was so good getting to see Sarah. Plus Makayla is so stinking precious. She's running all over the place. Miller thought she came to play with her however so Makayla got a lot of kisses.

My good friend, Kerryanne came to visit Monday night.

Kerryanne, Tony, and Amanda

 She and "Rita" ( her name for baby girl) are like BFF! So when I made the mistake of telling her that I was having a little anxiety from a few more contractions than normal and Tom was going to be a work....she beelined for BFE. :) She also came with goodies. 

She brought me Schlotsky's (one of my favorites), lilies that smell amazing, a Reester Bunny :) , mini cadbury eggs (another one of my favs!), and a movie. 

We obviously enjoyed the candy, but we put in the movie and didn't watch a single minute of it because we talked the whole time. :) Apparently its a really good movie too, The Prestige. We wouldn't know! :)

Last night, my childhood best friend since I was THREE years old came to visit me. 

Morgan lives here in Austin. However our schedules are so crazy and Morgan travels like an insane person its so hard to meet up. It was so nice to catch up and just sit around doing the girl talk thing. The best thing about Morgan & my relationship is that no matter how long it is before we see each other its like we never miss a beat. I love her to bits!  

Then tonight my Dessy Doo came to see me! She's been out of town for too long and I've missed her face. So we got to catch up tonight. 

I'm so blessed to have people that want to come visit me in my "no make up, PJ wearing, a bra if your lucky, and my hair being a hot mess because what's the point in drying it" state.  At least I shower. :)

I love you girls!!!

Tomorrow we have our neonatologist appointment. Please be praying for at least 4lbs of baby, and a cervix that  is still at  2 cm!!!! Then the next day I have my regular OB appointment. At that appointment we pray that I've gained at LEAST 2lbs (with me doing nothing but sitting these days, SURELY I HAVE!)  and that there is no protein or sugar in my urine like there was at the hospital. 

Have a blessed week!
Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. wow! that looks super fun! you have some awwwesome friends!! prayers your way today fo shoooo!

  2. My poor visitors...I always talk their heads off!! Prayers going up for good news for you and your baby girl!


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