Saturday, April 30, 2011

Oh...and PS.....

So yesterday we went to my regular OB.  It was my 34 week appointment, and plus he got the dictated report from the perinatologist to go over with us.

First off, I walk on to the infamous scale . I must say before we left I ate some pizza in hopes it would pile on an extra pound or two. Yes maybe I was cheating, but hey. . .these days I'll do anything to get Baby Boff a little chunkier. Secondly, I have literally eaten pizza nearly every single day the last week. . .no seriously, I have. I can't get enough, I'm craving it and plus it packs on the pounds. . .SURELY.

No. Not a single solitary point of a pound in two weeks.



I know all you other pregnant women out there are probably cursing my name, and wanting to say "SHUT THE HELL UP SCRAWNY B!" . . . but all I want to do is make my baby fat. . . I honestly do! I LOVE FAT BABIES! Which in turn means I'm going to gain weight. I DON'T CARE!!!  I have been a couch potato for THREE weeks and what do I have to show for it??!?! Nothing but the glorious memory of really cheesy bad movies, BRAVO reruns and a ton of delicious pizza, pasta, cupcakes, and ice cream. SERIOUSLY! This has been my diet. I eat a lot of fruit, because I crave it. . .but I'm also stuffing my face full of junk.


Needless to say before I left his office he told me to go buy some whole milk, drink a lot of protein shakes, and bathe in Ben & Jerry's. DONE and DONE! I'm lactose intolerant, but I've been able to tolerate most dairy products since I've been prego. . .but whole milk. BLEH! Nothing a little Hershey's syrup won't fix!

Sweet Lord, thank God I don't have diabetes. . .our poor kid.

Any who, so he starts reading the report to us like he always does. Which is soooo nice. We do like our perinatologist, but he's not one for details (as you'll see in a bit) and sometimes tends to leave out some very vital points that he always dictates in his report. So my OB always goes over it with us. We really appreciate it as health care professionals and of course as parents.

Baby girl is 3 lbs 9 oz. She's in the 8th percentile which he pointed out to say ". . .genetically she's not going to be fat. You two are very skinny people. It's just not in the cards. So I'm ok with 3 lbs 9 oz at this point."

This of course made us feel better. :)

He goes on to read that he was suggesting we get twice weekly specialized ultrasounds.  He was a bit surprised by that, but we've consulted the specialist for his opinion and "specialized" wisdom. So if that's what he wants to do. . .Awesome! We're just going to have a very closely watched and taken care of baby girl. :) This is a great thing, so hopefully there are no surprises at birth. We again will just keep a close eye on the placenta and make sure its doing its job and she'll stay there for as long as she continues to grow.

He comes to the last page, skims it and says, "So great! You'll see him twice a week. I'll start seeing you every week. We'll just go from there."

As he about to put the report away he catches a glimpse of one last sentence that makes him take a double take.

"Oh wait. Its says 'deliver at 37 weeks.'  HA Did he tell you that part!?!"


Obviously the look on our face is NO.

 He laughs.

"So PS. Looks like if you haven't labored by then, we'll take her at 37 weeks."

Um. . . What?!?! I thought we were trying to keep her in as long as possible!!?!?!

My OB seemed totally at ease with this and was giggling. Obviously somebody forgot to tell us this important bit of info. We'll see the perinatologist on Monday and hopefully get to ask a few questions. We'll see. However when we left the office yesterday we have a tentative date set of May 23. I like this date. . .for some reason I've had in my head for about 3 weeks now May 21. So this date is pretty close to that.

A few of my concerns:

 I've wanted to do a natural birth without an epidural from the beginning. (I don't tell many people this because I don't like having people try to give me their opinion/"you are nuts lady" about this aspect of labor.) Even more so now that she is so small. I want her to be alert and screaming bloody murder when she comes out. BLOODY FREAKING MURDER. (Yep I like FAT SCREAMING babies. Remind I said this in a few weeks! )

 Secondly, if for some reason they needed to induce me I was just hoping to have my water broken and let the rest just happen. If at 37 weeks I have even dilated, they'll have to give me Pitocin. This drug makes labor quicker and intensify. So for someone without an epidural, it tends to be MORE painful.

I expect pain. I'm prepared for pain. I want the NATURAL pain. I 'm just nervous I won't be able to tolerate the pain if my contractions are that more intense from the Pitocin. Therefore I'll want the epidural. . .and then my teeny tiny little bit will be a little sleepy. More sleepy because she will be smaller than most bambinos.

  However.....if for some reason I do go into labor on my own, our other concern is that our teeny tiny little bit won't tolerate a long labor. If she's not tolerating labor then we'll have to have a C-section. I don't want a C-section. . .but whatever is best for this little papooska (my Dad's name for her! HA) then ok. I'll just feel really really really . . .REALLY. . .cheated.

 Again, every woman is different, and these are just my feelings for my body and my baby. I'm not judging anyone. EVERY labor is different. Also it isn't something you can plan from start to finish because God ALWAYS has his own plan. . .these were just MY hopes for MY labor.

Oh well. No use fretting over something that isn't in my hands. :) Just feels good to blog about it!

The good news from yesterdays visit. He told me I could piddle around the house again. YAY! I can do more than just pee! So today I've been doing baby laundry. I am still doing A LOT of sitting and resting. . .I just get A LITTLE more freedom. :) Not much.

DO YOU HEAR THAT NAZI?!?! I can do more than just go to the bathroom!! :) I LOVE YOU HUBS!

Thanks for letting me vent. I promise all these boring prego posts will be over soon! Then you will just have to read about my boring PRECIOUS, SASSY, and LITTLE  peanut! :)

Have a blessed weekend!

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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  1. hmmm...i wonder why he wants to take induce that at 37 weeks??? im with you--i thought she needed to be in there as long as possible.


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