Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We are really lucky to have each other.

So Tom & I have really bad luck! :) I said this tonight, and he said "We've been pretty lucky to find each other." awwwww. Yeah this coming from the couple who initially the girl couldn't stand the guy.....then the guy all but stalked her to get her to go out with him!

 hahaha It's my favorite love story. It's our very own weird fairy tale.
Photo by the best wedding photographer EVER: Sweet Caroline Photo

So I had posted about us buying a new car here.  Sweet Lord, it has been a nightmare. Tom has all but had to hold me down to not waddle up to the dealership and give them a piece of my hormonal mind. Needless to say, he called today to check up on the status of the SECOND 4runner that is supposedly being shipped to us...in order to do this we called to talk to the SECOND dealer we've dealt with in this whole ordeal.

Guess what?
 He no longer works there.

 They also still hadn't refunded our down payment for the first "car," that was never really ours. Tom had to go down there and get that straightened out....in the mean time they loaned us a rental since we are down to one car. These people had NO IDEA we had their car. When Tom told them over the phone we still had it, the NEW/Third salesman asked,

"Is it blue?"

(Why yes they gave a very beautiful random blue Camry HA)

 "I bet that's the car we've been looking for."


 So apparently the last/Second car salesman left a few loose ends. Probably why he no longer works there. Needless to say, we still have no new ride for Momma, but apparently we're still working on it. HA I'll probably have given birth by the time that happens. In the mean time I'm really missing this sweet, gorgeous, reliable ride.

I didn't think I was gonna miss her so....but I do. Maybe it's just the hormones! :) Aint she purrrty???

 The Honey cleaned her up sooooooo nice that even my Dad was impressed. My Pops is King Detailer, so this was a huuuuuuuuuuuge compliment. The Honey even got a nasty battle wound from it all.

 Please Note: Don't put your hand in front of a power washer hose. It'll take the skin right of your hand. :) EWWWW
Also Note:When your father in law tells you to wear shoes around the power washer because "It'll take the hide right of your foot," also in turn means you probably shouldn't let your hands get in the way either. :) That or maybe you should wear gloves.

Tonight we went to the new Logan's Steakhouse out here in Cedar Park. I've never been to one (I'm pretty partial to Texas Roadhouse)  but The Honey said it was good. My usual rule of thumb is to never go to a newly opened restaurant until they have been open a few months to work out the "kinks." This one has been opened almost a month....but that boy of mine wanted a steak, and what The Honey wants, The Honey gets. Plus I really wanted some chicken tenders and sweet tea. (Again in my brain I'm picturing Texas Roadhouse chicken critters. )

So we sat down pretty quick like, and we were waited on immediately.

Bread yummy. Sweet Tea yummy. Throwing peanuts on the floor on purpose.....just all in all good fun!!

However after round two of bread, sweet tea, and enough peanuts to make your tongue sore from all the salt.....no food.

A sweet manager that kept calling my husband "darlin'" made an appearance and apologized. Our cute little waiter was nervously trying to keep us happy. We were both just happy because we had snacks, drinks, and the staff was so nice. In Tom's words "There's always growing pains with a new place." Yeah he was so a waiter in his pre-nursing days. However still no food.

The manager then comes over, again with the "I'm so sorry darlin." :) It kinda helped only because of her twangy accent, because generally I'm no fan of pet names from my wait staff. It's one of my major pet peeves....even when nurses do it (I'm guilty of it too....and every time it comes out of my cute little East Texas mouth it makes me cringe!) Anyway she kindly tells us she has taken care of our meal when our food does arrive.  HOW NICE!

We finally get our food. My chicken tenders are not really even warm anymore. They've been waiting for a while....apparently on a steak. A steak that was ordered medium rare...that was so done Tom was still chewing to next week. The manager asked him how it was, he was still chewing & couldn't answer. To which she obviously says "That looks pretty well done...not medium rare. I'm taking this back."

WOW! So yeah it was a disaster, but everyone was really really nice. Plus it was free! :) However, I'll still keep Texas Roadhouse very close to my heart!  We made sure to tip our waiter, because it obviously wasn't his fault and he was frequently making sure we were ok.

So again...we have REALLY REALLY good luck. Hopefully karma will come back around one day. :) If not, I know my heart feels all warm &  fuzzy.

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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