Thursday, April 28, 2011

She's a Dainty Peanut

So our peanut is like that kind you find with only one in the shell. Not the big honkin two peanuts or the holy grail of three....just one teeny tiny little peanut in the shell. She's a little girl, which we've known. However, I was really hoping she would be a bit bigger.


This morning she weighed in at 3 lbs 10oz. She has gained almost a pound in a month, but we were really hoping she would be a little over 4 lbs. However, the doctor didn't seem too concerned about it. He just said "She's just a small baby. We've known that, but she's still growing like she should."

I have gained 3 lbs since my last visit a month ago which I was also disappointed by. I have been sitting around doing nothing but eating and watching TV the last two & half weeks.....COME ON! I guarantee you when I'm not pregnant I'll have no problem gaining weight, its the fact that I want to gain at this point in my life, my body says "HA! Whatever. Whatever....I DO WHAT I WANT!"

My blood pressure was a little elevated compared to what it normally is. Which makes me a little nervous since my sister in law said hers starts going up when she got closer to her labor dates. However,  we're going to blame it on the fact I've done nothing but lay around for two weeks and maybe I'm a little deconditioned. So when I do have to get up and walk around my body is trying to compensate.

My cervix was 1.5 ", so it has thinned more, but not drastically. So that's a plus.

Little girl was super sleepy this morning which meant she wouldn't move much to help out the ultrasound tech. It was making the tech a little nervous I think, but it didn't bother me any. No sooner did we finish did she start kicking around like a circus monkey.  She was playing possum....little stinker.


Everything looked good, her belly was still measuring small. He didn't tell us the percentage, but we're hoping for the 10th percentile....which we seem to kind of walk a fine line with.  We won't know what that means for little toot until she arrives in this glorious world, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

She was breathing like a little champ in there. So much so they couldn't really hear the heart beat very well because her breathing kept sending her heart beat sound in and out of signal. We can tell she's a fighter and we love that about her! She's feisty like her Mama! :)

The most important thing we are looking at this point is the placenta.  As long as the blood supply to the baby and babies supply back to the placenta is still beneficial she'll continue to grow. When these two aren't working together that means baby girl won't be benefiting from the placenta anymore. Therefore means she won't grow much more. So then the most beneficial move would be get baby out of there so Mommy can feed her to make her grow big and strong.

This is the plan we talked about today. As of now everything is working fine, but we want to keep a close eye on baby to make sure that she continues to grow. So from here on out we'll be going to a doctor twice a week (not sure which one at this point....perinatologist or regular OB) to do ultrasounds to make sure she's continuing to grow. If at some point she's not, we'll talk about inducing me.

My doctor went on to say that at 34 weeks we're in a safe zone. (Apparently 34 weeks isn't as scary to him as it is to me!!!) So from this point on, at any given time we could welcome our baby girl.  EEEEK! Of course I'm trying to avoid thinking about all the horror stories I keep hearing about. NICUs seem so scary to me, and I'm a stinking nurse!! It's just little babies with all the tubes, and IVs in their heads, and they're just LITTLE. It's nothing like the usual overweight, diabetic, crack head adults I take care of.  No..not all my patients fit into this category, but A LOT do. Thank God one of my best friends is a NICU nurse, and Aunt Doo knows she's fully expected to be around if Baby Boff has to be in that scary place.

Any who, we'll know more tomorrow when we got see my FABULOUS regular OB. We just love that man. You know what else happens tomorrow????

 MY PARENTS ARE COMING TO TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm just a little excited.....I probably won't be able to sleep tonight. :)

If there any big updates tomorrow we'll let you know. :)

Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. praying for u guys girl. how many weeks are you now??

  2. Hey Whit! I have been reading your updates and am thinking about you guys! take it easy and keep that little peanut roasting as long as you can! Enjoy the time with your parents! sending prayers your way!


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