Thursday, March 31, 2011

Birds of a Feather, Flock Together.

We had our first baby shower this weekend. It was hosted by my fabulous by extended family :) Amanda, ReNee, and Nick.

They did such an amazing job. 

The theme was birds.... OF COURSE! :) And these fabulous girls made EVERYTHING just about. It was so cute. Of course I love getting together with family and friends, so it was a blast.
My MIL made the cake and the bird house on top. It matches one of her fabrics. So cute. 

We played plenty of games. The clothes pin game, where you couldn't say the word "baby." I was terrible at it by the way! :)   Also, ReNee melted several candy bars in diapers to look like poo. Everyone had to smell them and guess which candy bar it was.

Finally, "Guess how big Whit's belly is!" Each person measured out a piece of ribbon to try and match the circumfrence of my round belly at its widest point. Guess who almost had it right on the money?!?!?!  That Honey of mine....Sissy came in close second. :)

It was fun getting to play with all of our work family and home family. :) Spending 12 hour shifts so close with some of these folks makes it hard not to call them family! We share a lot. . .  maybe too much! :)

Nothing but trouble! :)
 Kerry Anne, TNony, & Amanda

Jam & Jayon 
Tom didn't get  a chance to take too many pics, but my sister did. So I'll add more when she shares them with me. I should get her to start a blog! :) HA....she lasted in the Facebook world about a week, so I won't hold my breath. Here's what we did get. 


My gorgeous sis and our precious nephew Matthew. We were hoping she would hold him enough, maybe she would get an itch. :)

Joseph isn't too fond of the bow. :)

So we got all of our incredible goodies home and filled up her poor naked nursery with them. Her crib and dresser have come in, but they're both in San Antonio. It's not that far of a drive, its just getting a vehicle or two down there to pick them up when you have absolutely no time. So who knows when we'll get them, but at least she now has a crib AND a dresser drawer to sleep in. haha

Just a corner of her room. 

My Mom  made's pretty awesome. :) 

What's a girl without sassy accessories?!?!

Baby Girl is blessed with a very talented Auntie and Grandma. 

Um so no this isn't all of it, but if I took a picture of every single precious outfit she has so far, I'm pretty sure you guys will stop reading soon! I'll just make sure to take lots of pics of her when she's actually in them!!

So needless to say, we are so blessed!! It was such a great weekend. Sunday was our nephew/Godson Matthew's Christening. Will post about that precious boy soon!

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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