Thursday, March 17, 2011

I don't play well by myself...

So we had our 28 week appointment and my glucose screen this morning.  I was dreading drinking the "kool aid" but it went down alright. So while we were waiting for that to kick in for an hour, I saw my physician. 

First off I gained 6 lbs! YAY!! The nurse said "Oh you put on a bit of weight," which sounded like "Whoa chunky monkey," to this girl. I quickly replied with "Good, I've needed to!" My doc seemed as pleased as I did. ....So *sticking tongue out* on you nurse lady! Yes, I know, very mature.

My BP was good/low. Tom was a little alarmed, but of course we want low, not high/pre-eclampsia. He's such a protective hubs. Oh I love him so.  My "bump" is measuring right on cue, and baby's heart rate was perfect and very easy to find. 

So everything was great, however I have been having Braxton Hicks. Which I totally thought was normal and wasn't all that worried about it. I do seem to have them more at work, but its honestly all the time. At home, at the grocery, walking around the neighborhood. I drink a lot of water, I pee like a race horse.....I just thought it was part of being this far along. 

Well apparently everyone else is a little more concerned than me. :) So I was threatened to take it easy or he's going to make me stop working. So I'm off for a few days......I'm practicing being a couch potato, but I don't like it. It's only been 12 hours. HA Damn husband! Had to go and tell on me. 

So after getting my blood drawn, I left feeling hungry and a little bummed. I just really enjoy being independent.....I know I's for this sweet girl!  Speaking of sweet girl, we still are going to wait until she's born to reveal her name. However I love that all of our friends have decided to name her themselves. 

Some of the best:

1.) Rita... as in Margarita
2.) Jarome
3.) Thomasina Shanequa 
4.) Lil Nug/Shiloh  

I'm stealing this from a fellow blogger/HS girlfriend. Check out her beautiful new edition and blog here.

 Prego Highlights: week 28

How far along? 28 weeks

Baby's size? She should be at 2.5 lbs, but her being itty  bitty we won't know where she stands until next weeks neonatal appt. 

Weight Gain? I'm up 9 lbs from my pre-prego weight. I should be up 17-24 lbs, but considering all the weight I lost at the beginning I'm ok with this. 

Maternity clothes? I have a few things like jeans and a couple of tops, but mostly I'm wearing my stuff. I think I wore my clothes too baggy before. :) Plus getting to wear scrubs to work helps, but I'm going to grow out of those before long. Thank goodness my husband wears the same thing I do to work. HA 

Stretch marks? Not yet. Keeping a close eye out. Tom thought he saw one today, but he was pointing to an old volley ball scar on my hip. I let him know stretch marks are bright red/purple lovely things not kick ass scars from diving on a gym floor! :) If I get a few I won't cry....they will be my battle wounds! 

Belly Button in or out? ha my belly button is silly! It looks like a mouth according to my Mom & sister. It's still in, but I feel sure it's going to pop out soon. 

Sleeping? always. I'm back into the exhausted phase I guess. 

Foods I'm loving? Hot cheetos, fruit, and crawfish. I want all three ALL the time...not together. Well maybe together.  

Foods I'm hating? chicken is still hit or miss....actually meat in general. I have to be careful to get enough protein in my diet. 

Movement? She's a circus monkey. 

Best moment this week? Getting cancelled Monday from work to catch up on blogs, baby browsing, and chores. 

Symptoms? being pretty tired as mentioned before, nausea here and there, and Braxton Hicks. Never mind a serious case of prego brain and clumsiness. I caught myself putting the milk in the pantry the other day. WHOOPS. 

What I miss? Running! I want to feel the wind in my hair, sweat run down my face, and my ear buzzing from the awesome jams I've got blaring on my iPod. * le sigh*

What I'm looking forward to? Our first baby shower next weekend and our families coming in for it! I CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE MY MOM & SISSY! O M G! :)

Weekly Wisdom: Smile....because no one likes you very much if you're in a bad mood all the time! Advice from the fat pregnant girl. I'll be here all week. 

Milestones: Listening to my sweet hubs talk to my belly. He says the silliest stuff, but it makes me laugh so hard. It's my favorite thing in the world watching him bond with that little girl. She's going to love him so much! 

Emotions: Still a little anxiety, but much better. A little helpless. : / I also feel like I'm at a stand still....I feel like I need to be getting stuff ready for her. The nursery, her arrival, get my bags packed. I have 2 months, but I've feeling like I need to get the supplies to get this show on the road. HA. 

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  1. ahhh i am so excited for you! and want to see belly bump pictures soon! so funny that people made their own names. Hope to see you soon!


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