Wednesday, April 13, 2011

See these sweet doots?

And those sweet lips?

 And this precious yawn??

Well they need lots and lots of prayers. 
What are we praying for you ask??

The lucky number 

That's how many weeks we want Baby Girl to stay in her cozy utero home.
Do not judge me!!!!!!!!!!! :)

 Right now we're at 31 weeks and 5 days. I'm counting and not rounding up because in my doctors words, "Every day she's in there is two less days she'll have to be in th NICU."

I have been having contractions since about week 27/28. This isn't too abnormal, but over the weekend when I was taking it EASY, they were happening very frequently and when I was typically not doing anything. I was plenty hydrated and was resting it was pretty scary.  
All I did on Sunday.

With my uterus shape looking somewhat like a heart....the medical term is bicornuate, one of the risks is pre-term labor. We knew this after our first ultrasound verifying that we were in fact pregnant.  

I called my doctor on Tuesday morning to which they saw me that afternoon. I was told I wouldn't be able to work any more. Most people have said "That's great! No work!" However, I love my job, I love my coworkers. They are my "family." I also have a really hard time sitting still. Really hard time. However for the sake of this precious girl that is obviously the plan.

After he told me I could't work , we decided to do a special ultrasound to measure my cervix. As you get closer to term your cervix "thins" and then "dilates" At 31 weeks, my cervix should be over 3 cm. Mine was less than 2.  

The plan? count my contractions in an hour and how far a part they are.....which requires a lot of clock watching. This can be a bit nerve racking.  Again, for this sweet girl, we'll do whatever we have to. If in fact they continue to happen so frequently and close together then we'll go to the hospital and they'll give me something to help stop the contractions. 

We've decided Poot Britches (My Dad's newest nick name for her) had too much fun listening to her cousin play baseball this weekend so she's ready to see him. :) 

That or she's ready to see this cute face.

Isn't Matthew the cutest?!?!??1

So for hopefully at least 4 more weeks, I'll be doing lots of resting,praying, lounging, napping, praying, going insane, watching movies, meditating, writing thank you cards, praying .....etc.

 Today, however, this is what my TV looked like.

So needless to say I had to call AT&T. It will be fixed on Sunday. In the mean time I'll be watching lots of movies and reading lots of books.  Do you have any suggestions on either?!?!? I'm open to anything! Tom thinks I should take up knitting and join the Stitches Bitches club down the street. (That's not really their name, but we think it's hilarious!) 

What do you guys think?!?!

Lot of Love,
The Boffs


  1. saying LOTS of prayers for her to stay in until 36 weeks!!!!!!!

    Let me know how the rest thing is. I'll be doing that all summer : /

  2. ok..i know i commented on your last post but i cant help myself sometimes..i am a movie FREAK so i got you on this one!!! swan, gran tarino, boondock saints, social network, salt, eat pray love, 127 hours, easy A, hot tub time all those then ill get u a new list ;)


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