Wednesday, March 30, 2011

That's a really mean joke to play on a chunky girl!

So we had two appointments this week. Yesterday was the neonatologist appointment. First off let me say, if you are coming to the doctors office don't bring your Mom and your other six....yes to wait in the lobby for you. (All of which were probably under the age of 6. No I'm not kidding!) It only works as birth control for women that AREN'T pregnant. All of us sitting in the waiting area are already knocked up with raging hormones. So all your little hoodlums did for us is annoy & scare the S*** out of us!!! 

Any who....We got to see baby girl yawning and sucking on her fingers during the US. She was initially head down which is great that she is turning that way. We don't want her to come anytime soon (At least 6 more weeks) but the fact she knows how to get there makes us happy! :)  She was just at wiggly as always....that also makes us very happy! 

She is 2lbs 12oz right now which is right on target! YAY! She's still in the 34-35th percentile for growth which is also pretty good considering.  Last appointment her abdominal circumference was in the 5th percentile, and this month it is in the 10th! YAY! SHE'S A GROWING LITTLE PEANUT! :) Never mind she's had a decrease in all the good foods she has been soaking up the last few months since I've been eating a diabetic diet for the last week.


 According to their scale I had only gained 1lb but it's still a gain and  not a loss! Yay for MORE good news. My doctor was so pleased, instead of returning in two weeks like the original plan, we won't have to go back for another month. If she continues to grow and improve after next month we may not have to go back! SO KEEP FAT BABY THOUGHTS! :)

This morning we went to my regular OB, whom I love! According to their scale I had gained 1.8 lbs in two weeks.....which is also a good thing! It wasn't quite the jump like last month, but again as long as we go up and not down or stay the same that means baby is growing!! Keep in mind for  the first few months I lost 12lbs, and 2-3 months later I didn't gain any we're trying to make up for it.

 My urine was good, which I was paying close to attention to since with elevated blood sugars you sometimes see sugar in your pee. I was all clear!! My BP was great, babies heart rate was perfect, and my belly is measuring 31 weeks so that's also great! My work peeps, Tom & I kept looking at it the last few days and saying "I think it has grown!" 

So like he always does he sits down to talk about my lab results. He likes to let me know exactly what the results are which I love since I actually know what the numbers mean. It's nice to be able to compare. So my hemoglobin was a little low, but nothing too concerning. I just need to take a extra iron pill a few times a week up until little one gets here. Then we started talking about my serum blood glucose. For a little back ground on this story go here.  

He started out by saying the highest one was 196 which was the 2 hour draw. I also went on to say that to have the diagnosis of gestational diabetes you have to have two of the four levels drawn over 130 (normal).  The 196 was my only abnormal draw. The initial draw, the one hour after the glucola, and the three hour were normal. So yes it was elevated at one point, but my pancreas did its job and brought it right back down. Therefore I do NOT have gestational diabetes. 

The shock and exuberance on Tom and I's face then led to a confused look on his and this question, "They didn't tell you that you were diabetic did they???"

"Um yes."

"What??!? Like as in they have you checking your blood sugars and following a diet?!?!"

"Um YEAH!"

The conversation continued to be him obviously being a bit perturbed but trying to be professional. Apparently another doctor read the results because he was out of office and this doctors nurse called me to tell me the good news.  He again was trying to remain calm and laid back and mirrored the same concerns Tom & I had.   How in the HELL was I supposed to gain weight if I couldn't eat  carbs?!?! If I weighed 350lbs and the baby was enormous, then ok, but there was no reason for me and this skinny baby of ours to be missing out on the "good stuff." To which he sent us out of the office with the order of  "GO EAT SOME CARBS. PLEASE!" Did I mention I love this man?!?!?

Needless to say Tom & I did several high fives (yes we know, we're awesome), a few bear hugs by the elevator, and a little jig (Ok a running jumping break dance) in the parking lot. WE WERE SO HAPPY! :) Two good days of good news in a row! We DO have some good luck still left in there. All I could think about was throwing the accucheck machine out the window on the way home and how bad I wanted a pizza, how I wish I had eaten the chips and salsa at my favorite Mexican joint last night, how I missed out on my DELICIOUS cake during my baby shower this weekend.....and all the silly tears I shed over the fact I have been thinking I'm the WORST pregnant woman E V - E R. :) 

To celebrate I took a nap and woke up to eat a peanut butter and turkey sandwich (I'm officially a Bofferding now! Go here to see my post on Bofferdings and their PB) with flaming hot cheetos, and a COKE! It was heaven. I've been playing it "safe" for about 2 weeks and really strict for the last 5 days on the diabetic diet....needless to say Baby Girl Boff was extra circus monkeyish (yes it's so a word!) after that. I think she was doing a break dance of her own in there! Don't worry she gets her moves from her Momma. :)

 I MAY have ALSO had a hand full of sweet tart jelly beans that I had bought a few weeks ago and put them away so I would't be tempted by just looking at them! :)

Now I'm off to make a almond chicken stir fry (new recipe).....however I just realized I didn't get ANY vegetables for the stir fry at the grocery........WOW. Prego brain at its best. Maybe I'll have another PB & Turkey sandwich. HA

Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. Glad everything went well!!! this is all great news!!! Does miss peanut have a name yet!?

  2. I am loving the new look and the font! I am glad you are doing better!

  3. I love your new look!!! Adorable... So happy to hear the wonderful news!!! If I was there I would send you a cake just to make up for the one you didn't get to eat! Go fatten up that peanut!! :)

  4. You guys DO have luck and LOVE!!! Although i'm far away and it makes me homesick, i gotta tell you i'm thrilled for you and so happy to follow along on your blog... thanks for being so.... well... "TBOFF" I guess... thanks for being awesome and sharing with us.


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