Monday, March 28, 2011

Shop until you drop....or until you have kankles.

I've yet again neglected the blog world. We, as always,  have been SO BUSY!

Our families got to come in this weekend and I'm worn out. I spent the evening propping my kankles up on my SIL & BIL couch thanks to all the shopping my Mom & Sis did. It was much  needed to be with my two favorite girls after the week I've had.

Monday I got a phone call from the my doctor's office saying my glucose screen came back elevated. It was 156, and they prefer it be less than 130. So to further screen me/make sure it wasn't a fluke I had to go in for a 3 hour FASTING screen.

First off...making a 29 week pregnant woman fast is torture. Secondly making one fast that gets nauseous/dry heaves on an empty stomach is really really mean. I haven't thrown up in almost 2 weeks, but nausea is still making its presence very well known. So Thursday morning when I woke up to get to the office  by 8 AM and I was already shaking....I knew it was going to be rough. And finally, sticking A VERY PREGNANT any person for labs is no fun, but 4 times is just hateful!

So I went in with my Kindle knowing I would be there a while (thank you wonderful in laws for my fabulous Christmas present).  My first lab draw was at 8 to just verify my blood sugar was normal in order to proceed. When it did come back normal I chugged the orange glucose. One hour later I was stuck hour after that I was stuck again....and then one hour after that AGAIN!

Needless to say when I finally got home at noon, I felt like poo! I WAS SO HUNGRY! Since they  had called me on Monday I had been trying to watch my sugar and carb intake...just to be safe. So after my measly salad , I still wasn't feeling so hot....I took a nap! :) That always makes me feel better.

 Friday I got a lovely phone call. I failed the 3 hour test. My second lab draw was 191. The nurse that called me was so cute. She felt so bad. She asked if I had felt awful after the test, to which I replied "Yes, but I thought it was because I was so huungry!!!!!" The best part was my sister had just "made" me eat some cheesy french fries in order to "fatten" her niece up. HA That's totally not on an 1800 ADA diet. Oh well, it was my last hoorah I guess before I started this diabetic diet.

So I'm supposed to check my blood sugar when I wake up, an hour after meals, and bedtime and watch my sugar and carb intake. However all my blood sugar checks have been ok, some even being in the 70s in 80s. So it's kind of frustrating, because once again I HAVE THE WORST LUCK. I keep telling Tom that I am THE WORST pregnant woman ever. My poor body just sucks at being pregnant. So these days I'm cursing my pancreas for being such a weenie and not being able to handle hormones properly!


ahhh I feel better. :)

Tom & I had our first baby shower this weekend that my SIL & BIL, Amanda & Nick,  & MIL, ReNee  put on for us. IT WAS SO CUTE!! It was bird themed and true to Amanda & ReNee form they hand made just bout everything!  I'll post about that soon!

Here's hoping we get some good news this week at the neonatologist and regular OB. If'll just be another card that we'll have to deal with. :)

Have a blessed week.
Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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  1. poor baby!!! (u not the actual baby haha)this is why i am SCAAARED to get pregnant...i CANNOT do blood drawing -- especially not 4 on an empty stomach. i would have DIED or fainted..seriously. so you are WAY stronger than me!!
    im jealous about your kindle -- i want one SO bad...
    oh and CANNOT wait for pics of baby shower!!! so fuuun.


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