Thursday, April 21, 2011

I love lists!!

....but more importantly I love crossing things off those lists. It just feels so good to cross right through it with a big fat line and say "DONE!"

In the past week we have crossed off so many things off our "Before Baby Arrives" list. It's amazing what you can do when you are put under pressure and the impending early arrival of your little toot is hard to ignore. :)

So Monday, Tom drove to San Antonio and picked up the dresser and crib. It has been there for a few weeks, but we just haven't had time to get them. "Why didn't you just have it shipped to your front door?" you may be asking. The shipping to the store was free, it was going to be around $200 MORE just to get it shipped to our little suburb outside of Austin. So half a tank of gas and an 1.5 hour drive, Tom was a trooper and went to pick it up.  We don't have it set up yet, because Mom & Dad are coming next weekend to help us paint (and cross more things off our list!). So it's just randomly in the room.

I also ordered this decal from Simple Shapes. Please go check out their Etsy shop. They have the most precious decals. We ordered the decal on Sunday and it should arrive by the end of the week. Such an easy purchase. 


Tuesday we got to do a meet & greet with the Pediatrician that was suggested to us by my OB. One, it was nice to get out of the house and get dressed.

 Two, they had those yummy cake cookies with the icing.  You know the ones....

Three, it was such a relief to meet two Pediatricians that actually work together in an office and we loved both! So yes we'll be going with the one that suggested to us. He was wearing cowboy boots and had a fat degree on his wall with the name LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY on it!  Everyone knows that I looooove cowboy boots and love me some Tigas. :)  Plus we really like his partner as well. So if for some reason we couldn't get in to see him, we would be very comfortable seeing her.   

Tuesday, we also go a surprise call from a precious baby boutique here in Austin, Picket Fences. I ordered my glider from them and it was finally here! YAY.  It's from Serena & Lily, whom I'm obsessed with. Their style is so clean and crisp. I just love it. 


This is what it supposed to look like, except the colors are opposite. However, I haven't really gotten to see it yet because it's still in the back of my car. :) I'm not much help these days, Nick is working and Tony is out of town. So it's just gonna stay there until my parents get here next week. HAHAHA. Oh sister would use this as a perfect arguing point for one of the millions of reason why we shouldn't live so far away. :) 

Tom & I ordered several things that we felt like were musts before baby girl arrived. Some of which have already arrived. YAY FOR AMAZON! Love it. We know she's gonna be a little peanut, so we got a few preemie/newborn onesies for her to wear until she grows into her other goodies, her mattress, a mattress cover, and a changing pad. 

I also got a precious care package in the mail the other day. It had some snacks, scrap booking goodies, a couple of books, word puzzles, a movie, and a jigsaw puzzle. 

This is what the puzzle is. Mama knows I love me some Audrey. :)

I've already finished one of the books. 


So good. I've read a couple of her other books, and I loved this one. I totally recommend it for a quirky easy read. 

Any who, hopefully we'll continue to cross things off our list. Until then, this will continue to be my daily view. 
Thank you cards, water, and of course the Tums. :) 

Here's a belly pic you guys have been asking for. :) I definitely think I have grown in a week. PS. TJ Maxx has the best non- maternity clothes for a pregnant woman!! Inexpensive and I'll be able to wear it after little girl gets here!

32 weeks

I received a sweet text today.. This is our goddaughter, Makayla. She's ready for Easter. 
I know....precious!!

Have a blessed week!

Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. u look freaking adoooorable -- and the wall thingy is AMMMAZING -- i must have that!

  2. LOVE your lists! and you looks so stinking wonderful!!!! pregnancy suites you :)


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