Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Sweet Lord.....He got me through it! I MADE IT! I worked 5 days in a row! Two 12 hour shifts, one 8 hour shift, and then two more 12 hour shifts.....and I didn't have to call in and I didn't go into early labor! :)

Hopefully that will never ever ever happen again while I'm pregnant. It was a blonde prego moment no doubt.

Highlight of my 5 days: Being told by someone, "I don't know who would even get close enough to you to get you pregnant!"

HAHAHA. Wow. Someone was not happy with me.

Plus I ONLY got hit twice in the 5 days. This is pretty awesome considering I tend to attract angry ladies! Being a nurse is a rough  job. :) No worries, my fabulous co-family (co-workers) kept me safe, but you better believe I was hollering for help like a big scared-y cat.

I am now off for EIGHT whole days!

So plans for the next week???

Doing lots of this.

And this.

And of course this.

But obviously, none of this....

And seeing lots of these faces.

And most importantly see this precious man. 

He's been at home while I worked the first two nights, and then switched to the day shift this week( just for the next couple of weeks). So I'm missing The Honey! 

We're headed to TTOWN! YAYYYYY!  I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures to post regarding a very PINK baby shower that this FAVORITE Sissy of mine is hosting.

I hope you have a blessed week.

Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. your a brave women with those working hours!!! Have so much fun on your time off!!!

  2. i can't believe someone said that to you! hope the shower is wonderful! and i remember you saying a while back that you couldn't wait to dye your hair again.. is it weird that I miss your blonde hair?!
    oh and you need to post more belly pics!


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