Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Husband is DA MAN!

So it's been a week since I've been taken off work and put on "couch potato" rest. :)   (Bedrest sounds worse, don't you think?!)

I have watched a lot of bad daytime television, movies, DVR.....

I've really been stuck on BRAVO. What is it about that channel that just sucks me into its Real Housewife drama, Top Chef Masters, Pregnant in Heels, Bettheny Ever After, or even Tabitha's salon makeover. (Ps. That Tabitha is one tough B!)

Any who, I'm trying not to complain because I'm lucky enough to still have this precious girl in my belly. I'm telling you though, she's going to have moves like her Mama. This Peanut seems to be having constant dance parties in my uterus. There has been no decrease in movement, and she's only getting stronger everyday she is in there. She's a fighter, thank The Good Lord.

My snuggle buddy all week. She's loving this lazy business. 

Tom let us go to church on Sunday as long as I promised to sit still and not get all crazy about praising Jesus. :) It was such a good service it was hard to sit still. I always love Palm Sunday, it always so energetic.  Plus it was nice to take a shower, get dressed, and put on make up. Tom told me I looked pretty that morning, and I had to respond "I feel pretty." It's amazing how getting dressed makes you feel. I will say sitting in a chair the whole time you're getting ready is a bit difficult, but it had to be done.

 I did as I was told and sat still, sang quietly, held my Honey's hand, and we rubbed my sweet belly. The baby loves church. The first time I felt her kick was in church, and every time we go and start to sing....again with the utero dance parties. :)  We've been spending a lot of time praying so hard for our little family I knew I was probably going to get a bit emotional in the service. I  did, but it always is a relief of emotions. It's always like God is right there saying "You're in My house now. Let it out. Let Me take care of it." Very rarely do I walk out those church doors not feeling about 100 lbs lighter from the all the burdens we tend to carry. I'm so blessed to have married a man that brought me closer to God and in turn made our relationship with each other that much stronger.

Again, I know all of you may get tired of me telling you how wonderful my husband is. I'm sure you all think your husbands are wonderful and who am I to think mine is any better.

However, seriously, my husband kicks your husbands ass in "The Best Hubs in the World" category. Don't even try. :)

My husband help me run a  bath & lit these candles for me the night I got home from the hospital.  

Seriously, this man.....how did I get so blessed????

In the past week he has left work in order to make doctor appointments, gone back to work for random meetings he could have easily blown off but he's not that kind of guy, taken care of all my  FMLA paperwork, gone to the grocery, school work, written a paper, cleaned house, steamed  cleaned the carpets, washed the cars, mowed the lawn, gotten dinner together, become master wasp killer, kept the poor dog drugged up due to her awful allergies, picked up baby furniture in San Antonio.....and in the meantime tried to keep my spirits up and make me laugh like a maniac. :)  This is only a small list. If I took the time to list all of the amazing things he has done, my 14 followers would turn in to 4. :)

It's bad lighting, but this is him cleaning the baby's room. 

He has just been amazing. I told his Mama that his parents should be so proud of him because they raised the most amazing man God has ever made.  Of course he won't let me get away with anything. Everytime he even catches me attempting to get up, "What are you doing? Where are you going? You don't need to get up for that. I'll do it." I'm convinced if he could, that boy would make me have foley catheter in order to not to even get up to pee.  He's the bedrest nazi!

Everyone has been so amazing during this week. I've had several friends check on us. Tom keeps laughing at me because I've been a text messaging maniac, but what else am I supposed to do?!?!
This from my loving Uncle. He later texted me he was at the lake  on a beautiful day  sitting on the boat. He's so sweet. PUNK!

 Des & T-nones brought us a DQ blizzard the other night. They know the way to my heart is straight to my butt. :) Nick & Amanda brought us Wing Stop for dinner Sunday, along with some precious munchkins. Nick also let us borrow their truck to pick up the furniture and even came over to help Tom unload it. We are so so blessed.

 Of course while sitting on my tush  I was scanning my Groupon App the other day on my phone and came upon this.

How much fun would this be?!?!? Oh well, another time maybe.  Until then I'll continue to catch up on really bad TV, thank you cards, and some good reads. I'm still open for books and & movies, people! SUGGESTIONS! :) 

    Until then this is where we stand:

The green is when we're in the "safe zone"

Have a blessed week.

Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. I sent you a facebook message a few days ago with lots of book suggestions....did you get it?

    Praying for you and sweet baby girl.

    --Brittney Elliott

  2. The little one is impatient to meet her wonderful parents...we're glad she's staying put! If you want to go for an easy-to-read non-fiction book about kids, Nurture Shock is pretty interesting.


  3. I love BRAVO! Since i can't sleep very good at night since I am still on night shift i always can find something fun to watch on BRAVO. Pregnant in heels.. NEW FAVORITE SHOW! Well i am loving the frequent posts since you are on "couch patoto rest."

    Well still need a few pics of you! Just stand for a sec!

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog today and had to comment!! I am 37 weeks and on "couch potato" rest too. I was put on at 33 weeks. I have been going insane!! We were expecting our little man to come early too but he is staying put as long as I am staying in bed! We actually have a C Section scheduled for May 11th (39 weeks) because he is breech and HUGE (no seriously, they are estimating that he will weigh over 9lbs...oh my!!). Anyway, thought I would give you some good book suggestions :) My hubs bought me a kindle which has been the best thing because you can get a lot of free books!! Anywho....anything by Dorothea Benton Frank (all of her books are set in Charleston, SC and are very southern!), Karen Kingsbury (she is a Christian author who write very inspiring stories), and a must read is Heaven is for Real (about a little boy who went to Heaven...amazing!!).

    Hope your little peanut stays in as long as she can!


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