Friday, April 15, 2011

Literally a pain in the tush.

 So what did I do this morning??

I ate this.
They were pretty yummy mini pancakes. My lunch wasn't near as appetizing. 

....From a hospital bed. :(

 No fun....a little scary, but I'm currently writing this from the loving arms of my cozy couch since I have now been put on STRICT bed rest. No more piddling around the house. No more 10 minute trips to the store. I get to go pee (which I am now thankful that it is every 30 minutes in order to get off my tush) and go to the doctors office.

So yesterday I had a follow up appointment with my doctor. 
32 weeks. Yeah that shirt is working pretty hard. :)

It was just to see if the contractions were any better since I was "resting." They weren't really all that "better", but that were still more than 10 minutes a part and highly irregular. So not much to worry about, but just to play it safe we decided to do a steroid injections....just in case. 

The steroids are for baby. If for some reason she did decide to come early, then the steroids help develop her lungs quicker,  prevent brain "bleeds", and also has GI benefits. 

So I got a big fat shot in my tush. 


The betamethasone comes in two doses. So I got one Thursday and the plan was to get the 2nd one today, 24hours after the first. My Mom's words "What are the side effects though?? Is she gonna come out looking like the hulk?!?" 


Again, this is just being pro-active. If Baby girl is stubborn enough to not listen to her Mama & Daddy, then we might as well give her the the best chance possible. We want what's best for her.

So yesterday evening was about the same as it had been. I seemed to be having more contractions in the evening, but very irregular and while I might have one that was 7-8 minutes from the previous one, my next one may not be for  another 30 minutes.

I have found this awesome app on Itunes that helps me monitor them. I feel like the last few days I have been doing a TON of clock watching, and this app as been a life saver. AND IT WAS FREE!


Sometimes I forget to stop the contraction when it ends, but the interval is really what I'm looking at.

So anway....I went to bed last night drinking lots of water and getting up several times to PEE. Not unusual, but they say if you're dehydrated it can exacerabate them. I've been drinking LOTS of water.

At 3:30AM, I woke up moaning and short of breath and in PAIN! They have never really hurt before, they just make my stomach tight.....this hurt. I just knew I was in labor. I sat on the side of the bed doing deep breathing. I had 3 more that were 4-6 minutes a part.


The Honey obviously wakes up because I'm panting like a dog and he's been on high alert the last few days.  Then he asks me if I'm ok.

First off I'll admit I wear a particular crown, and I wear it well. I'll blame it on a certain someone that didn't believe I needed my tonsils out for like 5 years until I was 19 and it was AWFUL and they actually biopsied them to make sure they weren't cancerous they were so big. Or the time I got scabies and I just itched and itched until she got tired of me itching and come to find out the whole basketball team had it and no one knew. :) LOVE YOU CERTAIN SOMEONE!

I will also blame it on being a nurse. I take care of sick people every day, I don't like being sick and I loathe going to the doctor. If something is bothering me I just ask one of my docs on the floor if they think it's something to worry about and move on. I'm the Queen of "I'm good! It's just part of it" to which The Honey normally gives me a look that pretty much says, "You're stubborn as hell and you're going to drive me nuts. Oh & PS, you are worse than your father. " :)

So last night when he asks if I'm ok and my response is "I don't think so," that boy was up on the phone with the after-hours triage nurse faster than I can say.....*insert silly word that you can say really fast*

I go the bathroom because I'm also feeling pretty nauseous and as I'm driving heaving I drop my iphone in the potty......


I fish it out (there was nothing in there but toilet water) and hand it to The Honey who takes it without even asking if that's pee on his hand or vomit water. :)

The triage nurse obviously tells us that we need to go to the hospital.

Yesterday I had promised myself I was gonna pack our bags "just in case" but of course I didn' we threw  a few random things in one, grabbed my prego pillow, and distracted me long enough to not break down in hormonal terrified tears.

The radio was playing my favorite song right when we got in the car....God knows how to distract me apparently too.

The Honey turned it up loud for me (which he never does because he doesn't like the music as loud as I do. Weirdo! Saving his ear drums for his 80s or something!) He & God were obviously in cahoots.

Anywho....I sang  and prayed harder than I have in a long time. Before I knew it, we were at the hospital, I do remember telling The Honey "Please don't drive like a crazy person. There's no use in us getting in a wreck," in my most calm & composed voice. I don't now why I felt so calm. :) Must be that God guy again and I also felt this special lady hugging me close.

Anyway...this post has somehow gotten away from me. OH WELL! :)

To make a long story short...12 hours, a big fat IV, A LOT of  fluids,  3 doses of nefedipine, another shot of steroids in my other butt cheek, and wiggly little baby STILL IN UTERO later....I am now at home stuck on the couch. 

Strict bedrest for me.....or at least until we pass the 36 week mark. THAT's ONE WHOLE MONTH of sitting here. While as I'm typing this my husband has brought me a snack & water, mowed the lawn, done some homework, vacuumed, and is currently making my dinner plate. I know he doesn't care, but he has been so wonderful already.....and it's so hard to watch him work so hard and I just SIT here.

Again, whatever we have to do for this sweet girl and in her Emmy's words.

We can't screw this up! :)

So I'm still having contractions, but we're thinking that's just what my uterus is going to do. I'm not dilating, my water hasn't broken in some sort of dramatic way, and they don't hurt like they did at 3:30 in the morning.....I don't care! I can handle it.

So again...we just ask for lots and lots of prayers if that is you're thing....If not, please just some positive thoughts will do.  Pray for that lucky number:

The upside to her coming early????

You'll get to learn her name! :)

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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  1. 3 in a row -- im on a mission! haha i really dont mean to comment everytime i just have stuff to say!! i am prayyying prayyying prayyyying for that baby to stay put girlfriend. (oh and im emailing u back from ur!)


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