Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Is it possible to love my family even more?!?!?!


I knew this was going to be the last trip to TTown for a while, so I was a bit sad.....however it was so great. It's not because we did anything particularly awesome every day, I just got to be with all of the people I love the most. It was so wonderful. Now that I'm stuck at home until this bambino comes (more on that in another post) I'm already home sick. Is that possible after only being home two days?? Well for this prego/emotional mama it sure is!

When we got there on Thursday, we went straight to Kason's baseball scrimmage on my old stomping grounds. This is his first year doing machine pitch AND catching. His Dad is the coach so it's fun watching two of my favorite men out there getting into it. Well Kason isn't that into it, he's just having fun with all of his buddies. :)

Friday was Mama/Daughter day....but Jenn had to work. BOO!  So Mom & I got up first thing to go get our hair did. The blonde Willis is back...Thank the good Lord. Who knew how much better it would make a girl feel to be blonde again! It's true...I'm feeling a lot more like myself.

Then we went shopping for Mum.  I did the thing I love to do these days....since I'm not buying too much for myself I pick out fun stuff for her and sit on my tush while she tries it on. It was very relaxing! :) Mom may beg to differ, but I had fun.

Friday night we sat on Iron Wood Grill's patio and ate with a very special guest. :) My most favorite  twin cousin, Meredith. We're both so lucky we have two parents that are so close that in 26 years we have remained so close even though we were so far away all our lives.

Yeah that's her being the queen of the tambourine at our wedding. 

Saturday morning was the baby shower. Let me just say.....they out did themselves. It was so perfect. Pictures to come, being as I didn't have time to take a picture. Once again, my sissy was paparazzi and will be getting those to me sometime. AHEM!

Baby Girl has been blessed with more gifts and love than we could have ever imagined. She obviously is going to be the best dressed girl in the house. Her CLOSET is already packed and her NiNi has started on her shoe collection. You see, us Cotten women have a bit of a problem and Baby Girl is most likely not safe from this "condition" So I've already told Daddy, to just embrace it. :)

Since we still have no furniture and we're cleaning the carpets this weekend, everything is stuffed in her closet. 

After the shower we dropped off TWO car loads of stuff at the house. TWO. Yes, TWO SUV's full. :) Then headed to another Ducks Baseball game. That #21 was such a stud in his green & yellow and catchers gear. I can't wait until his cousin gets to come watch him play next year.
The most handsome 7 year old I know. 

His fan club.

Saturday night Tom & I enjoyed our one year anniversary a day early. We went to one of our favorite resteraunts in TTown, Timothys. It's actually where we had our rehearsal dinner, so it was fun to reminisce. So much has happened in a year and in just a couple of months (God willing) we will be a blessed family of 3.5. :) We can't forget about Miller.

So dinner was amazing and so was my Shirley Temple. :) My parents still had our cake in their freezer so we got to eat that also. It wasn't the greatest, HA, but we did have a bite or two. Hey it's tradition! What is the tradition about though? Is it good luck???

  Any who...after our cake we sat outside my by the pool. It was perfect weather and a perfect end to a perfect night. It wasn't anything too fancy, which was great. I got to be with my precious Honey who I am so lucky to have creeped in my life three years ago, and one year later we're married, with a house, a dog, and a baby girl on the way.

We had already gotten out of our cute digs for the evening. No we didn't go out to eat looking like this. 
Life is prefect.

Sunday I spent the day by the pool. I read, got a tan in my bikini :) and let a sweet puppy dog swim all day. It was bliss. The water was a bit chilly, but I just put my legs in so it helped cool me down

. The Masters was of course on at the Cotten house hold so that was fun to watch. We grilled that evening by the pool and celebrated Mom's Birthday a couple of days early.

Um the grilled pineapple....DELICIOUS! 

This crazy boy was swimming like a fish. It didn't even phase him!  

One of my bestest friends in the whole world/my Sissy. Again, really really lucky! 

My niece, Aggy. She's not a fan of the pool, but as soon as her cousin gets out of it, she is READY to play! 

Again, life is perfect.

I hope you feel your life is blessed as it truly is.

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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  1. wooow you r one lucky lady!! and so is that sweet baby girl!! i would DIE for a closet full like that and all them shoooes! oooh weee. ;)


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