Sunday, March 13, 2011

Random phone pics

I love taking pictures with my phone. Let me rephrase: My phone sucks, so I love taking pictures with Tom's phone. :) Here's a collection of a few from both phones.

Willy letting my growing tush keep him warm. 

A text I received from The Honey while he was dealing with all the car drama.
My sweet little girl.
Tom's idea of a small bowl of cereal before was enormous!
This is a CD I bought little girl a while back. I LOVE IT!

This is the fabric I bought to make Baby Girl's mobile.

So yeah, I'm planning on making her mobile, however every time I look at the sewing machine I get a little anxiety. I'll play around with a few scrap pieces to screw up  before I try making the mobile. HA!

A precious dress a friend of mine from work, Kerry Anne, got Baby Girl. Isn't it precious!!?!?! I LOVE BABY GAP.
I've had this dress for a while, but I kept forgetting to post a pick. TJ MAXX is pretty amazing. 
Baby Girls NiNi used to make Jenn & I's been a while, but she tried her hand at it again. SO CUTE!
I mentioned in my previous post here that we had a visitor. This is what he brought baby girl.
A bib to match! 

Little Mama's first day in cowboy boots. They were very comfy for these kankles. 

This picture does not do it justice. That left one....ewww weee. Nasty.

Helping decrease the swelling at work.  :)
Note to all husbands out there: When you're pregnant wife shows your her 1-2+ pitting edematous ankle (medical terminology for KANKLE) never say "Ohh that is gross." :) It was pretty gnarley!

Willy loving on Baby Girl :)
Her Baby Book. I think the colors are so precious. I had her initial put on it, but I edited out. :) That's what that blob is. 
My nephew's idea of putting the towel back on the hand rack after drying his hands. My sister sent this to me, and it made me giggle.

Speaking of my nephew, he got strep throat last week. :(  He sounded pretty pitiful and I wish I had been there to give him a  Willis hug. *sigh* I'm missing my family..can you tell?? :) I was talking to my sis on the phone and he overheard her talking about she & my Mom coming to Austin at the end of March. 
"I want to go to Austin!" in his most pathetic sickly voice.
"Buddy, it's not gonna be a fun trip for you. It's just Momma & NiNi going to visit Willis."
"But I want to go see Willis."
"She'll be doing baby shower stuff the whole time."
"Well, Tom will be there. I can play with him."
"Well Tom is going to be at the party too. Its where they will get all sorts of fun stuff for the baby."
"Ohhhh. Maybe I can get something good while you're there??"
My sister of course is trying not to giggle, "Yeah, Kason, I bet we can work that out. Willis has a Toys R' Us right down the street from her house, so I bet she'll be able to take us by there."
"Ok. Well you better tell Willis, I better get some good stuff out of this baby shower stuff too!"

HA Do we sense a little jealousy??? I really don't want him to feel like she's getting all the of course we'll be going to Toys R'Us while they're here.

This picture needs no caption. It's just my favorite TNony....doing Tnony things. 
I made eggplant parmesan the other day and I thought the eggplant was delicious!! 

This video is from January when we went to TXK. The Boston Terrier is my nice, Aggy. :) She had her cousin, Miller have a lot of fun together. For being no where close to the same size, Aggy holds her own. We love us some puppy dogs in our fam.

So when I don't post for a while I feel like I just need to vomit all over a post. :) This was it. RANDOM!

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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  1. u make me wish i took more pics! -- TOO cute in your boots/dress -- looove puppies -- what is the initial?!?!


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